My house-master, BDSM, pain and pleasure

There is something incredibly sexual in domineering another person, I am not surprised when men get erections from an act of dominance over another man, whereas dominating a woman is more about pain, then sex.
These male/female interactions are always about hurt, whipping, canning, spanking, fisting and crude insertions with bottles and objects of extreme sizes, humiliation and to a more subtle example, allowing other men to use their wives and girlfriends for sexual purposes.
At school I had my first experience of such an act when another girl 2 years ahead of me was disciplined for smoking.
I sat with her in an isolated room when the master cam out and stood before us. Suddenly he flew into a rage and screamed at her, reducing her to tears, all the while brandishing a cane, which we suspected, he was going to use on us.
When he finished he stood upright and his erection was very visible, sticking out, we both saw it and we nervously giggled.
She looked at the floor, but I looked straight at him, then his bulge and back to his eyes, he withered and dismissed us.
As we walked back down the corridor we talked about it, we discussed his cock and his hard-on, I was twelve and she was turning f******n, we were sexually aware and we had a fascination about cocks.
I noticed as time went by he withered slightly whenever we met, a sense of dominance was creeping into out interactions, and as other girls would wilt and wither, I had this sense growing power.
One day a few years later, as I entered my senior year I found a girl in the toilet, crying. She had been disciplined and caned, by non other than the master, so I asked her calmly, 'Did he get a Hard-on'.
She laughed at that but said she never looked, but it dwelt with me, somehow I thought I knew and was determined to experience it again, so I lit-up a cigarette, when I saw him approach me in a corridor.
His face had a stunned look on it as he drew level with me, realizing who I was, 'You should know better', he said, surprisingly softly, making me unsure and casting doubt over my mascinations built up over the years.
Suddenly his face hardened, 'Be in my office at two', and I dropped my eyes to his crotch and back to his eyes, 'Whatever', and I walked away, still puffing on the cigarette, my heart pounding and a noticeable warmth in my own crotch.
'So we meet again', silly statement I thought, as we met on many occasions, though not in this situation, but strangely I suspected, this was meant to be more intimately, as I cast a glance at his trousers again.
'Are you expecting something'? He saw I was anxiously looking at his crotch again, 'Disappointed, are we', we both knew what he was on about, but I chose not to answer.
'Can you give me a reason as to why I dont cane you hard'? His voice had changed, thicker and noticeably deeper, I sensed he was turning on to what made him tick, 'No Sir', I said, 'Well', he asked, after a short silence feel between us, I was confused, 'Well what Sir', I asked in reply, as he walked towards the dreaded cupboard and removed a thick rod of bamboo origin.
This thing did look fearsome and he caressed it through his hand as if he were masturbating it, looking me up and down, 'We both know why you're here', he said somewhat cryptically.
I was feeling a tightness creep into my stomach, the roles were reversing and my misplaced sense of superiority was melting fast, he was gaining the upper hand, until his next mouthings both shocked me and excited me in equal proportions.
'Take your Fucking knickers off Bitch'. I did not need to look down, he stuck out even further than my fertile imagination could remember, he was as hard as a rock, and all pretense was cast to the wind, as I stood staring at his erection, straining within the encased trousers, expecting it to bust through and **** me until its satisfaction.
He lowered the cane under my hemline and lifted my loose dress up, exposing my white cotton knickers, and before I could react, slid the cane in-between my legs, hard against my vagina, and as he pushed it in the knobbly bits were stimulating my clitoris as they glided between my lips I convulsed and my knees momentarily buckled.
He pressed the cane hard against my 'Camel Toe', now viable as he continued to push the cotton material in between my lips, 'I said take them off' and my fingers hooked into the elastic waistband and drew them down over my hips and thighs, as if they had a mind of their own, but no further, as the cane was still pressing hard into my vagina.
I slowly stood upright, his cane still firmly between my legs and my knickers part way down my thighs, with the crotch embedded into my pussy, secured by the cane.
'Lift you dress high', he ordered and I complied. I felt his eyes burn into me as he devoured my maidenhood, no longer covered and protected by this thin layer of white cotton, now languishing mid-thigh, my cunt shaved and exposed as he slowly withdrew the cane, reinserting it between my fleshy lips, forcing my Labia apart as he pushed in deeper and started to moved it in small jerky movements, causing my legs to open slightly, my final humiliation complete, as I felt the wispy cotton knickers fall to my ankles and his gaze follow them down to their final destination.
