Toilet sex in the Ladies

I could not wait to find out how her night had gone.
Their neighbors were 'Swingers' and they had been invited to their party.
'It was not me', she had said, 'It was him', the 'him' she referred to, was her husband.
I believed her, as sex to her was based on a functional need only, the function being to have c***dren, pleasure never entered the equation, so I had some sympathy and understanding for her husbands frustration, and his forlorn attempts to loosen her-up, and relax.
I met him in a shopping mall and went for a coffee, and he poured out his frustrations to me, and as we talked, I used cock, cunt, pussy, and fucking, knowing full well he would wilt under the onslaught, a woman using these words to a man, sends all the wrong messages, and before long he admitted he was sporting a 'Hard-on' at my dirty talk.
'You two need to get out more', was my advice, 'Loosen-up and relax'. He was hanging onto my every word, clearly uncomfortable under the table and the 'longing look' in his eyes spoke the truth.
I laughed at his uncomfortable situation, 'It's not funny Mariel', I apologized and asked him what he thought about his wife with another man.
That scenario, in his opinion, was a massive turn-on. He had been fantasying about her with other men, and had used those imagines to wank off too.
'That might be worth watching', I said teasingly, and then called the waiter over and ordered a glass of wine, he was obviously happy that I did, as our conversation and interaction was sexual, and I was not in any hurry to end it.
'Have you done it outside marriage?'
I raised my glass and drank while toying with my choice of words, He looked at me intently as I put my glass down, I smiled coyly, 'What do you think?'
Deep down I wanted to know what he thought about me, 'Do you think I fuck outside marriage?'
I watched his 'Adams Apple' bob up-and-down as he swallowed hard, and I knew he thought I was game for a fuck, before he said 'yes'.
I smiled, he guessed correctly, so now he knew his wifes friend liked to fuck around, and I sat expecting him to hit on me, as the shock and exciting prospects raced through his mind, he had always 'Fancied me sexually' but never had the nerve to try anything, but now this, and it clearly offered him hope.
'Why could you not have married me Mariel?' He clearly was ready for our first sex, we both were, 'Lets find somewhere to have a fuck' I blurted out, 'Then we can discuss your wifes problem.
The bl**d drained from his face, 'I hope that has gone to your cock', I said, loosing him in the translation, as I guided him into the Ladies toilet and one of the cubicals.
He took his pants off and sat on the toilet seat. I opened my blouse to expose my bared breasts and lifted my skirt to expose my knicker-less crotch, her stared in disbelief at my shaved pussy a I guided him between my lips and sank down onto his swollen cock.
Once he was fully inserted I wiggled my bum a little to ensure he was comfortably inside and started to fuck him slowly, raising my arse little by little until I was gliding the full eight inches, always stopping just before his head popped-out, ramming my ass down onto him.
'Try and hold as long as you can', I told him, then as we fucked I told him I knew a couple of guys that wanted to fuck his wife, and I would help them fuck her, if he was OK about it.
He looked at me with his eyes glazed as I rode him slowly, the images of these men with his wife made him cum, and I smothered his orgasm with my lips on his, feeling his sperm pump into my pussy, triggering my own orgasm.
I eased myself off him, noting his sperm running down his ball sack and into the toilet bowl, 'Such a waste', I laughed, reaching for a piece of paper and wiping my cunt as he watched me, with a fascinated look in his eyes.
I stood upright and pulled his head into my crotch, 'Lick it for fucks sake', reaching down and spreading my cunt lips for his to savor our fluids, my juices and his sperm.
I stood straddling his legs and the pan, looking at the top of his head as he licked my cunt, when someone entered the next cubical, and started peeing, another woman sitting and pissing while I was having oral sex with my friends husband, I just let go and had an orgasm.
She momentarily stopped pissing to listen to me cumming, sitting there in her bare ass as I heaved and panted, I wanted her to know what was happening next door, and so not to show I had been masturbating, I said, 'That was good, now pull your pants up and lets go'.
I opened the cubical door and walked out while our neighbor sat on the pan, he emerged with an embarrassed look on his face, and I devilishly knocked the door on the cubical and asked, 'If she would like to fuck him', we waited a little, then the lock on her door clicked to 'Open', five, ten seconds and it remained open, but closed, I said out loud, 'Sorry babe, he has changed his mind' and we ran out, and went back to the same table and ordered another wine.
Moments later she emerged, an attractive middle-aged lady, 'See', I said to him, 'Women are gagging for cock, it's just finding the right button'.
He stared as she walked off as if 'Butter would not melt in her mouth', he had listened to her pissing, she had listened to us having sex, and best of all, offered to fuck, when asked, he looked at me and I smiled in return, 'Your wife, can I let my guys have her?'
He sat while I made a phone call, 'She will be coming, both of us, staying over', short sporadic and too the point, 'Right' I said, 'When she asks you about a week on Saturday, you say yes', and at that I dialed her and told her she was invited to a party.
Moments later his phone rang and he said, 'Sure babe, you go and enjoy yourself', and at that you will learn what happened to her when I check in again.

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3 years ago
your having my cock throbb and my heart go pitter patter, do you know hot it is to have a girl say fuck especially in a public place and call her pussy her cunt several times? thanks love it
3 years ago
i don't doubt that there was a time when you would fuck outside of marriage, if only that was still the case
3 years ago
such a lucky guy sounds like he needed a good fucking bet hes glad he knew you, cant wait to hear what happens with the wife
3 years ago
u made that guys day thats for sure! haha great story mariel!
3 years ago
mmmm i love that story so dirty fucking in the toilet. big fantasy of mine
3 years ago
MarieL in charge of her hot neighbour.
Even of the lady pissing in next cubicle.

My guess for next step in part two:
Make her lady friend finally come ;-)P