Sweaty in the car and enticing him to fuck

I was sweating hard, it had been a hard workout on the court and my instructor made me run the full gamut of tennis exertions, now mum was asking me to hurry up as she needed to go to the supermarket before closing time.
I put the towel on the seat and sat somewhat uncomfortably on it as we sped off downtown.
'That instructor looked like he had the hots for you', mum was teasing me, she always did, it was her way of bringing the reality of sex to the fore, and now I was developing a womans body, she claimed men would want to encourage me into situations, perhaps too adult for my young mind to comprehend.
We drove into the car park, which was huge, and even at this late time was packed with cars.
We drove around to find a space, which was a good distance from the store entrance, 'Are you coming in with me', she asked, 'Look mum', I said c***dishly, 'I am soaked all the way through to my skin', the idea of being like that and being blasted by air conditioning, put me off, I opted to remain in the car while she shopped.
There was a parking space between me and the next car, so I opened the door and let the cooler air waft in as well as lowering the seat so I could stretch out.
I was sticky with sweat and it was making my top transparent, my sports brassiere was showing and because of my small size, its smallness was apparent, kind of like a five year-olds bikini, it was more for modesty as my nipples were well developed and they stuck out a lot, so it more comfortable to wear it than resort to cello-tape, to suppress their swelling.
The driver of the next car came as I dozed off, his slamming of his boot woke me and I turned to see him staring at me.
I was not sure how long he had been looking at me, but I did see the bulge in his shorts, as he climbed into his car, leaving his door open, so we both had a clear view of each other.
When I face the front I noticed to my horror, that my short white tennis skirt had ridden high and I was showing a skimpy pair of translucent panties, sweat soaked, with my hairless vagina in full view.
I froze with my hands clasped behind my head, I was indecently exposing myself to the man opposite me and he had seen my most private of show-able parts, and what surprised me was the feeling it generated, so I turned to look at him to see if he was still looking at me, which he was, as well as having taken his cock out, he was jacking off and I was his visual subject.
I looked straight ahead, the area was devoid of people, we were alone and I had to look at him again, the urge was so powerful, and as I did, coupled by making no attempt to cover my indecency, he knew I was ripe for the taking, and got out of his car and took the few steps across to me, lying there rigid, his cock bobbing up and down, as I remained focused on it, 'You like that dont you', I heard him murmur, it was inches from my face and I could smell him as he worked it between my lips and brushed my teeth in an effort to insert himself into my mouth.
Taking hold of my face between his hands he eased me open and I had my first taste of him as he fucked the inside of my mouth. It was a strange sensation, softness and firmness rolled into one, but the fact that it was a mans cock was what thrilled me, it was such a powerful emotion, I started responding quicker that I imagined I would, 'Good girl', he commented as I sucked eagerly on him and after five minutes he pulled my out, turned me round and bent me back into the car, and kneeling on the seat, tore my tiny knickers down and started fucking my pussy, groaning and grunting loudly.
I was in limbo, in a shocked state, not really realizing what was happening, I somehow knew he was inside me doing the ultimate thing, but the mixture of feelings, both good and bad, were numbed by the speed in which he achieved his aim, it felt too good to want to stop, such was the physical contact between our sexual organs, but it felt like he was hitting the mark to those feelings I toiled with each night, I was being fucked and it felt good, it was what I always craved, so I raised my ass to meet his powerful thrusts, he seemed to go deeper each time, I moaned as he fucked me with my ass raised in total surrender, belying my youthful eagerness, I finally achieved my orgasm, sweeping over me, racking every nerve ending in my body, I came loudly, sobbing my thankful gratitudes, paying homage to his old cock as he withdrew from my youthful love canal, leaving deep within me his seeds, which to my horror I only realized in taking my soaked panties off, the dark white globular mess pouring from me, even then I had to revisit the feeling as I lay back and re-masturbated myself, gathering his seed and coating my clitoris as I rubbed and massaged him into my sensitive flesh.
So began my fascination of car sex, dogging, before dogging became fashionable, and just doing it for strangers as they waited on their wives, sometimes after parking I would get out and stand by our car, enticing drivers to park close to us, then signal I was willing if they remained behind.
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4 months ago
MarieL your stories are always great. nothing like a hottie in sweaty tennis dress
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Love this one MarieL, yours are always good but something great about the set-up in this one* pity it had to end so quickly. A fav - lets hope your haters don't succeed in suppressing your stories like they want to, you're one of the best story contributors here.
3 years ago
what a lovely fucking story, had me rock hard in seconds, now where do I find you?
3 years ago
such a turn on, would do alot more shopping knowing you were waiting, perfect way to unwind after a long shop
3 years ago
mmmmmmmmm wot a wonderful mind, to write these lovely stories
3 years ago
amazing story as usual mariel
3 years ago
i would definitely remain behind, let you ride the gear stick whilst i fucked your other hole
3 years ago
Delicious story