My Lost Orgasm and Some Help in Finding It.

'No, dont babe, please hold it', my pleas fell on deaf ears, and my boyfriend pulled out of me and ejaculated onto my tummy and pubic region.
He lay on top of me, breathless and heaving, trying to regain composure, and I seethed under him.
I was close to having my orgasm, but he lost control and our cumming together remained a fictional fact, while he relaxed in the comfort zone, I was still yearning and my internals were grasping a nothingness, where once there was a meatiness, sending pure pleasure through every ridge inside my vaginal wall, my hips echoed a pointless gyration, as I tried in vain to bring myself off.
He got and made for the bathroom, to wash himself and put his organ to sl**p for the next time, as he walked out of the darkened room, I turned to face the wall, and started to finger myself, hopeful of that elusive orgasm.
He came back into the room as I toiled between my legs, I was pissed-off, angry, frustrated and jealous he could do it so quickly, but as he pulled back the top cover, I lay in the fetal position, my legs drawn up, my bum facing him as he slid into the nook, I formed.
It was sudden and took me by surprise, he slid deeply into my openness, fucking me with more power than I had experienced, his length assaulting my cervix, never so deep in our past lovemaking, this was different, he was fucking me with power, so much power I started cumming, I gripped him with every sinew and muscular contraction, until the telltale warmth, started spreading, he was cumming a second time, and I was cumming with him, the ultimate fuck between lovers, I sobbed, thank you darling, over and over, until he pulled his cock of of me, its wet head resting on my bum cheek.
Without turning I felt behind me and took him in my hand, as I turned to kiss him he guided my head under the cover, I knew what he was implying, and went under without question, a quiet acceptance, and sucked him into my mouth, applying my tongue as I had never licked and lapped, swallowing the remnants of his semen, trapped along the length of his cock, forcing myself to to deep throat him in thanks for rising a second time for my pleasure.
As I finished my cleansing of his cock head, I realized it seemed different, still very pleasurable inside my mouth and my reluctance to release him, must have made him tire somewhat, as he eventually pulled out of my mouth and got out of bed.
I lay for a moment under the covers, wondering if I had offended him, then alighted the bed and made for the door, pulling on my dressing gown as I walked out.
The shower was running and I knocked on the door, he answered by calling out he would be a couple of minutes, so I walked into the kitchen, to make some coffee.
His father was dressing, I froze as he turned to face me, I caught sight of his circumcised penis, still semi-swollen and covered in my saliva, he stood upright faced me and took hold of his cock, waved it in my face and said, 'You needed this Mariel, and I gave you it', smiled and tucked it into his pants.
I was still shocked and turned to leave the kitchen, my head swimming, and as I started walking out he called me back, I turned and looked at him, 'What do you say girl', I stood my head dropped in shame, 'Thank you Sir, thank you for fucking me', turned and went back to bed.
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3 years ago
Your boy was a bum, but luckily his father a gentleman.
Who knew that hot girls got to get their orgasms. Tasty rape! ;-)P
3 years ago
Great story. If your guy won't take care of your needs, start fucking his dad full time and throw his sorry ass out ;)
3 years ago
haha what a hot story! loved it mariel!
3 years ago
Let all the old perverts fuck your pussy hard.
3 years ago
Gotta give to the dad on this one MAD RESPECT LOL keep them cumming
3 years ago
sounds like your really did need it ;) so naughty