Dangerous teen girl, has her ass opened

At senior high, during a sex education film,I sat at the back of the class and had a series of orgasms, I was f******n and found a love of sex, in particular, voyeurism and exhibitionism, two 'isms', that would define and shape my life as a woman, and it started that afternoon.

I managed in the darkness of the room to take my panties off, and perform whenever the lecturer was close by, he could see I was touching myself, and I brazenly did so as he watched.

At the end of the lecture I hung back, we were both high on sexual energy, and it was I, not him, that asked to be fucked, not directly, but indirectly, 'I could see the film made you hot', he said, 'I am still hot', I replied thickly, my voice sounding like thick treacle, my hand pressing into my crotch as I spoke.

He looked down at my hand as I massaged myself over my skirt, his face chiselled with a wry smile, neither laughing or outright smiling, just a sort of stupid mask that mixed his desire to probe inside my wet pussy, and the constraint of my being u******e but gagging to be fucked, I am sure you men reading this might recognise this dilemma, when confronted with a beautiful horny teenage girl.

I have a cute bum, many have complimented me on it, so by lifting my skirt around my waist and bending over the nearest desk, my open wet cunt was too much to resist, 'Just put it in', I said, again as thickly as the clear juice flowing down my inner thighs, I was self lubricating copiously and my pink crinkled butt hole was on show, 'Put it where you want', I said, and he could see another gush of pussy juice emerge from between my swollen labia, as my excitement was becoming too much to bear, 'Fuck me, Please', I was begging and wriggling my butt tantalisingly, I was air-humping and invisible cock, at leas his hand went for his zipper.

I lay bent across the hard wooden desk, my bare ass high my long legs wide open and my cunt throbbing in anticipation, my crinkly pale pink butt-hole, winking at his cock as it touched it, with the lightest of initial contact, like a heat seeking missile it pressed home, pushing hard against the unyielding entrance, 'Your asshole is stretching', he said, and I could visualise those little soft skin crinkles, being pushed smooth, and I reached back and grabbed my bum cheeks, pulling them apart, and wriggled my bum as he pushed hard into it.

We were both breathing hard and sporadically, then I felt something give way, a tearing feeling, and a searing sharp pain shot from my ass, he was going in, and his fingers gripped my hips hard as he thrust into me, I screamed in genuine agony, but by then, I could feel his scrotum smack against my cunt.

It hurt and I begged him not to move, I was full of cock and felt like I needed to shit, my narrow hips hard against pubis, his hairy pubes rough against my clitoris, but keeping still was too much to ask a middled-aged cock inside a teenagers bum to do, and he put his hand over my mouth and started yo hump me poor bum, thankfully, it was too much to enjoy, being inside a nymph of a girl, and the warm spreading feeling as he pumped his semen into my ass that day, told me he was cumming and I relaxed enough to let him pull out of me.

There was bl**d, my anal cavity entrance was torn, and as he looked into the gape(My ass was still open) he commented that I would be OK, and suggested that I put my panties on to absorb the small trickle of bl**d.

I did as he bade and left the room and the scene of my anal deflowering. I could still feel it, his fat cock deep in me, so I went into a toilet cubical and whacked one out, mixing the pain with the orgasmic bliss and knowledge of his semen running from my wounded ass-hole, my girlish bl**d with his middle-aged sperm, masturbating with wooden toilet brush inside my gripping cunt, I released my pent-up sexual frustration, the poor brush handle adding my pussy to the countless other girls pussies that have sought release inside these cubicles.

Why men think they are the only sexual beings in this world of sex, when teenage girls were feared during the Greek period, father, b*****rs and uncles, all have experienced a horny daughter, s****r or niece, we cant help it, we need that cock, or toilet brush, our pussies are dangerous tight holes to become entangled with, in there, you risk fertilizing and making our bellies swell up, but a short way back in our crotches of delight, well, I don't need to describe it, I am sure some of you have poked your daughters bum-hole, after all, it is a girls erotic thought as she rubs her pussy, being fucked up her ass, and I should know, sitting here with bl**d trickling down my ass cheek.


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4 months ago
Thanks, as long as you are getting an experience, that thrills me
4 months ago
Nice anal scene, so hot.
4 months ago
Awesome story...great movie clip to close the story. Mmm
4 months ago
nice story! awesome clip!!!
5 months ago
Lovely story and the clip along with it.