A 45 second BJ

Vicky shouted up the stairs, 'Watch him Mariel, he wants your pussy', and continued into the bathroom.
The 'He' in question was her husband, 'she classified him as an internet freak', complaining she was being ignored, because of his online antics.
I was sitting in their upstairs sitting are and he true to life was on the computer, in the adjoining room.
'Dont listen to her', he called back, I just laughed, it was not the first time she had told me he had fantasized about fucking me, then being last summer on the beach, when I went nude in front of him, there was no denying it, as his cock swelled-up, clearly showing arousal.
'Mariel', he called out, 'Come and see this' and I rose a little unsteadily onto my feet, and walked into the room.
'Sit here', he got up and made way for me, and I planked myself rather heavily down onto the warm seat. 'Give me your honest opinion on this', he said, 'I know your not easily offended and like a little fun, he continued.
I just knew it was going to be porn, I did not mind, after all we all had been talking sex and he had seen all I had to show, last summer.
He started the clip and it was him and her having sex, nothing much hidden there as his cock pounded her open pussy, 'Home videos' I laughed, 'Nice cock John, I'm jealous', and raised my glass to drink.
'Oh Fuck Mariel', he groaned, and I turned my head to see him wanking his cock, my hair being entangled in it, 'John', I said and I turned a little more to face him, as he took hold of my hair and thrust into my face.
It was pointless protesting, he was so far gone and started shooting cum onto my face.
I looked up to his eyes as he came, he started down at my as his sperm shot across my features, I relaxed and let him finish, his cock working in between my lips and onto my gums, he groaned and I opened my mouth and he was inside, coating my inner cheeks and I softly sucked on him.
I was annoyed that Vicky had coerced me there that night, clearly they both had planned this, Vicky knowing my openness to extra-marital sex, and this unexpected blow-job had happened, so I gave him a good finish.
'Fuck Mariel', he gasped out, 'You are hotter than my wife', I smiled at him, 'Next time I would like to be forewarned before you stick your cock in me', and with my finger brushed the watery semen into my wine glass and drank the lot.
Vicky came back up and stopped at the head of the stairs, as I brushed past her, sperm clearly showing on my face, I made no attempt to clean it, and it started to run as it separated.
She looked embarrassed, I'll get a towel', she blurted, 'Dont bother', I cut her off, 'I'll lick it as it runs', and turning to John, I continued, 'John babe, you sl**p with me tonight, Vicky, it's your punishment for setting me up'.
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3 years ago
Ha-ha, you earned yourself a hot night with him within a minute of eating his fast food! ;-)P

Congrats! I wonder which woman could do that faster?
3 years ago
lucky mother fucker! i would love to spend a night with u!
3 years ago
3 years ago
such a hot naughty tease loved it
3 years ago
Liked this story and I'm really not sure why*