Daddies friend put his cock into the hole

I suppose it's easy to pretend not knowing you're being spied upon, moving gracefully, pirouetting and performing ballet, every girls dream, to be a ballerina, long legs, pale alabaster skin, perfect poise and desirable.

I practised hard and daddy encouraged me, even buying me a 'Tutu', minus the petticoat, two layers of netted material, which it fitted me like a glove, and as I danced through my routines, locked in the back storeroom with an old gramophone record playing, with the knowledge of one pair off eyes staring.

'I think someone is watching me daddy', I once told him. He was drinking his nightcap of a glass of whiskey and he hauled me onto his knee and I nestled into his lap, in my nightdress, under which I was nude, so I could feel his appreciation nestling between my buttocks.

Back then I always thought it normal for a man to be excited when a girl sat on his lap, and I liked the feeling, it felt like love, warmth and security, I even squeezed it by clenching my buttocks, as we sat quietly, he drinking and myself falling asl**p, wanting to be carried to my bed.

'Just let him watch you darling, he loves you like I do', he replied. He whispered into my ear, his warm breath making my hair stand up, and the whiskey smell always had an allure that reminded me of daddy, 'besides baby, you're becoming a woman now and might like to let him see you all over', he continued.
That last statement sent a thrill through my body, I was a mature girl in my early teens and had started noticing boys and men, looking at me.
Nature has her way with adolescents, instilling lustful thoughts, I cold feel them as I sat on my fathers lap, and even more knowing now that daddy was encouraging me to be more open, pretend not to know, even though I suspected I was making him do that thing that men do, when there are no women to do it for them.

I had an urge so powerful I slipped from his lap and said I was going to bed, he smiled and I bent over to kiss him on his cheek, my hand resting on his, my hand having a gently squeeze. I could feel him harden as I pressed down on him momentarily, 'Goodnight Daddy', I whispered, as his hand covered mine and squeezed it. I smiled as he did in return, 'Goodnight darling', he replied and I squeezed him again, before withdrawing my hand from under his.

He was a lot harder tonight and it pleased me to feel him like that, and as I walked towards the light of the corridor, I knew daddy could see my nakedness under the thin cotton gown. I turned as if to convince myself he was looking, and he was, the dull ache between my legs meant one thing, and I hurried to my room and slipped off my nightdress, being naked in bed thrilled me and it was not too long before I thrilled myself, with thoughts of daddy and my mysterious voyeur, the feeling of daddy's cock in my hand, I was indeed a young woman now, why else would I touch myself every night like that? I drifted off to sl**p running naked in a meadow, being chased by sheep.

I came home the next night to find daddy in deep conversation with an older rotund man, and as I approached his eyes bore through me, there was no doubting his keenness, was this the pervert who watched my every move, I was intrigued and strangely excited by my own revulsion?

Daddy introduced me to him and as I shook hands, his felt clammy, weak, not manly, but still his desire made my eyes drop, as I looked to see if there was a sign of stirring.

'You still practising Mariel', he asked me in a posh accent, his tongue licking his fat lips. I cast a glance towards daddy, he seemed fixated and strangely excited, the hardness of his stare spoke a million words, 'you're becoming a young woman now', echoed through my head, and my body ached between my legs.

'Just boring stretches', I replied, my voice sounding thick, I could feel myself lubricating and opening up, and cast another glance in daddy's direction, he was smiling and nodding, obviously happy at my ease and agreeable demeanour, 'I will go now', I said looking into the strangers eyes, before walking off in the direction of the back warehouse, strangely light-headed, both their eyes following me as I walked.

I felt sluttish and horny, as I locked the door behind me, my eyes settling on the holes in the wooden wall, tonight I will exercise closer to them, if he was going to watch, he would see me as close as I would dare.

I stood off to the side of the hole at waist height, shivering in my nudity, my reflection excited me, and as I saw the wooden bung being taken away to leave a three inch hole, I almost wet myself, as I stepped into view, placing my zimmer-like support directly in front of the hole, I would bend and stretch in front of the hole, press my nude buttocks hard against it, and pretend not to notice anything amiss, should he insert any part of his body into the hole and touch mine.

I turned to face the orifice, my cunt inches from its opening, my feet shoulder length apart, and the unmistakable heat from his breath warmed me, as the rest of the coolness of the room, made the temperature difference noticeable, I pressed myself against the hole and waited, the softest of touches made me gasp, and I looked down to see a tongue lap at my pussy, this was what daddy referred to, and I reached down and parted my secret lips, as his tongue tickled my magic fleshy button, my buttocks clenched and unclenched as I involuntarily responded to the sexual contact, my moans were loud and uncontrollable, I pressed my pussy hard against the wood, he was pushing his cock into the hole, and it was going between my legs.

'Open the door Mariel', he ordered me, but as my hand followed the natural curvature of my young buttocks, I could feel his cock protruding from their tightish smoothness, my hand massaging and gripping the well-shaped head, my lubricating coating it with a sweet sheen, as it slipped in and out of my parted and swollen labia.

My fledgling clitoris was being crushed into the rock hard fleshy pole, as he moved, the exquisite silkiness of my womanhood, that daddy referred to, was tightly wrapped around his shaft, this was how I had imagined myself being fucked, how right I was.

'I am going to turn around now', I spoke to him, acknowledging his presence, we both knew what I meant, and I reluctantly disengaged for a few seconds, our re-engagement meant him entering me, and I gasped as he went all the way inside, his fat cock battering hard against my uterus, my eyes bulged as the air in my lungs burst forth, I clung to the zimmer like contraption, my buttocks pressing hard against the hole, his cock moving somewhere deep inside me, as if behind my belly-button, I had to touch myself as I rubbed frantically, my fingers touching his entrenched cock now stretching me, the building scream escaping my lips, was sending a message to my daddy, his little girl was now a woman, and soon I could love him with and extra meaning, such was my instinctive love of the hole in the wall, and the stranger stood behind it, no wonder now-a-days women flock to the challenge and cant resist teasing a cock through one, that cock could be anyone's, that is the thrill of it.

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4 months ago
I love daughters like you
6 months ago
whew...that must have been a fun day at the office...hey check out my stories...they are no where near as good as yours but you may like some
6 months ago
i love this...
6 months ago
keep writing babe
6 months ago
Nice work. I know she turned into a cum whore with many more stories and adventures to share. :-)
6 months ago
you just keep writing better and better stories MarieL
6 months ago
Lovely story. Would love to have been there to lick you clean
6 months ago
sexy exhibitionist, daddy's little lover...
6 months ago
Story has a nice mix of voyeurism and incest. That being said, I too would've loved to have viewed/tasted you through the "bung" hole..

6 months ago
Very Hot story!!!
6 months ago
I wish it had been my cock in that hole
6 months ago
I always get so Horny reading your stories and desperate to Cum
6 months ago
God, you write some of the hottest stories!
6 months ago
let me know which holes i can find u on the other side of!