Who needs a Fleshlight, when I visit

'Mom, can I have my shirt', he called down the stairs. I looked up towards where his voice drifted from, and got an eyeful, he was leaning over the banister in a pair of skin-tight briefs and a broad smile.
Dropping his hand onto his bulge he smiled even more broadly, adding a 'Hi aunt Mariel', giving himself a squeeze, somehow I felt it was more for my benefit.
Just then his Mom walked-in with his ironed shirt and looked up, his erection was straining the stitching in his underpants, and she shook her head.
'Just like your fucking father', shaking her head again, 'Here' she said handing it to me, 'Give this to him', and I took the shirt and started walking up the stairs towards him.
Mid-way up the phone rang and she walked back into the kitchen, I paused momentarily and looked, 'Auntie pleaseeee' and I looked at him again and continued walking, stretching out my arm to hand him the shirt.
I was eye level with his bulge and deliberately looked at it, 'Glad to see me I see', I smiled feeling proud my nephew was sporting a good one, 'The bitch was walking around naked this morning, gave me a woody', he replied, 'Who did that to my little boy', I sympathized with a huge hint of sarcasm.
'Who do you think, fucking Lisa, the cock teaser'.
'Your little s****r', I paused for a moment, 'But she's always doing that, surely you've seen everything she has?'
I was level with him now and hooked my finger into his elastic, pulling it open to reveal his swollen cock, 'Hmm, your Mom was right, just like your father', his eyes closed as my other hand went in and encircled his throbbing shaft, 'You have a fucking monster in here', and at that tugged him in the direction of his room.
Pushing the door open, I turned and mouthed, 'Like a fuck?'
I let go and took the remaining steps to the edge of his bed, knelt on the edge and pulled my dress high, revealing my rounded bare bottom, unfettered and open.
He started to say something but I shushed him, reach back and guided the f****y pacifier all the way home, only releasing the shaft as his balls slapped my clitoris, then I felt for them between my legs and tugged him in close, releasing and pulling as he performed the old in and out sequence gained momentum. 'This feel better than your Fleshlight', I asked him breathlessly, we were in full intercourse mode and I was bucking like a wild filly, being humped as he held onto my flimsy bra straps, which were in danger of parting, 'Do you want to do it inside me?' I asked him as I sensed him nearing the point of no return.
I never got the answer, he just shot everything inside, 'Just as well I finished ovulating a while back', he just laughed and pulled his swollen member out, 'Did you cum Aunt Mariel', I looked at him, 'Yes sweetie, twice, you are a big boy now', patting my dress into place and walking out back down to my s****r, who was still on the phone.
She looked a tad disgusted at me, knowing fully what we had been doing, but chose to say nothing, just a quiet acceptance that was how things were, beside he had confessed she had taken advantage of him in a d***ken orgy, mother, aunt and two s****rs, he had a neat little harem, in his own house.

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3 years ago
Pretty good
3 years ago
if he ever needs someone to fill in for him...
3 years ago
Always willing to relieve the sexual tension of any man in need ur a saint mariel
3 years ago
3 years ago
every young guy should be so lucky to have an aunt like you
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
I wish I had a family like that.
3 years ago
thats was such a turn on, thats one lucky guy all those horny woman to fuck ;)