A Pleasant Encounter n Scotland

Hubby and I were vacationing in Scotland and drove over to Rowardennan, beside Loch Lomond.
We parked the car with the windows down, close to the entrance of the old youth hostel and hubby got out and went for a walk down to the waters edge.
I remained in the car as it was surrounded by Rhododendrons and a shady wooded area, which was cool, especially as today was very hot. I pushed my seat back into a fully reclined position and put both me feet onto the dashboard, my dress hiked-up mid-thigh, but I was fully relaxed and really enjoying the quiet and beauty of everything around me.
The dappled light filtering through the trees, made me look as it flashed with each cool breeze blowing through the growth, and as I looked I caught sight of a man standing in the undergrowth.
I saw his head and noted he was wearing one of those T-shirts that was modeled on Army Fatigues, a camouflage that blended well into the background.
I was wearing rather large dark sunglasses so I could trace him and bits and pieces, and when I saw his bare legs I assumed he was wearing shorts.
He was side on to me as he made his way towards the car and as he got closer I suddenly saw he was naked from the waist down.
I was looking ahead now, my breathing had quickened, and as I looked for my husband, I could not see him, he had walked further away, so I was in isolation with the car door open, but still I remained calm and made no effort to make him suspect I had seen him.
I stole a quick look and he was more visible, still behind the trees and masturbating himself like crazy. I dont why I did what I did, but I decided to get into my bathing costume, I knew he wanted to see me, and this was perfect, I could get naked and he would cum.
I swung my long legs out and stood up, looking in the direction where my husband had walked, and convinced he was well away, I reached behind and unzipped my long zipper on the back of my dress, opened the back door and reached in to take my bag out.
I slipped off the dress and stood in my knickers and brassiere, tossed the dress casually onto the back seat, reached down and pulled my knickers down and stepped out of them.
I stood upright looking across the top of the car, only wearing my black brassiere, and put my arms on top and just stood there, making no effort to do anything else.
I could hear the undergrowth crackle as he made directly for the car and when I sensed he was close behind me, I raised my foot onto the door stop and waited calmly.
As he broke through the bushes I looked back at him, he was a big man and I smiled somewhat meekly, and looking forward I ducked down and lent into the car, leaving my bum up high for him to penetrate it, but he entered my vagina and started humping me.
I was moaning out loud now for him to fuck me, reaching back and guiding him where I really wanted him, and as he pushed through my initial resistance, my ass opened up and he was inside me, giving me a good shagging as I worked on my pussy, masturbating like crazy.
He came inside me and I was happy with that as that was the trigger I needed and immediately followed him to my own heaven.
He pulled his placid cock out and ran off into the undergrowth, I stood up and reached into my bag and put on my bathing costume, wandered down to the waters edge and waded in, cleaning myself and wiping his sperm out of me.
When I got back to the car, I saw hubby approaching and I gave him a wave.
Later that night after hubby went to bed, I sat back and relived that fuck, marveling at how easy it was for him and how dirty I had been in allowing him to use me.
I noted hubbies video cam lying on the dresser, so I turned it on to see what he had filmed while I was having my illicit anal fun, and as I watched I saw my bare ass sticking up with him fucking it, then the camera dropped casually, still filming as he came up to my husband and saying, 'You were right, she wanted it her bum', then they both laughed and the camera went off.
85% (12/2)
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1 year ago
yes, just read some of petdyke's work, he seems to think he is the greatest author of erotic fiction that ever lived and has a little harem of women who obviously lack self esteem, personally i found it boring and self serving with more than an air of smugness, any man who describes his cock as a mighty beast in the first paragraph of a story obviously has issues, small cock syndrome most likely. i'll stick with MarieL's writings thank you very much
1 year ago
placid cock? surely you meant flaccid, i know the spot, passed it often enough on the way to glasgow, i must check out petdyke's work he is obviously either an accomplished writer or just an arsehole, nah, don't need to look, reckon its arsehole, got to be.
2 years ago
Good story
3 years ago
a real turn on loved it, wish we could see the video ;)
3 years ago
Fine final clue as always, recently.
But sloppy in the rest compared to your usual level.
In composition, spelling, all the technical details of writing a good story ... A hot read still!
But clearly an unexpected drop in quality,
from 5 to 3 stars, IMHO.
3 years ago
certainly got me very hard reading this mariel very nice!
3 years ago
3 years ago
That tricky hubby!
Great story!