A Bicycle Ride for three horny men

My boyfriend back then was all about sex. We were non-stop sex machines, both highly sexed and enjoying our physical encounters, in fact anything that titillated our tastes, we just delved-in and had a blast.
Today we planned to go down the beach and cycle to get there, so I put on my white bikini and a cheesecloth one piece loose fitting dress, very cool to wear, and feminine by virtue of showing my body underneath.
We cycled off the main thoroughfare, through the local forest, a natural path cutting close to a naturist park, and yes, some men spying.
We stopped occasionally for him to photograph me on the bicycle, and take some saucy photos, which required me to remove my bikini.
I was dared to cycle with just the cheesecloth dress on, which I accepted, so I handed him my bikini and off he sped, leaving me in a state of undress, as one could clearly see I was nude under it, having said that, I was excited at the thoughts it generated.
As I cycled I could clearly see my breasts and nipples through my unbuttoned front, they swayed, even in their firmness, and it sexually excited me, I was positive a damp patch would be where I was sitting on the seat, but I never gave any thought of concern as I was in a state of sexual arousal.
I rounded the bend to see my boyfriend talking to a man, who was walking his dog, and as I drew level, his eyes were all over me, as my dress hid nothing from his view.
My boyfriend watched him devour my form, I was clearly exciting him with my exposure and feminine demeanor, and he in return, was getting hot under the collar watching this man looking at me, and I in return was enjoying his attention.
'Do you mind if I take some photos of you two?' My boyfriend was upping the ante, and the stranger was clearly in a state of sexual arousal, was eager to oblige.
I was still on my bicycle, straddling the pedals when he stood beside me and put his arm around my waist, cupping my hip as he pulled me close to him.
I quickly glanced down my front and my breasts were open and exposed to him, so I lifted my arm around his shoulder and my front opened more, letting him see my pink bud of a swollen nipple, he acknowledged this by squeezing my hip and caressing my nudity, where you might expect to find me wearing knickers, there was just cool bare flesh.
'Give her a kiss', he shouted thickly and we kissed full mouth, our mouths opening and tongues enmeshing.
I felt myself being overpowered, my fantasies and sexual eroticisms were coming to life, it was as if my dreams were coming true and I knew the next move.
'Fuck her, go on give it to her, she wants it', cried my boyfriend, clearly caught up in the erotic encounter, taking photos of our every movement, more so when I dropped to my knees completely naked, reading myself to be fucked doggie. I looked back at the stranger with his huge cock out and my boyfriend wanking himself, then as we fucked, I was making a lot of noise, to much in fact, as another figure appeared and began to watch us copulating.
I experienced a couple of near violent orgasms, and we stopped, he was still inside me and my boyfriend asked him if he had cum, he said he had and pulled his cock from me.
My boyfriend then moved in behind me and put his cock in and started to fuck me again, asking the stranger to take pictures, which he did.
The other guy moved closer until he knelt beside us as we fucked, and began to knead my breasts and tug on my nipples, this caused my boyfriend to cum, then ask him if he wanted a go, moving aside and letting him in to fuck me.
When he finished both men lost interest and moved away quickly, leaving myself and my boyfriend alone again.
I had sperm flowing from me and used my dress to mop it up, before donning it and continuing onto the beach, where I thankfully gave myself a good wash.

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3 years ago
Rated this very hot story with 4.

It'd be great if you'd leave an empty line between the paragraphs...

But I can imagine one being so eager to write that one forgets about it.

That aside, hats off to you!!
3 years ago
another hot story mariel! ur eroticism absolutely enthralls me
3 years ago
You wouldn't have to dwell on the past so much if you hadn't become so uptight over the years
3 years ago
Very hot story. Feel free to read mine if you would like.
3 years ago
now that was hot and naughty just the way I like your stories
3 years ago
What a nice story! Thanks for sharing, it is an amusing experience you had! Hope for you that your bf is still a horny sex machine :P hehe