You must read this, before wanking.

We are our own worst enemies, Girls that is.
Go look through the catalogue of photos labeled 'd***k Girls', and you will see us in various stages of undress, exposing our privates, or as in most cases, once passed-out, our knickers mysteriously disappear and our open-legged photo-shoot, with tits out of course, commences.
I know this, First as a girl, and Second, because there are countless photos of myself in such a sorry state, floating around, probably pleasing some frustrated teenage boys, well you can put them down to educational.
But as we all know this does and can lead to more serious implications, as myself and countless friends have found ourselves in blackmail situations.
Ella, my model friend from Germany, called on morning frantic with worry. She was at a party to end all parties, and now had a collection of photos in which she was naked and having sex with countless men, only problem was, she could not remember anything about it.
When your career depends on decency, such nights can be a disaster, as I once witnessed at a high-class stag night, or hen night, as it was models and actresses, on a bender, and they were wild.
The bride to be was given a cocktail of booze and d**gs, stripped and dressed in more revealing clothing, then taken around town to be kissed by down-and-outs.
These high-class bitches had a weird sense of propriety, but the truth be known, more than halve were living in a fantasy world, themselves d**gged and d***k prior to leaving the house, they were hot and this poor bride-to-be, was their vehicle to a d**g, sex orgy.
At the start of the evening we all kicked-off with cocktails, then some started to pop pills, soon I was catching an eyefuls of bare breasts and bare bums, these hotties were now competing with each other for attention, and before long Ella's knickers went AWAL, to a chorus of laughter, 'This is your last chance for cock', they chanted, but not for Ella, they were thinking about themselves, and their lack of underwear, clearly showed their enthusiasm, to hit town and sample the men.
I was once told by a front-line singer in a band, she was so high on stage, she would remove her panties and let men look between her legs, then she had to masturbate to get down from the high.
In the hotel before gigs, she would fantasize all men wanted her, and a few occasions, order room service and expose herself to the waiter and ask him to fuck her.
These girls were in the same category, beautiful, hot and horny, why do you think singers and actresses have photos taken with wardrobe malfunctions, nipple slips, crotchless exits from cars, and obvious nudity under loose fitting dresses.
But amongst that is the dangerous lack of respect for each other, as Ella was soon to find out, when one of the girls stood behind her and calmly stuck a short needle into her bottom, I watched as her head fell forward, then she regained composure, as the d**g loosened her inhibitions, and increased her libido, her need for fun.
We piled into a chauffeur driven stretch limo and set off, everyone out of their heads, drinking champagne, and shouting at guys as we passed them.
We went into the back streets where the down and outs live rough, the alcoholics and d**g users, and enticed a couple of older men over to the car, the chauffeur acting as body guard, while they were given drink and orders to kiss and fondle Ella, who was completely out of it.
Everyone sat around inside drinking champagne while Ella's modesty was compromised. She sat on the seat with these two smelly d***ks either side of her, taking sexual liberties, while the remainder sat taking phone photos as each man delved into her modesty.
It was a high-class private sex show, this kind was what they liked to see, an opportunity to give the common man a chance to sample good clean pussy, at the expense of the girl on offer.
In the silence inside the dark-windowed limo, while it was protected outside by the driver, someone threw a box of condoms at the trio on the front seat.
Ella was all opened-up at the front, her b**sts and pussy were being assaulted by grimy dirty fingers, now the girls wanted her taken by their cocks, and as I looked at each one individually, they appeared bug-eyed with some sitting open-legged, showing their own assets, to encourage the d***ks to go for her.
Jordan, a brassy page three girl, with large breasts, slid off her perch and knelt in front of one man, 'Lets get him out love', she mouthed in her Northern accent, pulling his zipper down and delving into his pants pulling his penis out, and started to massage him to erection, using her huge breasts to entice him, by giving him a free tit ride, holding her tits hard around his cock, surprisingly allowing him to kiss her on the mouth and play with her tongue, she was neither repulsed or disgusted at his smell or filth, in fact she gave the impression, she never noticed it, looking down at his cock sliding freely between her breasts, her long pointed tongue poised above her cleavage, as an enticement to lick his head as it brushed past her tongue-tip onto her overly moistened lips.
'J', someone said, 'You'll make him cum', and at that Jordan released him and took Ella's ankle and lifted her leg straight up into the air, exposing her naked crotch, a slight sheen showing on her moist lips from the overhead light, there was a gasp of approval with some clapping, as Jordan pressed the mans penis into Ella's lips, he had slipped his arm under her leg and held her high as Jordan guided him inside her, the condoms were lying on the floor, the seal unbroken, he was 'bare-backing' her, this was more to their liking, as the other man was stripped and his clothes thrown outside the car.
The box was picked up and a condom put onto his penis, the girls drew straws and Jordan mounted him, that girl had such a high sex drive, the d***k was too terrified to cum.
The girl next to me turned and asked if I was enjoying myself, her scent was very alluring, and like the couple next to her, we turned on each other like a bi-sexual orgy, and somehow I relaxed and responded to this lifestyle, it was the only time I had my pussy licked in front of a car full of celebrities, kissing wet lips is an erotic experience for a straight girl.
Ella was left out cold in the back of the limo, naked and covered by a tartan blanket, Frank the colored chauffeur, parked at a safe distance off the side street, remained in the back with Ella, doors locked and lights out, with strict orders from his employer to make her last free night memorable, something I was jealous of, as we all had to fondle his oversize penis, a price we paid for his continued silence, and I watched as each one descended on his organ, kissing, squeezing, sucking and bum rubbing, I sucked Frank briefly, the mot lucky cock in London, twelve women paying homage, before he disappeared into the Limo, and gave Ella something her husband to be might have to rear as his own, Black men can be so fertile, my own pussy twitched at the thought.

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2 years ago
WOW...That would make a great movie.
3 years ago
Lucky frank!
3 years ago
i love your stories xxx thanks another great one
3 years ago
sounds like a perfect night, beautiful hot horny woman just gagging for some hard cock, love it
3 years ago
Well written and insightful story about
rich pretty bitches and their bad taste.
3 years ago
wow i did read allot of stories but noting like this, thanks for sharing it with us Mariel :)
i didnt know that drunk dirty men can get this lucky lol