Continuation of my first human insertion

I lay in the fetal position, my thighs convulsing as little spasmodic sensations reverberated through my loins, I was still receiving orgasmic sensations my young body locked into such an adult experience, even touching myself between my legs put me on the verge of yet another orgasm.
He sat naked beside me, his legs wide apart, his long penis touching the grass, it was still semi-swollen as he surveyed my nudity, it would occasionally twitch, as if readying itself for another journey inside me, his smile saying it all, 'A job well done', something my demeanor could not hide.
'Your first fuck?' His question sounded dirty and adult, I had done it, I went all the way with a man old enough to be my father, I said nothing to his question, I just nodded in agreement and rolling onto my back and stretching on the grass, my nakedness in stark contrast to the green grass, suddenly I felt grown-up, alive and aware, my tiny black knickers lying a few meters where they were thrown in our haste to penetrate and be connected as one, I smiled again and just said, 'Yes my first', reinforcing my silent nod a minute ago.
He reached out and gathered up my panties, using them to wipe his wet penis as I watched wide-eyed. He was a big man and I had taken all of him inside me, a six to eight inches of movement, in and out, side to side, wracking my being with multiple orgasms, all coming in succession, each one more powerful than the previous, losing count and consciousness, I just clung around his neck as he battered and bruised me deeper than anything before, twisting and opening my virginity to his eventual release, seeding my womanhood, kissing my face as I sobbed, all new emotions and new sensations, a new love, a new adoration for men was sown into my young soul, a desire for what I now studied, I reached out and took hold of him, suddenly feeling the strong urges to mount him again, as I pulled myself up to him and guided him into my eager mouth.
I just held him there, controlling my breathing, a deep intake of air, then a push down his shaft, he felt huge in my small mouth, but I loved the feeling, the texture, softness and warmth, changing as my saliva poured from the sides of my open lips, growing larger, making more comfortable as I pulled back, 'Just suck on the head, use your tongue, use your lips to seal me inside', he commanded and I applied as desired, soon he was fucking my mouth and I hung onto his organ like a rag doll, refusing to let go as he gathered my long hair into his grasp, holding me suspended as his hips bore into my throat, I was gagging, he started cumming, my cheeks puffing out, as he seeded my throat and my lips sealed around his glans, refused to allow fresh air into my cavity, I swallowed hard, gulping down whatever he was releasing, happy to be giving my first blow-job, proud I had passed another landmark, as his cock popped out of my mouth, free to breath, free to taste my first semen, its saltiness, the acridness, appealing to me as it swished with my saliva, between my teeth and coated my tongue, I lapped it and showed him I liked his taste, he smiled and said, 'So Mariel, do you think your s****r would like me to do that?'
I rolled onto my front, pushing down on my pubic mound, I was horny and it felt good grinding in like this, 'Yes she would', I replied, his smile broadened, 'Will you help me and her to fuck', I felt a pang of jealousy, 'Yes, if you want her', not hiding my disappointment at my older sibling being an object of his desire, 'I want her in a different way from you', he said, I was curious, and asked him how, 'Your s****r is a teasing bitch', he remarked, with a distant look in his eyes, 'I saw her bare her bum to me last week', suddenly her comment on him desiring her sexually made sense, and as I watched him hold his huge cock, he remarked, 'I plan to fuck her in her bum, will you hep me?'
I smiled, how naughty I thought, not really understanding the implication of what he was implying, but I nodded and said yes, convinced she would enjoy the experience, but more happy he was taking her ass, reserving his penis for my vagina, that was true love and I was the winner.

To be continued, if you want to know, convince me.

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3 years ago
3 years ago
Please keep going!
3 years ago
This is a hot story. It shows the old ways of men to get what they want. Pussy, mouth and arse. Make a hot girl like you cum on his cock. Make her fall in love with that hard piece of meat and she will do anything to hold it. Even if holding it means guiding it in some other girls arse.

And yes. having her arse would implant in your head you are the only one allowed to ungulf his cock with your lips. Either those on your mouth or the nether ones.

And not before long he will take along a friend of his. Asking you to keep him busy while he himself takes care of your sister.

And when that one guy can't keep you occupied he will arrange more. So you won't notice he has taken all three of your sisters orifices.
3 years ago
if you continue with the story, i'll let you suck my cock
3 years ago
don't stop now
3 years ago
Very enjoyable. Look forward to more...and more...and more.
3 years ago
it is a good 1
3 years ago
I cant wait to read the next one.
3 years ago
just amazing, and what a lucky guy getting to be the first to fuck you and then getting you to help fuck your sisters ass, very hot and naughty hope we get to hear about it
3 years ago
It sounds like you spoiled the little bastard rotten, anything left for me?
3 years ago
exalent story, getting hotter yes!!!! let us have the next part soon mmmm
3 years ago
that lucky LUCKY man cant wait for the next installment mariel!