Before the Fleshlight, there was my Bum

In the eyes of some, good sex is about domination, females become objects of desire and domination, experts will tell you, it's nature, or in reality, mans need to procreate.
In one apt word, 'Bullshit'.
Sex, is an act where certain men reward themselves, by choosing females at will, having a good supply on tap, that's why, 'Blackmail' is so important to them, I am sure some of you readers would like to feel that sense of power, making a woman do your beckoning, something she does not want to, and when she is doing it, what do you do, chances are you will 'Jack-off', yes you would rather touch yourselves and watch the product debase herself, ironic dont you think?
Domination is a double-edged sword, I dont consider myself a 'Sub', but there is something about being used sexually against your will, it's not just me, my girlfriends say the same, letting some guy stick his cock inside you, when you are saying 'No', is a tad delicious.
When I do it, I can say, it's a little 'Roll-play', he will see it as, 'Cock-teasing', either way, sex is the main thrust (Pardon the Pun), and in the end I get that, 'f***eful Fuck' I crave, and he will get that' Take this you fucking cock-teasing slut', dominating feeling.
You might be surprised to know guys, when you roll us over onto our fronts, and push into our asses, your expressing the classic domination fuck.
From a mans point of view, 'A woman never forgets her first lover', in reality, from a womans point of view, 'We never forget the first man to take us in our ass'.
Being taken in the ass, is pure domination, it's unnatural and debasing, exciting and strange, a mixture of powerful feelings.
If I am honest with you, I dont really enjoy it feeling wise, which is a physical reality, as all my nerve endings for pleasure are next door, no usually I am enjoying you being inside me, an emotional feeling of being dominated, and I will usually caress my clitoris, to keep me interested, or in rare cases, when the cock is running over or pressing against, what some call the 'G-spot', I will achieve that more elusive, ass orgasm.
As a girl my preference was to take it in the ass, and subsequently would lie face down on the bed, offering my bum, not for pleasure, just as a form of contraception, and I would masturbate, as my ass was violated.
Here is a test guys, ask your wives or girlfriends, the kind of porn they like to watch, and I will say that two men fucking their ass, will come top of their kinky thought listing.
So where does all this ass fucking and domination lead to, for you from me, a story where I combined all those elements, and a satisfactory out-cum, (Pardon the play on words again.)
In my teen years I was the first choice for babysitting, more to be of service to my older s****rs husband, whom I wanted to have sex with, a crush that only left me later in life, after they had divorced and he moved away.
This night in particular my nephew, who was entering his teens, was displaying a new found interest, now my body had changed, being more curvaceous and interesting, confused him.
I sensed this and to be truthful it in turn, triggered an awareness of my own sexuality, or as most of you would say, 'put me on heat'.
Of course all these powerful emotions manifested themselves in physical contact, which allowed for accidental touching, and at one point he lay on top of me as I lay face down on the carpet, I could feel his erection pressing against my bum, and he was clearly enjoying it as not only was he hard, he was humping it by pressing down and pushing into it.
I was old enough to know what he was doing, and with my short skirt riding high and him in his pajama bottoms without underpants, I could feel every contour of his cock, as if we were naked down there
I let him ride my knickered ass, well if you classify a 'G-string' as knickers, mainly because I was enjoying the physical feeling, but deep down I knew I had to stop him, so I spoke to him softly and quietly, explaining why we had to stop, while offering my ass and pushing hard against him, probably hoping he would cum, so I could go to bathroom and bring myself off.
We were doing it for over ten minutes before I finally heaved him off, but I lay there, not pulling my short skirt back down to cover my immodesty, he lay against me staring at my curvaceous bum.
'Mariel', he said, 'Does that not hurt', I was lying face down on the carpet, looking at him with my head resting on my arms, he was admiring my bare ass and indicating the tight string disappearing down between my pert cheeks.
I felt a sudden surge of warmth between my legs and clenched my ass cheeks in response to it, and he laughed as my muscles tightened and relaxed.
I felt brazen indecently exposing myself to my young nephew, I knew he was sexually excited and my head said one thing but my body was saying another, and I knew deep down my body was winning, so I remained exposed.
'It's a nice hurt', I replied brazenly, knowing he would want to know more, 'Why', was his immediate reply, 'It rubs against me', and having said, making reference to my pussy, I felt another hot rush, I was flowing, and I moaned and ground my hips into the carpet.
He put his finger on the cord running between my cheeks and pulled it up a little, I turned my head to face the carpet and moaned a little more, followed by a little jerk of my hips, and he made the connection, and pulled again.
'Does this make you feel nice Mariel?'. I did not answer, I lay with my forehead on my arms and nodded in acquiesce, He was pulling on my G-String, his hand encircling the cord and pulling sharply upwards, my bum followed, not to mention how much he was exposing between my legs, as the cord was being pulled away and my raised ass was showing a cute asshole and the start of my vaginal lips.
The cord was rasping across my clitoris and he was inadvertently masturbating me, pulling my G-String up and saturating my area with my vaginal secretions, and there was so much I was making a squelching noise as he manipulated me, like a puppeteer pulling on a marionette.
Suddenly the chord gave way, breaking contact with the front patched, the sodden soaked string easing though his fingers, soaking them with my juices, I was close to having an orgasm, and it stopped on the edge, 'Fuck' I screamed, and my hand shot down between my body and crotch and started to masturbate myself.
He was lying alongside me as I went at it full on, I did not care he was looking at me, I wanted to cum so I fingered hard as he lay mesmerized, looking at my long thin fingers working my pussy.
I turned my head to look at him, and saw he was also masturbating, his hand brushing my bum as he stroked, I felt his cock as it rested on top of my cheeks, he pressed it down hard and wanked at the same time, 'Climb back on', he looked at me into my eyes, but never moved, 'Come on babe, climb onto my bum and do it, please', he did not need a third invitation, as the boy cock slipped down between my legs, I gasped and reached behind myself and took hold of him, 'Moaning out loud, 'Put it in, put it in', over and over until it was in, only it was in my ass, but that felt good too, and so we fucked, cementing our Aunt and nephew relationship, loving and tender, and as I said at the beginning, never to be forgotten, all because I guided him into my ass, instead of my pussy, two teenage k**s, learning to enjoy the pleasures of our bodies.
Later when we went face to face and had vaginal intercourse, I told him he had fucked me in my ass that night, somehow he enjoyed knowing that, and I would always catch him looking at my current make friend, with a smile on his lips as if saying, 'I fucked her asshole first', I of course sensing this would smile back and give the mildest of acknowledgement, o our dirty secret.

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3 years ago
Hot story.. lucky nephew ;) x
3 years ago
OMG, that is a fantastic story! It brings back memories of my Aunt bathing me every afternoon when I was quite young and then her teaching me everything! I loved it.
3 years ago
thats one nice n hot story and i liked your thoughts in the 1st part
3 years ago
Awesome reading! Gee....I was born into the wrong family! Is it too late to adopt me as your nephew? ;-)
3 years ago
Thanx MarieL. Over the top as usual.
3 years ago
again, as usual, an excellent story.
3 years ago
Your stories are so awesome and varied, great work yet again.
3 years ago
you write the most amazing stories always so hot and naughty, a real turn on cant wait for the next one xx
3 years ago
i agree with rob i love reading ur work
3 years ago
I enjoy reading your stories