Morning Train Ride, my Dirty Mind

As I travel from my home to my place of work, I study people, men in particular, as each innocent glance, becomes a lecherous leer, 'He wants to fuck me', courses through my mind, and this triggers a response throughout my being, and I feel my thighs involuntary squeeze together, and my eyes drop to the offenders crotch, to see if he is hard.
My morning journey results in my body being ****d by horny men, all fighting with each other, naked and holding their prized erections, trying hard to maneuver in against me and brush their prizes against my flesh and release their seed, the hottest battles around my buttocks and thigh tops, where those connected to me as one, release their loads, on fertile ground.
'Tickets please', I am jolted from my dirty little scenario, by a kindly looking old man, the ticket inspector, a crimson coloring creeping across my face, as I smile at him, my eyes dropping and making me more alluring, I delve into my handbag and retrieve the ticket, which he punches and hands back, his eyes I imagine are now looking into my top, as my breasts heave in their fullness, my body is screaming to all men, I am ripe, take me.
I look up at him and immediately notice he is actually looking into my bag, 'OMG', screams through my head, his eyes have instinctively been drawn to the small box, with the emboldened print, advertising, their lubricity and ribbed-effect, my little neat pack of protection, telling of my glaring need for regular intercourse.
He smiles that all knowing smile, a little nod of his head, and a flutter of his eyelid, more of a wink, 'So you're looking for some cock lady', flashes through my mind, I smile warmly and take back my ticket, my eyes challenging his, after all I am a woman and I have needs too.
I know deep down I am horny, most people are first thing in the morning, both sexes, some of my best encounters were first thing in the morning, the words of my Grandfather telling me how he would catch a woman in the old days as she went for her morning ablutions, no panties, 'Get it up her as she pissed', he would say then laugh, 'Her cunt is open and warm, not to mention wet, goes in easy', and I would watch as he grabbed himself, excited by those bygone days.
I caught another looking at me and began to wonder if I was telepathically sending out the right vibes that certain men tune into, he was definitely staring at me legs, then looking at my face directly and back to my legs, was he using his eyes to tell me what he was wanting, I looked around me, everyone was either lost in their own dreams or reading, a few had their eyes closed, so he was safe, it was just him and I, one more quick peripheral look around and I uncrossed them, he wanted to see up my stockinged legs, so I unashamedly obliged.
We clattered across the track junctions, rocking my knees as I strained to keep them together, glancing occasionally up at my leering fellow passenger, then down to his crotch to see if there was a reaction, I was randy as hell, I wanted to throw my legs apart and let them take me, but I just settled for the gentle rocking motion and the squeezing of my thighs together, pulling your knickers up tight before sitting down does give you the option of using the friction across your clitoris, to 'Get-off' and add depth to an otherwise boring journey.
This was what I was trying to do, I got up horny, I was fantasying and self masturbating with my tightly bunched knickers, I wanted to 'Get off', before 'getting-off', so to speak, so bravado took over, and I got up out of my seat and pushed slowly past my mind r****t, pressing my bum into him as I passed him, his cock hopefully would leave a traceable imprint, telling me he was up for it.
Sadly, nothing, I could not feel any bulge so I pushed through the crushed throng, my ass searching for a hard cock, to rub against, then I spotted a kindred spirit, another girl having her bum fondled by a pervert behind her.
She was young as she stood up against him, looking around herself for fear of being caught, so I moved closer to them.
He watched me as I watched them, his smile said it all, and as I watched her short skirt move with incongruous motion to the train, a sure sign he was feeling her, I moved closer, in fact I stood in front of them, she looked me in the eye, but I smiled, a little wrinkling of my nose, letting them both know I was shielding their indecent act, and as both our eyes cast around for safely, she showed signs of losing it, she was fighting it, her lower abdomen brushing into mine.
I lent into her ear, close to his face and whispered, 'Let it cum, dont fight it', her breathing quickened in unison with his thrusting, her knees buckling slightly, she was cumming and I supported her.
Suddenly without warning she pushed past me, excusing herself, without any furore, leaving him exposed and hanging out, I turned away from him, but backed into her place, providing cover, feeling my zipper ease down its tracks, the waft of cool air cross my full buttocks, my knickers being pulled out from between my cheeks and his warm insertion.
I smiled quietly and suddenly noticed I had another male passenger close to my side, he was looking into my face, with an all-knowing look. I glanced down at his crotch, he was hard, I smiled as the fantasy became a reality, I bounced with the train, it's wonderful when a well oiled machine is working at 100% efficiency, 'Tickets Please', damn I was close, and he woke me up.
64% (8/5)
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3 years ago
I dive into your phantasies ...
3 years ago
glad your back Mariel, i always look forward to your stories, they never fail to make me hard
3 years ago
great story mariel! what a train ride it must be with u in the morning lol ill have to find that train and ride it daily
3 years ago
I do love your naughty mind, your stories always get me worked up
3 years ago
3 years ago
Another hot train ride fantasy...what's up with ya profile Mariel it seems to have disappeared.