TV Actress, Hot scene, Camera-mans release

I cant say I was completely ignorant of the possibility of something like this happening, especially to me, a well known British actress, from a well known British acting f****y.
I remember Granddad telling me about an incident on set involving him and a relatively unknown actress, back then, when she had been trying very hard to be noticed, she put everything into the bedroom scene and Granddad, put everything into her, the papers next day were screaming, 'Did they, or did they not?'
'It happens darling, you're a young woman, starting out', he left it there, his words hanging, so he admitted to me he had on-stage intercourse with one of the co-stars, but here was I, ten years on, a star in my own right in a popular TV series, trying something different and confronted with a sex scene.
Without going into great detail of my credentials and having hundreds of males begging for a bit on the side, which believe me, the way I feel right now, has an appeal, a thought that lurks within my feminine being, albeit a dark one.
I was approached for the part by a friend of my Grandfathers, who happened to be on the same set, when his discretion occurred, 'It's a tad raunchy', he told me with a twinkle in his eye, 'Lots of nudity, and a bit of How's your Father', the later sentiments whispered close to my ear.
I smiled broadly, 'I like that', I told him, 'But the sex scene you will do with discretion', he smiles and winked again, 'You have your Granddads genes, you naughty girl', and he kissed me on my cheek and squeezed my knee.
I had heard of my co-star, the rumor mill amongst the girls was he well endowed, and now I was in line to see for myself.
I was a couple of months pregnant, not showing any 'Love bump' but endowed with an incredible sex drive, I had heard this can effect many women at this stage in their pregnancy, not a desire to jump anyone in particular's bones, just a state of perpetual horniness and sexual awareness.
Hubby was out of town on another shoot so I was at ease when I arrived at the set to be met by John, Granddads friend and Director of tonights scene.
'OK sweetheart, your showing everything, total full frontal and a meshing of limbs, an inside term for close embraces, simulated fucking for the more common-minded.
John sat as I undressed down to my undies, 'What do you think John?' I turned side-on and sucked my tummy-in, which was not really necessary, as I was as flat as a washboard. John smiled, 'God to be thirty years younger', I laughed as he grabbed his crotch, my hormones screaming as I teased him, 'I hope you dont mind that I shaved my pussy', he smiled even more, 'You know I like to look at them young', he raised his finger and pointed at my crotch, even when they are preggers, I slipped my panties over my hips and down my long legs, stepping out of them and walked across to the bar and poured him a whiskey.
'You got to have the best arse I have every seen on set', I smiled inwardly, 'But we are not on set Darling', I turned and walked across to him holding out my hand and passed the whiskey to him.
I was flaunting my nakedness in front of him, sensing he was getting a secret thrill out of looking at me, 'Are you lactating yet baby? I looked down suddenly realizing I was still wearing my brassiere, 'Oh shit', I exclaimed, I thought I had taken this off and reached behind to unsnap it, 'No baby, leave it on, it emphasizes your beauty' and his eyes dropped onto my exposed crotch, I was sitting on the edge of the cushion, my thighs open, blatantly exposed, I looked down and back up at him, smiled and continued talking, leaving my legs apart for his uninterrupted viewing.
'Listen', I said in a more serious tone, 'Tonights shoot, can I count on your discretion if something happens', I paused to let my comment sink home, 'You know what I mean, my marriage etc'.
'Sure baby, just you and I, your co-actor and the camera man', he downed the last dregs from the glass and got up, 'You have fun and give me a good scene', I stood up and went across to him and kissed him on his cheek, choosing to ignore his hands as they took ample advantage of what I was offering.
He left and I dressed for the set, a black printed open summer dress, it was ugly, but it was coming off and that idea excited me. I left on my black lacy brassiere and remained nude down there, under a plain black dress, I was so wet the thought of my crotch soaked panties finishing up in some strangers pocket left me feeling embarrassed, so I remained naked.
The scene was set in the library where I would walk in, I was doing the narration from a previous taping, so we were just recording the video and the a****l noises of us grunting, heavy breathing and fucking.
'Action' was called, the place was deserted except for him, even the other two were out of sight, shooting between the shelves, who knows, who gives a fuck, I made straight for him and his belt buckle, resisting temptation and stoking his tummy muscles, once, then I could not hold back and opened the buckle.
He said something about me slipping my hand down his pants, and as I did his erection met my fingers and I slid alongside it, a wry smile broke upon my lips and I added, 'Around his huge hard cock', slowly emphasizing the word hard, the look of shock on his face as I held him tights, flesh on flesh, his face lightening as he realized I was for real, we tore our clothes off and I guided him into me, we fucked like a pair of rabbits until in the scene he whacks a fire alarm by accident, within minutes of penetration, interrupting our liaison, that was until the director called out 'Keep fucking', I looked in the direction of his voice, he was in the open with the cameraman, just watching, the camera silent, we continued as I was close, we both were, this guy had a great cock filling me perfectly, a good length and a good rhythm, my legs were around his neck so my arse-hole was on view, as I noticed the camera-man and director comment, but I was both gone and cumming at once, the noises emanating continuously in one long howl, I gave them an Oscar winning orgasm, and the camera were switched-off.
Still inside me he slid me ass across the table and hit the fire switch, we broke apart and went through the motions of dressing and so on, I pulled on a pair of knickers from wardrobe, and when 'Cut' was called took them off again as sperm was escaping me and making a little mess at my feet.
I looked at John and signaled with my eyes, thankfully he understood and called my co-star away, with the intention of making sure this was as far as it was going to go, his silence was assumed.
I lifted my top when the camera-man handed me a towel, emphasizing my pussy and the sperm running down my inner legs.
'Thanks I said, somewhat sheepishly and noting the poor bastard had a 'Hard-on', 'Too much for you', I said smiling, he was in his forties, not too good looking and with a bit of a beer belly, 'Look if you need some attention before I dress, just say so'.
He looked dazed as if unable to comprehend what I was offering, 'Do you want a fuck?'
He nodded in the affirmative as I backed into him, offering my bare ass as I bent and rested my hands on my knees, he went in without much fuss and started shagging me with more vigor and vim than the other, 'Good fucking baby', I reached back and held his balls as he squirted my second load for the evening, somehow I got the feeling his effort was more caring and one he would always remember.
'Be a good man and say bye to Uncle John for me', I kissed him with affection on his cheek, 'EF loves you too' I added, and I went off feeling satisfied with my nights work and waited for my husband to return home.
I waited for the reaction when the screening cam, a very nice piece of editing Uncle John, roll on the next sequel, hope the cocks as nice.

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3 years ago
such a hot story mariel loved it
3 years ago
where might someone get hold of this footage?
3 years ago
just love how hot and naughty it is, love that you always take care of a nice hard cock no matter whos it is ;)
3 years ago
MarieL remembers sexy things from the sixties.
Not bad - for a blonde born in the seventies ,-)P