Inseminating myself from his droppings

We arrived on board in Göteborg and were shown to our cabin on the upper deck, an exclusive deck with private entrance and free wine bar, where we could help ourselves to coffee and alcohol beverages.
The cabin was like a luxurious doubled-bedded room in a 5 star hotel, complete with large double bed, satellite TV, and full length windows, one facing the bed and the other where the couch and table was.
I put the suitcase on the bed and went outside for the sailing, standing st the edge I realized I was the only one standing there, while the deck further down was full of people, then I realized also that this part was exclusive, reserved for users of the cabins only.
While I waited I turned and looked at the full length windows, counting up to where I thought my cabin was, I peered-in but saw nothing, as the glass was dark and highly reflective.
Once we cast off I went back into the private lounge and poured myself a wine, sat down and watched the ships progress on the large flat screen as we moved out of the harbor, en-route to Norway.
I was bored, downed a second wine and went back into my cabin, it appeared I was alone on this exclusive deck, of twelve cabins.
It was dull outside and started raining, so I turned on the TV, not really watching it I unpacked my suitcase, then undressed.
I was nude and had poured another wine and had just turned around when I got a shock, there was a man standing outside my window looking straight at me. I froze my heart pounding and as I made my way towards the toilet I realized, to my relief, he did not follow me, he just looked straight ahead.
Then I remembered you cannot see through these windows, I was safe, he was probably looking at his own reflection, and I laughed, and stepped back into the center of the cabin and walked up to the window, nervous but excited at being naked and brazen, hand on my hip and in full frontal, I was feeling naughty and I was enjoying this little scenario, with my unsuspecting male friend on the other side of the glass.
I downed the wine and poured another, this time letting my nipples touch the glass, adding a little indecency into my act as I dropped my hand onto my crotch and gave him a freebie, as I relieved my soaring ache between my legs, unashamedly masturbating in front of him, first full frontal then turning so he could see my pert bum as I continued frigging myself, nearing orgasm.
I turned around to finish in full view of his presence, when to my horror I noted he had taken his swollen cock out and was masturbating up against the glass.
Before I could react he was spurting semen and it was running down the dark glass, we were separated by the thickness of the glass and he was cumming in front of me.
His face broke into a smile as he continued with the last few jerks of his cock, then he winked and stood back against the rail, nodded suggesting I finish, I had been caught, he could see me, I felt foolish but also emboldened, so I continued as he watched me achieve a very satisfying orgasm, blowing me a kiss as he moved away.
I stood for a moment staring at his semen running down the glass, suddenly feeling the urge to have him in here with me, so I pulled my coat on and went outside, just holding the coat closed.
He was gone and the area was deserted as I made my way up to the stained glass, with its fresh semen still running down in globules of dark yellowish and thick viscous fluid.
Looking around and noting my isolation I reached forward and ran my finger into its wicked fluidity, gathering a sticky globule unto my end digit and brought it into contact with my exposed vagina, massaging it inside my lips and over my swollen clitoris.
It felt cold but it was life and I scooped some more and inserted it inside my warm moist flesh, inseminating myself from his dropping, I masturbated and has my second more powerful orgasm, imagining he semen coursing up my pussy and fertilizing me, that was always my fantasy and here I was living the dream.

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4 years ago
Great girl, coming twice from Göteborg!
4 years ago
Great story got hard from reading it!!
4 years ago
great story mariel! loved it!
4 years ago
your so naughty just the perfect woman I love it ;)