A Crazy Night of Love for a Girl

I am always asked about my biggest turn-on regarding sex. I suppose girls have the advantage here as they themselves are targets for horny men and women, and I was no different, so sex was always minutes away, but the one I saw, blew my mind, and I had to quell a rising curiosity, one that I promised myself never to speak about, but it is so taboo, it makes me wet my knickers, just remembering it.

I was s*******n and boarding in Newcastle, England. I was a hyper-sexually active girl, who found it hard not to say, 'No', to men looking for a quickie, even my friends men were not safe around me.

I had been to a freshers party, drank too much and had had a quickie up against a stone wall, leaving scratch marks on my fair skin, covering my bottom, not to mention, my knickers were lost in the excitement of the fuck.

I got back to where I lived back then, just across the Tyne Bridge, in Denmark street, and entered the house.

I closed the door behind me quietly, and immediately heard her, obviously fucking, and I smiled. They were an old couple, so hearing her so loud and passionate I shook my head in bewilderment, especially as he had hinted he fancied shagging me on a few occasions, now I know he could by the sounds she was making.

I stood outside the door and listened, live sex will make you do that, but what I heard was different from what I expected, her voice was higher pitched, in fact I somehow knew it was not her, but someone younger, now that really got me going, and besides, she kept complimenting him with, 'Good Boy', and he, whose voice I did recognise, complimenting her body and such.

I wanted to walk in on them, more curious as to who she was and see them fucking, see this old man satisfying a young pussy, perhaps I would start letting him use mine for a wake up call, I was always horny in the morning, and started my day with a morning wank.

I knelt down and looked through the keyhole and immediately saw a girls bottom, she was naked obviously, and even though sex with my own kind is not a primary turn-on, her nudity did awaken a need to enjoy a quickie, so I decided to walk in on them and just join in.

I should mention he was from the Sub-Continent, so very much in charge of the household, and as I quietly turned the door handle, I was greeted by not one, or two, but three shocks.

He was nude, she was nude, but I already new she was, suspected he was, and she was deep throating his cock, as he sat facing away from the door where I was standing, and when she looked up, his cock fell from her open mouth, it was his youngest daughter, but the thing that I started at was not her beautiful face, because she really was, it was at the other end of her, mounted onto her bottom and humping like a possessed being, I never knew a cock could move so fast in and out of a women's vagina, but this creature did and was.

'Father', she cried, and he turned, his face ashen, his mouth fell open, and his daughter rolled off his lap, unable to escape the lover, and she lay writhing on the carpet, well and truly knotted, daddy's cock was surprisingly upright and hard for a man in his sixties, but then again he was being looked at by a 5' 10" Scandinavian girl, a girl he wanted to fuck.

'Mariel', he cried out loudly, and jumped to his feet, leaving his daughter attached and convulsing on the floor, she really was beautiful, and seeing her predicament was a mixture of obscene beauty and grotesque sexual depravity, and I was captivated, so much so, I found myself sitting down with a front seat view of her having another belated orgasm.

The father had taken me by the hand and led me there, as if in a dreamlike state, I was mesmerized, he was charming in a sub-continent way, non threatening, soothing overtones, so much dark skin, a negative of myself, a clash of cultures, and a strong horniness that pervaded my being.

She sat at my feet, her hand upon my knee, burning where it lay, her father hard cock in my face, her lover nuzzling a new prospect.
They tried to explain their unusual sexual practices, father, daughter i****tuousness I was aware of, old and young, smooth and wrinkled, and said as much, as I sipped on the readily available whiskey thrust into my hand, but her lover, I had heard of that kind of coupling also, but seeing it for real.

She told me it was something a lot of girls practised, as men and boys were forbidden, she smiled and said her religious beliefs had taught her to love all of Gods creatures, though her interpretation of love, stretched the imagination, but strangely excited, as the penis of her lover was huge.

'I suppose if I closed my eyes, or did it with a bag over my head, I might not complain', I muttered.
She smiled softly into my face, by now her father had left the room to us girls, to smooth out the ruffled atmosphere.

'How long had she been with her father', I asked, 'A long time Mariel', she replied, 'in our country fathers take advantage of their daughters, gives our mothers a night off', she smiled weakly as she spoke, paed*philia was alive and well in the poorer states back there, and she and her s****rs were all broken in long before any boy could sniff their need for sex with other men.

Someone else had sprung back to life by then as we chatted, by now she had risen and sat alongside me on the couch, still nude and still touching my leg, she began to stroke my thigh, as she devoured my face with her stare, she was hitting on me in a big way, that was when she lent in and kissed me on the mouth.

'I kissed a girl and made her cry', sang through my head, her lips were incredibly soft and I kissed her back.

I felt myself slide forward on the settee and she pulled slowly on my thigh, as if wanting to open my legs, I relaxed and let them open, her lover began licking it, my previous 'Up against the wall fuck', a few hours earlier, had wetted me sufficiently to induce a scent for her lover to detect and clean, 'It's OK', she whispered into my ear, as we kissed, 'he wont hurt you, he wants to pleasure you', so I slid forward again, until I lay fully on my back, being kissed on my upper half, and licked on my lower half.

Her lover felt it was time for his deserts, and mounted my open legs, any resistance I initially showed was restrained, her daddy had come back into the room and now held my knees open, his daughter lay across my upper body, and without my panties, her lover took me in quick successive spurts, until the swelling knot remained fixed, father and daughter sat watching my convulsions, happy with my conversion, even in my d***ken state of mind, it was enough to allow her father access to my bed for the duration of my university life in Newcastle.

Today our exploits as girls back then remain our secret, she is a successful TV reporter and we remain as friends, bound by a shared single lover, she still enjoys her liaisons with those special lovers, and I remain a semi-convert, perhaps someone with experience will contact me to convince me for a weekend away, I assure you, you might find me a willing girl
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6 months ago
Thanks. But, if there is a cock involved it shouldn´t be labeled as "Lesbian Sex".
6 months ago
As always I love your stories, would love to have the pleasure of meeting you someday.
6 months ago
I will be contacting you for sure! You I want to taste as well as your sweet little muffin.