Last Train home, a Plaything for Perverts.

The carriage was almost empty as I joined the last train home. I got in and took a seat, not really paying attention to those few passengers in the compartment, I was dead beat, a mixture of tiredness and drink, and a couple of stimulants, which earlier on were stimulating, but now were making me drowsy and detached.
The train pulled away from the platform, it would take just over an hour to get to my stop, so I snuggled down and closed my eyes, sl**p finally taking over my wracked body, as the familiar 'Clackity-clack' of the wheels crossing tracks lulled me off.
As I slept, I drifted deeper and deeper, I was in danger of losing consciousness altogether, but as I relaxed I was unaware that the young couple, two seats in front were engaged in heavy petting, being watched in the next carriage by a guy having a wank.
I suppose they were aware of his actions, as she was watching him while her boyfriend was delving in and out of her clothing, and when he slipped of the seat to perform oral sex on her, she smiled at him as he stroked himself, now fully aware she was teasing him as she showed and had sex, having an orgasm while he still jacked in an effort to have his.
The train slowed down, they got up, and she cheekily waved to her admirer, blowing him a kiss, to show no harm done.
Meanwhile I slept, unawares I had been spotted, as the wanker came into my carriage and sat in the seat opposite my prostate body, he looked around and smiled, we were alone and my skirt failed to hide the fact I was in stockings, as it had ridden-up my thighs as I had slid down the seat, to settle a few inches from my knicker line and as the doors hissed, and closed, he was already unzippering himself, after all who was there to stop him.
This was the longest stretch between stations, 35 minutes in all, so he would have enough time to relieve himself, undisturbed, so he undressed and sat completely nude from the waist down, this was definitely the best way to have a good wank, naked and your balls hanging, oh, and in case I forgot to mention, a d***k girl showing sexy underwear, and powerless to stop you.
He stood up and moved to the end of my seat, he looked down at my form, breathing deeply, his eyes settling on my hemline and the faint exposure of flesh, so close to my own sex organ, the very spot where his eyes focused, all he needed to do was bend forward and put a finger in, touch it, and see my response.
He was wanking and it felt close to cumming, the situation was everything he could only have dreamed about, a young beautiful woman, lying under your sex organ, being beaten with vigor and without objection, 'If I shoot, where will it land', flashed through his mind, 'Her beautiful face, or tits, maybe I'll pull her knickers open and do it in there', he was beating faster, he knew he was close, but I disturbed him, I moved, not to awaken, no, I lifted my leg onto the seat, I was showing my crotch, my legs were apart, and my skimpy knickers showed I had shaved and my lips were out either side of the material, snuggling inside my pussy, he was looking at my exposed cunt, and I slept unawares he had now sat down, lifting my outstretched leg, it rested on his thighs, his erection resting on my calf, the netted material caressing its shaft.
He sat momentarily to judge my reaction, of which there was non, as yet I was still unaware of his presence, so when he put his hand on my inner thigh, inches from my sensitive flesh, there was no reaction, and resumed wanking himself, and touching my exposed Labia.
He was in a conundrum now, he was on the edge of cumming but now he was touching me where moments earlier he could only dream about, he was playing with my pussy and I was letting him, this was something he wanted to enjoy doing, perhaps he could wank me too and make me cum, flashed through his mind.
He studied my face intently as he fingered me, his hand had pulled my knickers from between my lips and he opened me up to exposed pink layers of moistened flesh, very soft and spongy, a faint and delectable aroma wafting to his nostrils, my cunt was sending signals as I slept, nature was informing this rogue male, where to put his cock, and a sudden rush of mucus rich and aromatic, moistened me, leaving no doubt in his mind, I needed to have sex.
He took hold of my stockinged ankle and lifted it over his head, and put it to rest on the back of the seat, then turning side on he slipped inside me and started humping.
I was becoming aware of something happening, it felt nice and my bum was moving with him, I lifted my free leg upwards and crossed over his back, in seconds he up me to the hilt, deep fucking and I was drifting in and out, as having an orgasm had taken over, I wanted one and moaned into his ear, 'Fuck me' repeatedly, each demand getting louder, until he came and stood up.
I was on the verge when he pulled from me, and I suffered the ignominious embarrassment, of finishing myself off as he dressed, what a sight that must have been, I know that, as my uncle lent forward, and remarked, 'Our station was coming up'.
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2 years ago
whatb an asshole not finishing you off
3 years ago
I'd love to share a journey with you!
3 years ago
That was a great story. I would so love to have been the 'wanker' on the train. A great last line too.. thank you x
3 years ago
that got me so hard and horny, loved your naughty twist at the end
3 years ago
You seemingly have a rare and very vivid imagination, I loved your story...
3 years ago
OMG what a hot story! great twist at the end! so great
3 years ago
Disagree with my friend Pete Poist:
The last line is the best ... ! ;-)P

It saves the story which starts weird:
How can be be asleep and still see all?

And the lack of ´elaboration at the end´
has almost become MarieL ´s trademark
style last month or so ...
An improvement, IMHO.
3 years ago
Very Hot story, not quite as well written as some, a few lines seem misplaced and the end could do with some elaboration.
3 years ago
Hot story...