My Nephews first experience

It was the sudden movement that caught my eye, his reflection in the mirror as I passed the slightly ajar door of the bedroom.
He was playing with himself as he watched something on his hand-held device, some porn no doubt, having a good wank in bed, unawares his auntie Mariel was outside his door watching him.
Of course he was being discrete, on his side facing away from me and covered up, but boys do it that way, whereas we girls do it on our backs or fronts, out and in the open for all to see, a little bit unfair if you are a voyeur, which I was at this particular moment in time.
I had a sudden urge to barge in on him and confront him, embarrassing him, empowering me by letting him know I caught him jacking off in my bedroom.
He was using his left hand, pumping like someone possessed, he must be really horny to go at it like that, what would he do if I took him in my hand and done it for him?
I stood quietly watching, emboldened by my thoughts, feeling my pussy respond to what I was witnessing, the dirty little fucker wanking in my presence, I should make him fuck me now he has made me horny, was flashing through my mind.
My husbands nephew, still but a teenager, myself in my late thirties, feeling like a wayward mother, my desire for him at this moment overshadowing my moral obligation, to claim his virginity would be a feather in my cap, I would pleasure him beyond his wildest dreams, and as the sexual innuendos flowed through my mind I stepped into the bedroom, his grunting and vocal noises drowning out my close presence, as I advanced on the bed and looked over and saw his penis for the first time, 'Oh my fucking God', escaped my lips and he stopped, turned to me, releasing his cock and giving me an eyeful of his ten inch monster, a cock out of proportion to his body size, 'Micheal, what are you doing?'
I felt like an idiot, asking that, he was wanking himself, any fool can see that.
He said nothing, he continued turning until he was flat on his back, his big cock lying on his stomach way past his belly-button, his tight balls so minuscule in comparison to his meaty rod.
I undone the belt of my housecoat and shook it from my shoulders to reveal my own nudity, m full breast with my nipple jutting out, my shaved cunt looking like it never reached puberty, and as I lifted my leg over him I guided myself right onto its girth and eased him inside as he grappled with m hanging breasts and began tugging crudely on my swollen nipples.
Having ten inches of pure penis stroking in and out of your tight snatch does wonder to your libido, 'Do you want to cum inside me, all the way?', I moaned over and over, until the heat from his sperm jetted with f***e onto my cervix, 'Oh God', I thought, I could feel my own build and start to release, I just knew I would be dipping into his pool of semen and taking him further into my fallopian tubes, into my womanhood, such a young masterful achievement, impregnating his aunty with his first fuck, that was four months back and my swelling belly is something he is proud off, and who can blame him, now he claims my pussy to be his own, well at least shared between him and his unsuspecting uncle

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3 years ago
That was hot
3 years ago
What a sweet Aunty.
3 years ago
such a great story mariel! so hot thank u
3 years ago
3 years ago
god that was so naughty, such a lucky boy bet he cant keep his hands of you ;)
3 years ago
Another great story Thanks