'Bend across the desk, and take it like a woman'. I turned, stepping out of my fallen knickers, I was still clutching the hem of my raised skirt, so my buttocks were coming into view as I turned and came full on as I bent over, I could feel my flesh go taut and the dreaded cane traced their outline, probing into my anus, 'Open your ass', he barked, and I pulled myself apart, as I heard his zipper on his pants descend, and a distinct sigh of relief as he eased himself out of its confinement and point it directly as my exposed anus.
My eyes were closed as I waited for the penetration, deep down I wanted it, but what I got was not the feeling of anticipated pleasure, no what I got was a tremendous whack across my bared buttocks, pain shooting through my body, sharp and crackling, followed by sudden warmth, warmth generated as the bl**d coursed into the rapidly rising welt as the cane embedded itself at least a half inch into my soft buttocks, but an additional warmth as he stepped forward and pushed his penis between my cheeks and started humping my buttocks in small jerky movements until he came, his sperm cascading across my lower back, and stinging as it seeped across my raw welt, from the caning.
He was suddenly apologetic, more frightened, now his seed lay s**ttered over my fertile body, running down my buttocks and in-between the folds, dripping of the end of my vaginal lips and clitoris.
'My turn' and I grabbed the cane from him, angry and emboldened, furious and frustrated, a mixture of humiliation and sexual denial, 'Go on' I shouted, 'Get them off', he panicked, I must have appeared demented and my screaming was surely going to attract attention, and this was borne out as he put his fingers to his lips in a shushing motion, but I was not interested as I screamed for him to take his pants off.
I worked as he tore them off to silence me, his cock still swollen and dripping as I tapped the desk, indicating I wanted him to bend across, just as I had a few moments earlier.
He was still in his jacker and shirt with tie, in fact it made him more nude down below, when viewed in that context.
I brought the cane down with all my power across the backs of his thighs and marveled as the red line appeared instantaneously, and immediately pulled the cane upright for a second beating, but he slid off the desk onto the floor, clutching his thighs in a fetal position, and started sobbing.
'Get up you ball-less bastard' I screamed and he held one hand extended to me with a look of fear in his eyes.
'Please please' he cried, 'Enough, no more', he pleaded, but this just made me more angry, 'OK' I said, 'I shall go get someone in here right now', and in issuing that threat made for the door.
'No wait', he cried, 'I will get up' and he did so, bending across the desk as I lined the cane to thrash his buttocks with all my power, generated with all my frustrations, I brought it down again and again, in a sexual frenzy, driven by his bl**d seeping and oozing from the many welts that criss-crossed his buttocks and thighs, until I was exhausted and collapsed into a nearby seat.
He lay across the desk, breathing deeply, every now and then his buttocks twitching, 'Dont move', I ordered him, suddenly noticing his cock was rigid again. 'That turned you-on' I said, 'You fucking cock is up again', rising and bending over him, reaching around and encircling it's thick shaft, I started pulling on him, raising my dress high enough to mount his bl**died buttocks, the swollen welts providing nice ridges of fleshy resistance as my clitoris glided effortlessly across them lubricated by his bl**d, I humped him until I came.
He was still hard as turned and walked out of his office, he was jerking himself off still prostate across the desk, my tummy and thighs smeared with his bl**d, I felt alive and warm, satiated with sex and power, in fact I was warming for another session, so I made my way to the toilet, I would do this in the privacy of one of the cubicals.

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2 years ago
I liked that a lot :)
3 years ago
Wow... humping his welt covered butt till she came... I think I came a little reading that!
3 years ago
good one. It's good to keep things balanced. great lesson
3 years ago
3 years ago
Nice role reversal. Did you get my message, sweetie?
3 years ago
very hot and naughty
3 years ago
a great story, so descriptive... it is very engrossing and my cock became hard at the expectation of what was to come... i agree pain is a very powerful sex tool.
3 years ago
Very well done, my dear! I congratulate you.
3 years ago
omg that was an incredible story ur life is just filled with unbelievable encounters i hope to someday be one of them!