Giving our Guest a big BJ

He was about to say something but stopped mid-stream, his mouth opened and closed, but nothing came out, instead, like myself we both stared at the large screen, showing the lower half of a nude man, with what could easily be describes as a giant erection.
Even I, holding the remote sat with my mouth open, and showing a slight dribbling as the camera honed-in and showed every aspect of its wonderment, this was a fine specimen of mans cock, penis, love-pole, call it what you want, but as I salivated I also felt my other lips swell and salivate their warm juices, I was getting the female equivalent of an erection, my vagina was swelling and rising, being prepared for an insertion and I shifted uncomfortably in my chair, knowing my husbands friend was watching me, tuning in and being aroused by what I was viewing.
'Nice cock', he paused, laughed, but his face was straight, as he glanced at the screen then me, waiting for my reaction.
There was something electric now, a young and very beautiful girl moved into view, mounted his leg and started licking his cock, her pointed tongue tracing and lapping in a sensuous fashion, unhurried, slow and lovingly, her feminine saliva flowing from the tip of her tongue onto the back of his swollen cock.
I swallowed hard, suddenly aware I too was over-producing saliva, he saw me and laughed again.
'Stop it', I said, 'I cant help it', I continued, 'This shit always gets me going'.
His face went straight, this was what he wanted to hear, we had been teasing each other all night and now we were watching the mother of all cock-sucking porn, we were without doubt, horny and wanting to have each other, it needed something like this to break the ice.
'It's been more than six months for me', I turned from the screen, having put the remote down on the table, signifying my intent to continue watching it.
I turned and looked at him, and he dropped his hand onto his flies and slowly undid them, I sat saying nothing, not objecting, knowing that very shortly he would expose himself to me, and in an involuntary movement, I pressed my crotch, seeking my clitoris, now swollen, it felt good and I gasped, as he took his cock out, got up and moved across to where I sat.
Pushing it against my face I drew in deep his aromas,feeling his heat as his balls brushed my soft cheek and I turned my face back to it and thrust my tongue under his balls, whilst opening my mouth and sucked one ball into it, gently clenching down with my teeth, at the same time reaching up and taking its shaft and wanking him.
I pulled in an upward movement causing his balls to rise as I sought to lick his ass-hole, taking hold of his buttocks with my free hand, pulling him closer in my quest to get the tip of my tongue into his brown orifice.
The position proved too difficult so I eased my tongue back and sucked on his other ball, which was larger, so more painful as it finally filled my mouth cavity, and I started biting down on it, realizing he was getting off on the pain, my mouth watered as my teeth bit down on the tender sensitive flesh.
His hand slipped inside my top as he pinched my right nipple, pulling on it as I bit his testicle, we were drifting into slight BDSM, enjoying the twinge of pain, signaling our desire for raw sex, I ejected his testicle and pulled the head of his cock into my mouth as he simultaneously took my hair and thrust deep into my throat.
The swelling and increased rigidity of his cock, told me instinctively he could not hold back, and as his sperm, which was thick, globular, strong smelling and yellowish spurted out either side of his shaft, I started swallowing as much as I could, but the f***e of his ejaculate and the amount simply overwhelmed me, and even after his rapidly deflating cock slipped out of my mouth, I was still swallowing his seed, lapping around my cheeks, chin and lips.
I took five minutes from start to finish, I sat fully dressed, unsatisfied and needy, so as he sat down I turned my attention back to the large screen, hiked my dress high and let him watch as I masturbated, not caring he was watching, which made it feel better as he started stroking again, somehow I knew in the early morning we would connect for a happy ending.
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3 years ago
3 years ago
an amazing story
3 years ago
Hot foreplay! Let us know how he re-paid
his dirty debt duty - fully, MarieL! ;-)P
Does he get a mouth full of your juices?
3 years ago
you are a hot naughty goddess loved it
3 years ago
so hot mariel ill bet u suck a meannnnnn dick
3 years ago
Amazing story, wish it were longer! (That's what she said.)
3 years ago
Love it Marie.....great story! I would have done the same thing......came in your mouth once you bit me! LOL....enjoyed the story.
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
nice story