That thing that sticks up between us

I sat in the back seat, feeling slightly agitated and uneasy. I guess I was bored and boredom leads to imagining something more daring-do, which in my case, something of a sexual nature.
I was working myself into a sexual state of mind, and the guy sitting in the drivers seat, a long time admirer of me, according to my husband, was staining hard to look up my short skirt in his rear-view mirror, something I observed and something I let him do, after-all, it was free and I enjoyed providing him with a little pleasure.
'Why dont you climb in beside me', he challenged, meaning the passenger seat, but with emphasis to a shared bed for sex, 'Why not', I replied with a nervous giggle, 'I am bored back here', adding a little spice to the sexual build-up between us, we were insinuating sexual overtones without coming straight out and suggesting having a fuck, and I got out and sat in the front passenger seat.
The sky darkened and it started to rain, adding more to the depressive day, so letting my short hemline ride higher on my thighs, I noted his staring at them, with a sense of pride, 'You like my legs?'
He looked at me seriously and with intent, 'You know I do, your just a big tease', and I laughed.
'Do you want to fuck me Harold?'
His mouth fell open with the impact of the question, I was in a sexual state and through protocol out, 'Come on Harold, Fuck me', and I eased the few inches of skirt onto my waist, and pulled my panties down, exposing my bare ass to him as I turned to face away and bare my cunt, 'Quick, shove your cock in', and I felt his hand touch me.
I groaned and pushed back towards him, as he fumbled with his zipper and belt, my bare ass raised for penetration.
I closed my eyes as I bore down on what felt like a huge cock, and as eased into me, I felt every square inch of my vagina stretch open, I was moving uncomfortably to accommodate his girth and length, he was inside and it felt truly rewarding as I impaled myself more and more, and on the point of orgasm realized to my horror, I was humping his gearstick and was wanking off watching me.
So guys it is an easy mistake to make when your a horny gal, I cant wait to try a V8 sports next, any takers?

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2 years ago
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3 years ago
3 years ago
Well, the title says it all, doesn't it?
3 years ago
Quite a teasing story with a funny ending.
3 years ago
it's a shame that teasing is as far as it goes with you these days
3 years ago
ive got an inline 9! haha and bore is quite big ur more than welcome to give it a whirl!
3 years ago
shame he didn't get his cock inside you, bet it was a hot thing to watch mind
3 years ago
Giggles, poor Harold got to see but not feel what the shifter did....
3 years ago
That is a very inconent mistake I would say, pity I was not there with you, I certainly would have helped you right!