Ambers Daddy, our first Time

Skimpy waistlines, tank tops, and sawed-off denims, you all know the image well and its association to teenage awareness of your blossoming beauty.
Many a mans lips have caressed my feminine six pack, their saliva trickling down my tomboyish muscular tummy, forming a small pool on my knicker-line and eventually seeping into the flimsy non-existent protection, that barely served the purpose they were designed for, two lines of moisture merging below the clitoris level, now the tongue was under the elastic, tickling the soft fluff that was meant to develop into pubic hair.
My bum arched high, reaching up in some quest for more of that pleasure organ to go that extra inch, to envelope my pinkish bud, now coming alive to the exquisite feeling spreading from my loins, I could feel the folds of tiny creases straighten as my bud swelled, the tiny head exposed to the raw air, but soon to be drowned in the saliva, as it flowed between the folds, that was guiding the flow over its sensitive head, the tip of the tongue now prodding the base, now entering the start of my womanhood, millimeters from the point of no return, he sensed it, I released a groan deep from within, everything was opening and as I eased my bared bottom onto the cold ground my denims and knickers eased across mt hips, his tongue attacking me from below, its tip poking into my pink tight folds, crinkled and heavily moistened by my own secretions, flow freely from his target, less than an inch above, his nose burying in and opening me in preparation for the organ being sucked by my friend, his daughter Amber.
Freed from the constraints of tight clothing mt long legs parted, his rough unshaven beard scratching my soft inner thigh, he help my lips wide open, he licked my tight bum-hole then plunged in deep, licking across the tight membrane serving as a final barrier to womanhood, Amber encouraging him by applying her tongue into his anal regions, using both her hands to hold the solid eight inches of meat, guiding it and him into me as my legs encircled his back, using it as leverage, raising my bum up and onto him, reaching back and gripping his cheeks, I pulled him in as Amber pushed her daddy with her small tongue twisting and prodding a few inches inside him, he grunted as I opened and welcomed him, the first of hundreds, I loved Ambers Daddy, but most of all I loved cock.

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3 years ago
so many 1st times
3 years ago
3 years ago
Her last story - about her first time - her best ,-)
3 years ago
this sounds true
3 years ago
very erotic description, bravo!
3 years ago
bet her dad love it to, two hot young woman for him to use as his sex toys, very hot and naughty
3 years ago
such a hot story as usual mariel ur childhood/life is just one series of hot sex encounters after another