A Very Horny Story from a Girl

I was always considered the quiet one, well behaved, polite, dresses sensibly, does her homework, etcetera, etcetera.
Parents just love to boast about the virtues of their daughters and of course, mostly for the sake of piece, I played along.
The problem I was beginning to feel was boredom, everything was flat and lifeless, then sitting in the park one Sunday, I espied a guy acting strangely.
He was waving and when I looked around there was no one near us, so I began to suspect he was meaning me, so I pointed to myself, and he nodded yes, then he waved for me to come over to him.

I looked around again and the area was completely deserted, and where he stood in the bushes alerted me that something sexual about to happen, I was convinced he was a flasher.

I waved back to him, indicating I was not getting into the bushes with him, but instead of getting up and walking away, I sat it out.
Suddenly I was alive, my heart was beating like crazy, and I was having fun, in a weird sense of the word, this was a sexual excitement and for the first time in my life, everything had meaning, and I became a dark horse, in every sense of the meaning.

I put both my arms over the back of the bench, an indication I was not moving from where I sat, I was in defiance, a show of bravado, and what's more I smiled and kept my eye contact, and as expected, he took his cock out and started stroking himself.

I had finally arrived, my value and worth as a female were now realized, and I focused on him and his actions. I studied him as if he were some lesson on human biology, but this was personal, a private screening, I wanted like all my friends would say, to see the proof of my attraction, to make him cum for me.

I looked left and right occasionally, making sure the coast was clear for him to continue, I was determined to have that semen shoot out and prove I was a desirable person.
He was waving like crazy for me to go over, don't get me wrong I was up for it, but I was nervous and excited in equal measure, so I did the next best thin, I lifted my leg and place the heel of my shoe on the bench, then let my knee fall open, my crotch was exposed, and in that single movement I learnt the power of exhibitionism, a stream of semen shot out of his cock, and his loud moaning transmitted his absolute pleasure during that few minutes, I was proud and I was power to give men pleasure.

I looked around where I sat and back to him, then everything collapsed, he was gone and a sense of anger and frustration swept over me and my foot went back down on the ground.

I looked around me again and suddenly in the distance I saw him walk out of the park gate, for a few fleeting moments I experienced sex, not normal sex, but the deviant type they taught us at school was bad, and I liked it.

My anger subsided and I smiled, got up and crossed over to the bushes, dropped to my knees and felt the ground for the fresh semen.
There were some drops on the grass and I drew it between my thumb and forefinger, toying with it, smearing it over my fingertips.

I put it under my nose and inhaled its powerful and acid aroma, my first seeding, then a powerful urge swept through me, this was mine, it was meant for me, one huge deep breath, and I did it, I licked both fingers clean, I swallowed, albeit a small token, but his semen was now inside me, a schoolgirl, and I had savoured my first tasting.

I walked towards the East gate, I needed to pee and I knew the toilets were there, but when I arrived the women's were locked, a big iron gate and a huge padlock, it was Sunday, I should have realized.

I was about to walk away when I heard the flushing sound the men's urinals make, maybe they were open, so I walked around and they were, I had heard of women using them, with the grace of the attendant, who would keep the males out.

I stuck my head inside, there were two cubicles and two urinals and nothing more, a small toilet and the sound of running water and the sight of that toilet pan, was overwhelming, so I scanned around for people, but I was alone so I went inside and closed the door behind me.

There was a strong smell of Pine disinfectant, but no bl**dy seat on the pan, just the cold porcelain, but WTF I needed to pee, so I overcame the cold and soon my hot piss was gushing out, noisily hitting the water, even as I twisted to try hit the side of the pan.

His cough was loud and the cubicle shook as he closed his door. I stopped peeing mid-flow, absolutely petrified, not realizing he must have heard me as I was making a loud racket.

I held my breath as I listened to him undo his trousers, my eyes were closed and in the darkness I visualized him exposing himself, then a sudden panic gripped me, and I frantically looked around for holes in the walls, I had heard of men 'Glory-holing' each other in toilets, but thankfully it all appeared intact.

I could feel my pee seep from me but I was scared to relax, I just wanted him to leave so I could finish, that's when I saw his foot under the partition, was this a signal for contact, I did not know, but it was just inches from my very feminine looking shoe.

Perhaps my earlier encounter emboldened me with a new bravado, I don't know, but now a second man was wanting sexual contact with me, maybe the frustration I felt of being cheated on the first, I really did not know, but the sexual urges were returning, then I realized, unless he saw me enter, he had no way of knowing I was female, perhaps he thought I was another man, or a boy, either way, mentally I had dissociated myself from the situation and freed myself to enjoy this second encounter, God I was beginning to enjoy Sundays in the park.

I pushed my foot against his shoe, just hard enough to make the contact felt, then suddenly he drew it back, stood up and both feet poked under the partition, and much to my surprise, his cock suddenly appeared from under the toilet roll.

I gingerly lifted the paper up and studied this marvel of God up close. My mouth was dry and my pussy wet, I could smell it as my fingers ever so gently touched it, just the lightest of touches, and it twitched as if it had a life of its own.

I had never seen a man's cock up close before, certainly not like this, I had seen my b*****rs but that was tiny compared to this one, all veiny, bulging, reddish, and as my fingers touched ever so gently, like the man before, he groaned and that sense of power returned, the little slit where his pee comes out opened and closed as if winking at me.

I leant forward and kissed it with my lips, which were dry, so I licked them and his cock a the same time, I had never given a blow-job before, I was learning, and soon he was moving in and out of my eager mouth, while I used my fingers to relieve myself.

