My examination was not done properly

I was sixteen and lying on a bed in a quiet room, down a side corridor in my local hospital. I had arrived two hours ago and the pain in my stomach was excruciating, so I lay in the fetal position, knees drawn up to my chin, trying desperately, to ease the discomfort.
I heard the door opening and whoever it was moved behind me, but I just laid perfectly still, as turning would aggravate the pain and that was the last thing I wanted.
When he spoke to ask me a few questions, his voice was soothing and fatherly, probing, but necessary, as he needed to get to the root of the problem.
He lifted the soft woolen blanket from the back and reached around to undo my belt and button on my denims, easing my zipper all the way down, he inserted his hand and felt my tummy.
It was warm to the touch and he soothed it along its length, stopping occasionally to probe a finger, feeling for tautness and any discomforture, I may feel with his probing, to which I would reply, 'No'.
He eased my top up to my brassiere and ran his fingers along the ridges created by my tight fitting denims, 'You know this tightness can cause stomach pain, due to restricting movement inside', he said softly, somehow making sense, as the pain subsided slightly, and I said as much.
Then he asked me to try and lift my hips slightly and in doing so, he eased my denims and my panties down and continued to push until they were at my knees.
'Sorry' he apologized, 'I need to quickly check down there to ensure they are no blockages', his hand on my bared hip and my bum, exposed and in full view.
'You OK', he asked me gently, 'Sure, I am fine', and he took a jar from the table, opened it and dipped his finger in, scooping out some creme, which felt cold as he guided his finger onto my anus.
'Cold' he laughed, as he pushed gently, working his finger until my sphincter muscle gave way and he pushed all the way inside.
It was not painful just a little discomfort having something inserted in your bum, but he kept talking and eased both my concerns and embarrassment as his finger felt this way then that way, each time pulling out then back in.
After the initial intense pain I had felt, this had an embarrassingly soothing feel to it, so when he suggested to me it would help in easing the pain, I agreed with his assessment, relaxing and let him continue with his probing, not realizing he was stretching my sphincter muscle and inserting another finger, continuing as before, pulling and twisting, stretching probing deeper, sometimes making me jump as he touched some sensitive spot, massaging in circles when he felt my response, 'Is this the spot', he asked me as I let out a slight groan, I wondered if he knew I was feeling pleasure there and not pain.
'Can you stretch out please and lie on your tummy please', he asked me in soft dulcet tones, I obediently complied and as I turned onto my tummy, his fingers were still inside my bum.
I turned my head away from him, to hide my face as he applied more pressure to inside my anus, and although I could not see what he was doing I could feel he was inside me and pushing down on that spot, making my head spin and involuntary groan, all feeling of pain had passed now and this ache was growing in pleasurable intensity.
I only realized his thumb was inside my vagina when a new and more intense pleasure overtook me, one that I recognized from my own nights of self pleasure, the pressure he was applying to my crotch area initially covered his wandering thumb and secretions of warm oil from the cream, had aided him in his probings, not to mention my own rising sexual feelings, now awakened and stimulated.
He eased me back onto my side, pulling the warm woolen blanket up over my head and I felt a slight easing of the pressure applied to be replaced by another softer but firm and warm insertion, followed by a rhythmic humping motion, he was fucking me, somehow how I sensed it but I did not want to stop, instead a great relief came over me now I knew what he was doing, and I lay with my bum sticking out over the edge of the examining table, feeling secure under the blanket and enjoying the pleasure of being fucked.
I experienced my orgasm and tried as hard as I could not to call out as it overwhelmed me, and as it subsided, I felt he had finished, In fact everything was quiet, he was not inside me so I pulled the blanket off my head, the room was empty and I noted both my purse and camera were missing from the side table.
I just pulled my denims up when another doctor came into the room, 'Are you feeling better' he asked me as I was now standing up and tightening my belt, 'The other man, the doctor', I tried to ask, 'What doctor', he fired back, suddenly it dawned on me, I had been robbed and ****d, and unwittingly participated, and as the **** had been anal, my embarrassment was too much to contemplate, so I left the hospital, vainly searching for my bogus doctor and more importantly, my camera, which I am sure he had been using during his examination and ****.
One day I received and email and eventually found out who he was, my acceptance to his **** had convinced him I was up for it from the start, so when I replied encouraging him that he made me cum three times, he capitulated and told me who he was, and I set out to meet him and get my revenge.
I am sure you would like to hear about that.
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2 years ago
that was hot! great read!
3 years ago
Love to hear the revenge story!
4 years ago
Very sexy twist at the very end, MarieL.

It started as a story of easing period pain. Robbing the lower part of the back and upper part of bum helps some young ladies to relieve such pains, is my experience. Taking the pill usually works better in the longer run for not suffering pain in periods. So much for that.

Curious how you might have captured your revenge on your regained camera! ;-)P
4 years ago
4 years ago
Great story as always. Can't wait for the revenge!!!
4 years ago
I think that you are gonna make him pay
4 years ago
My own sister 20 "loved" her Gyno many times.
How do I know? She would shower after every visit and her panties were wet.
4 years ago
great story! would love to hear about ur revenge!
4 years ago
tell us more this is great!
4 years ago
just so naughty cant wait to see what you did to get back at him