A Girl, her Cello, and wanting Sex

Hello. My name is Sara, a posh name for a gifted girl, I am told, but it is my name all the same, and thanks to my parents I am very well educated, very pretty, again I am told, and a musician, I play the Cello, a big thing shaped like a violin, and I confess to liking the feeling of it between my legs.

You people reading this might be wondering why I admit to telling you why a girl of f******n would like feeling something, similar in shape to another woman, between my open legs.

I know what being a lesbian is, as I have kissed other girls and slept nude with my friends, and have on occasions, let them lie atop of me, our legs in particular entwined, as we hold our bottoms, soft and plumpish, it does feel nice and warm.

I suppose holding the Cello there reminds me of my friends, it has become my lover, and sometimes I wish it had a penis, so I could mate properly with it, when I perform on stage in front of hundreds, after all, I never wear knickers, sitting in my white lacy frock, with my legs open wide, it's a girls fantasy, to let men look up my skirt, well the ones sitting in the front row, I am sure they appreciate to see my smooth fanny, curve under my bum, I know the thought thrills me that they can.

Like most gifted c***dren, my brain borders between the genius and the crazy, and when I play I am lost, as if making love to this huge polished wooden monster, its feminine shape, balanced with the bow in my fingers, like the cock of a man being stoked, as my firm grip, and the caressing of the strings, can be likened to a cock caressing inside my immature fanny.
I think about it as I play, I am unashamedly fucking in front of these people, like an unadulterated l****a, beautiful, serene, each stroke of my bow, making music as the Cello vibrates to my stroking, the edge sitting neatly between my labia, as it vibrates and makes my wetness run down and form a small wet puddle on the stage, I care not that some see it, I just wish it had a cock.

Some of might wonder at the strong sexuality a girl as young as myself has for objects of desire, but to play well, the object takes on another roll, a lover, and as I have loved other girls in a sexual way, so I have lain with my Cello, nude and entwined, using its soft polished edges as if being caressed with fingers, but seeing me with my Cello in those hot moments of utter lovemaking, is perhaps better seen than explained, perhaps that new video camera can be of use now I think about it.

I am starved of male company, I crave for a man and ache terribly between my legs to feel him search for me, touch my fanny and tease me apart, to induce my wetness, and insert his cock all the way inside until I can feel him in my throat, but that is another schoolgirl fantasy, for now, I will just let them look up my skirt and see my yearning, reflected in my wetness.

Of course I would not be truthful if I did not admit that men have been there, between my legs that is, but these are old men who shield me from the younger, 'Bucks', as they call them, pretty young things like myself need to be protected they say, and then they help themselves, as they are the only cocks available.

I am a protege, turned over to a man far greater than I can ever hope to be, and at 60, he took me under his tutelage, that was two years back.

It was he who taught me to play nude and feel the vibrations between my labia. He held my cunt apart as the Cello eased between he lips, 'This is the most sensitive organ you have', he said plucking the individual strings hard, and then watched as I rejoiced with the feeling from my young cunt, wetted with each pluck, and watched silently as I moved along the edge of the polished Cello, my narrow hips found their rhythm as I humped it willingly, his plucking sending another tone into my swollen clitoris, I cried out loud when I came, and turned to take his cock into my mouth, as he stood alongside the chair where I sat, my Cello still held firmly between my legs, his plucking, my sucking, we were all one that day, even his nudity was something for this girl to behold.

So when you see me or a fellow female musician on stage seeming lost in a dreamlike state, remember my short confession, and marvel in our bravery as we are probably doing something extremely naughty, especially if it is large, smooth, and vibrates.

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5 months ago
As long as it is hard Vulvalove, strings to a bow, as the saying goes.
5 months ago
Yes, very stimulating Mariel, you have my cock so hard, thinking of that Celo and it's high notes!!