Naked with b*****r in Yahoo Chatroom

I just breezed into his room thinking he was downstairs, I wanted to borrow one of his soft woolen sweaters, as I felt like going out bra-less, and the soft wool has a pleasurable feel on my nipples, especially if they are erect, and with my monthlies due, that was an inevitability, the problem was my b*****rs anger at his misshapen sweaters, after I had cast them off.
I had just stepped out of the shower and had a towel on as I entered to find him on his computer, sitting naked and sporting an erection, 'What the fuck', I gasped, as he frantically tried to cover-up, 'Too late', I remarked, 'I saw it', and closed the room door, advancing on him, before he could regain any sense of modesty.
He was a few years my senior, but I was rapidly advancing on him, growing up quickly, developing as my hormones had kicked in as I entered my teens, and now as I stood behind him, my loosely covered breasts pressing hard against his neck, I whispered down through his hair, 'Who are you wanking off too?'
As I asked I put my hand down to grab him, in a typical teenage girl fashion, teasing her b*****r having a hard-on, but curios about it as the penis was becoming a fixation with me, and where better to study its wonders, by teasing your b*****rs and getting an reaction.
He was in a Yahoo chat room, 'Schoolgirls and Masters' was its name, very titillating I mused as I clicked on an invitation, to view a cam.
'Lets see what this girl is offering', I said to him, he was strangely subdued as I moved the mouse around, I suppose the reaction to men looking for girls in these rooms, was what he was experiencing, wondering if any girls were actually in them and that only men pretending to be girls can be very frustrating, but now here was his young s****r breezing through looking, I must have given him hope that there was more like me.
The callers cam came on and it was a close up of a guy jacking off, I squealed in delight, laughing, secretly I suspected it would be, and as he tried to kill the cam I said 'No, lets watch'.
He looked up at me to see I was serious, 'Is our cam on?' He shook his head in part disbelief, 'Mariel these are dirty old men, just wanking', I looked down at him, my face sightly contorted, the sight of this mans penis jerking excited me, and I wanted to see more.
'Turn the fucking cam on and the Mic', he sensed the change in my demeanor and did as I asked, 'Do you want to sit here' he asked me, I just shook my head as our cam came on and I watched my shape appear on screen with my b*****rs name atop.
'Hi', I spoke into the Mic, and he responded by adjusting his cam onto his cock and started to wank in earnest, 'Hey baby, fuck your smoking' was his reply, I smiled and replied, 'Nice cock daddy', both he and my b*****r groaned, his cock was standing so hard, I was turning him on with my crazy chat room histrionics, and I was just getting into my stride.
'Can I see your titties baby', his voice was shaking as he spoke, my b*****rs jerking making my towel slip to expose more cleavage, it was on the verge of slipping and the feelings on my nipples were exquisite as they were teasingly coming into his debauched view, 'If I let daddy see my titties, will daddy shoot for me?' I replied, my b*****rs groaning becoming more audible, clearly indicating he was close to shooting, something out guest did not miss.
'Who's the guy', he asked, 'My b*****r', I immediately replied, knowing that would send our viewer into i****tuous raptures, I paused and sure enough he did not disappoint, 'Fuck him', he demanded, I looked straight into the cam and said softly, 'You want me to fuck my b*****r', and there was a notable increase in his stroking, both him and my b*****rs, as he was enjoying my dirty conversation and out cam viewers reaction and response.
As I straightened up the towel fell to reveal my nudity, I guess my b*****r thought I was wearing panties but as he was now looking at my naked buttocks, he groaned again, and I thought he was about to release, I grabbed him and f***ed him to stop, there was strength in my grip, I wanted him to wait, and moved in front of him to let the cam focus on my pussy, I was masturbating, sliding my finger in and out and moaning loud for him to hear, then looking back at my b*****rs erection, eased my buttocks down onto him, his erection sliding between my taught cheeks, and as I readjusted the cam to show my upper body, I unashamedly caressed my tortured b*****r erection with the soft warm flesh of my bum.
'Is he inside you' asked the viewer, I picked up the Mic and held it to my mouth, 'Yes I am fucking his cock and we are cumming', I told him, making small erotic noises as if we were, my b*****r now holding my hips as we increased the friction between out soft flesh, 'Push your nipple against the cam' he ordered and this gave me the opportunity to reach forward, slide along my b*****rs erection, feeling it brush across my anus and touch the soft flesh of my labia, this time lifting my self until I felt him at the entrance of my vaginal opening, and slid down feeling myself open up as he went in the whole way, the teasing was over, the illicit union was complete, he cupped my breasts and we fucked, watched by an animated old man, shooting semen everywhere as b*****r and s****r committed i****t, no wonder Yahoo shut these rooms down, not that we needed them after our first union, as we fucked like rabbits until we moved onto others outside the f****y.

97% (52/2)
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2 years ago
OMG Mariel I love your stories of incest. I have always wanted to fuck my sister (11 years older than me) I saw her tits once when I was 13, Big and still firm after 2 girls.
3 years ago
great read ... for some reason, not expecting him to enter her ...
3 years ago
Stroked to this one big time.
3 years ago
Read it an jack off every time ;)
3 years ago
Ya awesome read, just jacked off from reading it ;)
3 years ago
fucking hot got me so horny
3 years ago
3 years ago
hot story!!
3 years ago
just love it, how open you all are we each other, and how you just have hot naughty sex with any family member you want, such a turn on ;)
3 years ago
Another great story MarieL
3 years ago
Sorry but I can only give you 5 stars. Wish to give you more. Thanx for sharing.
3 years ago
omg that hot bro and sister
3 years ago
Hot bro and sis ,-)
3 years ago
omg mariel! i so wish i could have seen that hot action!