I licked him as if I licked a treasured and much loved lollipop, studying my saliva trails along the back of his shaft, his groaning guiding me, the louder the groan, the more I did it.

The hole in the wall was waist high, I was a tall girl, and the urge to back onto it was becoming overwhelming, I was a Virgin and the thought of fucking it, was becoming more appealing the more I licked and sucked on it.

Suddenly a small tin dropped onto the floor on his side, an with his cock deep inside my mouth, he eased it through the gap under the partition, I picked it up, it was yellow coloured and said Vaseline on the lid.

'Use it son', he said f***efully, our first words, and the fucker thought I was a boy, another weird sensation swept though me, I was sucking a gay man's cock, my first ever blow job, and it was a shirt-tail lifter cock, if anyone ever found out, I had to chuckle inwardly.

The tin was his way of asking me to fuck my ass, if he came in my ass, what would he think if he ever found out after pumping his semen up there.

It was wicked and saucy, everything that is wrong and exciting about sex, 'Come-on please', he begged, 'In your ass son', he continued, as I removed the lid and smeared a lot all over his cock.

'Good boy, good boy', he forcibly moaned against the partition wall. He must have been pressed hard against it, wandering who was on the other side pleasuring him.
I stood up and noticed my white panties on the floor, stooped and hung them on the hook behind the door, a pair of female panties as a trophy, perhaps I would leave them for their pleasure and return to claim them once all the sperm had dried.

I looked down at the small round tin, half the contents were gone, as I reached behind and f***ed my finger into my ass, working it to loosen up powerful sphincter muscle, the last thin I had inserted in there was my hairbrush, I touched his cock again in a reassuring manner that I was still here and ready to let him fuck me in my bum.

I cannot say with all honesty that Vaseline is a good lubricant, but it was greasy and he was hard enough to slide inside me and start humping with the heat of my inner body and the tightness of my sphincter to let him know he was connected and inside another human being.

He humped with v******e the wall shook and I pressed hard back onto him as he pummelled my poor ass-hole, I have to say I took it like a trooper, for a girl having her first cock, even though I was taking it in the ass, my own masturbation between my own legs was reward enough, the intensity of feeling and overwhelming relief, made for me, anal sex as a positive.

I could feel him cumming, I had twice, each time gagging my reaction as not to give away my gender, or age for that matter, 'In you mouth', he begged, but I wanted it in my ass, so I squeezed extra hard and he fill my bum with cum.

The warmth of his semen was testament to my being a pleasure object, regardless which end you put your cock, that Sunday I was reborn a sexual being, a willing girl, hand-jobs, blow-jobs, pussy and ass fucking, as long as I got my orgasms, I was your girl for your deviant sex.

I stood there wiping my ass with paper, cum and Vaseline, stained with shit, the by-product I am sure you ass fuckers reading my story are all to aware off.

I did leave my knickers behind the door, with a big, 'These belong to MR, aged 15, I will be back to collect them', scrawled under them, a final wipe of my ass on the gusset, the stain and smell I was sure would excite a few men jacking off into the crotch would appreciate.

I left as the darkness crept in, my ass hurt and my pussy tingled, I just knew another masturbation would be needed when I got home.

I got in and Mom called out to see if it was me, 'Yes' I called back, to which she replied, 'Put the kettle on dear'.

I went into the kitchen and did as she bade, turned and went to the bathroom and just as I touched the handle the door opened, it was Dad.

'Hey Sweetheart', he said, as he stopped and gave me a customary kiss on my mouth. 'Hi Dad', I replied, he had been showering and the bathroom was full of steam.

I closed the door, suddenly feeling the urge to shower, not that I minded having the filth of two men inside me, I smiled as I thought back on my day in the park, and took my clothes off, studying my body in the fogged mirror, as if there would be changes in my body now I was fucking men's cocks.

I turned and turned on the shower, something caught my eye and I turned back to the basin and the open tin, a yellow tin, and when I opened it my head spun, the amount and it smeared contents were exactly the same as when I replaced the lid in the cubical, 'Oh my fucking God', seered into my brain, 'Daddy, it was fucking Daddy'.

Please comment on my story, I hope I am filling all those little niches that make story telling from a girls point of view, especially if you have a wank and a good orgasm, I will read them and get back, Love Mariel

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3 months ago
wow what an awesome finish...loved it
3 months ago
very well written and a superb twist at the end
4 months ago
lovely story. I like the way you write
5 months ago
if this would have been true, it would have been the most crazy story ever, omg
6 months ago
I think you write the best sex stories I've ever read. No question the best ones here and I have cum many times reading them. One especially that I have saved in my favorites. So excellent and well done...they really rope me in and it's hard to leave them without cumming.
6 months ago
Great story, so your daddy was bisexual and also loved both holes.
7 months ago
well done marie, nice blend of suspense and eroticism...keep up the good work, i like being titillated
7 months ago
Great story with an excellent twist at the end...now im left wondering what will happen now she knows
it was her dads cock that fucked her bumhole!
7 months ago
Love that one, Marie.
8 months ago
Love your stories.this One made me cum hard
8 months ago
I love reading your stories. There is always a happy ending in my future when i do.
8 months ago
As always, you make me cum with your vivid words
8 months ago
Sexy and well written! I like hearing the female perspective!
8 months ago
Kinky, my dear. As am I...
8 months ago
Fantastic xx
8 months ago
Fantastic story xx
8 months ago
8 months ago
Good story as always. It made my cock dripping of precum.