The Night my Uncle came into my Bedroom

I was lying there pretending to sl**p, I knew what he was capable off and what he had done before, and here I was setting myself up, it made me horny whenever I thought about it, I just hoped once he saw the almost empty wine bottle, and the vodka bottle together on the floor, he would think I was d***k and start touching me.
All those years back when I was a girl, he was a favorite with his nieces and nephews, a little ploy on his part, as it was his nieces he wanted to enjoy and his visit to my room, where I was genuinely sl**ping and dreaming, he was in my dream, strangely loving me, not as a girl with her uncle, but a man with a woman, kissing and touching intimately, all I remember was it felt good, it was a strange sensation, a wondrous feeling, I knew I was moaning, it was when I had my earliest orgasm and woke up, I was wet, suddenly thinking I had just experienced what they called a 'Wet Dream'.
My b*****r and our cousin had once discussed having them, so I thought it was something triggered with boys when their testes were full, they dreampt they were having sex and orgasmed.
Of course as girls dont have the physical attribute of boys, I assumed it had something to do with my own budding sexuality, and a quick touch between my legs, feeling the warmth and still sensuous tingling, encouraged me to linger and try to maintain, that feeling I had just experienced, so I began masturbating again, trying to imagine him again, but somehow it remained elusive.
I got up and went to the bathroom, locked the door and put on the light. I looked at myself in the sink mirror, hoping to see a difference, wanting to see the woman in me, breaking out from the girls body, having experienced a mental sexual act with a f****y member, I saw I was wet, not from sweat, but from sperm, I had been ejaculated on, and the deep imprinted feeling on and in my vagina, that I was still experiencing, did happen, he had had his fingers inside me and I had been dreamily making love to them, as he stood over me looking at my bodily convulsions, humping myself to orgasm, and he had released his seed onto his niece as I slept, and now I could see it on my face and neck, but the majority was on my panties, and exposed vagina, I had masturbated in it, thinking it was my own secretions, I had orgasmed in my uncles sperm, and now, I lay on his sofa, wanting to experience that early sexual contact, I wanted him to cum on me, only this time I was awake, wanting to feel it, wanting to fulfill my c***dhood fantasy, to be fucked by my favorite uncle, this time I was ready and willing, all it needed was for him to want to.
I lay facing the back of the settee, my bum was just over the edge of the cushion, no prises for the fetal position, this would make illicit intercourse an easy act, stockings and thong, would encourage him, even the thong with its snap clip at the back, would bare my ass to him, a quick finger insertion between my cheeks would lead him directly into me, I was producing wetness, I was swollen and erect, and as my aunty slept quietly upstairs, I felt his hand slide under my loose fitting dress, I moved partly in sexual tension, in response to his hand revisiting the little girls body after all these years, but mostly due to it happening, so I moaned softly, just like I did before, gyrating my bum slightly, he had done me before with maximum results, so he knew I liked it, and he lifted my dress high, exposing my bum, and he pulled the clasp and eased the string slowly from between my taut cheeks, I moaned again, relaxing my thighs as he pushed between them and his stubby thumb opened my long closed lips, I pushed back and heard him mutter, 'Thats a good girl', and he began fumbling with his own clothing.
He gently caressed my buttocks as they lay over the edge of the cushion, pulling my cheeks wide open to expose both orifices, he kissed to soft warm skin inches from my anus, and again and once more, placing his mouth over my opening, pushing his tongue inside it, I moaned louder as he tongued it, pulling his mouth away, he said softly, 'You like that Girl, dont you', and went back in again.
I knew from girl-talk men like to be 'Ringed', but it was happening to me and I found it overwhelming to experience, I wanted to reach down and do myself, but I wanted him to think I was asl**p, a girl who did things u*********sly, I wanted to be his niece during the day and a slut as I slept.
His tongue traversed the short distance to my vagina, its secretions were obvious, as he delved inside licking and drawing them out and washing my anus with them, soon the whole of my crotch was coated, and he stuck two fingers inside, one in my ass and the other thankfully into my swollen pussy.
I started humping and moaning, encouraged by his crude mouthings, 'Thats it Mariel, Fuck my fingers, you little slut'.
His probings were more f***eful, he sunk his teeth into the soft flesh of my buttocks, he was marking me and it really hurt, there was no way I could pretend to sl**p, he knew I was not, and he showed me the contempt I deserved, I was his niece and I wanted to fuck him, and he pushed two fat fingers all the way up my ass, 'This what you wanted Mariel, your old uncle to fuck you in the ass', and at that he tore open my blouse, grabbing my nipple and twisting it hard, looking down on my contorted facial expression, they say f****y sex is the cruelest, and pulling his fingers from my ass, inserted them into my mouth, he watched in sadistic pleasure as I sucked on them, only removing as he pushed his cock in and started to fuck me, not caring I gagged as he pushed as deep as he could get in, 'Your mother used to suck my dick', he mouthed in unison with his thrusting,
he was swelling and getting thicker and I relaxed my throat muscles, took a deep breath and let him ejaculate into my throat, cupping his balls and squeezing as if pumping the last few drops from an already empty set of chambers.
He slumped onto his haunches, I rose and swung a leg over, opening my crotch wide, 'Lick me uncle' I begged and started to play with myself, as his head sank between my thighs and his tongue licked between my lips, I crossed my long legs across his back and started to hump his face, his little girl had grown-up over these last few years, but he had seeded me physically and mentally, and now his desirous niece had grown-up a slut and as the deep bite marks on my bum declared, I was his dirty slut and no-one could change that, so guys, seed your nieces at your peril, we know your doing it, do you have the balls to continue when we become women?
92% (41/3)
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2 years ago
Very hot !!
3 years ago
Very brought back uncle taught me how to suck his cock and smoke cigars when I was 14...and he broke me at 15....
3 years ago
Wow another great story!!
3 years ago
hot hot hot!
3 years ago
super story
3 years ago
Your stories are always amazing. Thanks you. x
3 years ago
3 years ago
another great story from ur seedy sex filled childhood well done mariel
3 years ago
would just love to be in your family all the naughty going ons such a turn on
3 years ago
Another beautiful & illicit tale Mariel, thank you!
3 years ago
Wonderfully written: It starts with sweet teen tease and dreams ... And ends in raw roving with
your favourite horny uncle ... in real or not.
Does it matter, and who cares? ;-)
3 years ago