Cars make me wet

It was a warm day and as I turned off into the car park, the urge to have a quick masturbation almost mad me pee myself.

I was as horny as hell, so my inhibitions were so low I did not give a shit, I just wanted to have an orgasm.
I am a woman who likes her sex, but if I am honest, I love a good pussy rub more, I control the where, why, and how, throw in the timing, tempo, and pace, and you have the ultimate in 'Frigging', not to mention the being caught in public, where again I control the if's and when.

I think I love my car sex for all the quickies and casuals, and the serious dogging sessions, when it takes more than one man to fill the void between my legs, and the warm sperm hitting my body, knowing each load has a warm thrill for the man depositing it, yes even trying to find the right word to describe it, makes me wet, read on and see what you men think, about this woman's recall of some of those moments of sexual deviancy.

A one off night that got me started

I had just passed my drivers test, and my parents let me loose on the road with their little Nissan Gloria, with its added extras including leather upholstery, which dad had his friend install.

I cruised in the countryside, the darkness outside contrasted with the illumination of the added gadgets daddy had on his dashboard and panel, I felt power surge through me, as the vibrations and noise from the engine, and road surged through the steering column, the sense of solitude and being in charge of such a powerhouse, surged through me, my nipples hardened as did my clitoris, and I felt myself squeeze my thighs tight, I instinctively knew I needed a fuck, I was horny, and my body was alive and tingling, all I needed was a man, so I dropped through the gears and came to a halt, at the side of the road, turned off the engine and headlights, and waited.

Ahead of me lay a small pub, I looked at the dash clock and it read, 22:50, I could feel my heart quicken, soon it would empty and men would pour forth, and an eighteen year old girl would choose one of them to gratify her sexual urges, and as the door swung open, I reached down and undid my jean's button, and eased to zipper all the way down, feeling the warm air inside the car caress my shaved pubis, I raised my ass from the leather, and eased my denims over my hips, down my legs, tossing them over my shoulder into the back seat, 'There', I thought, my face rigid with gritted determination, 'let them resist seeing my naked lower body'.

I had '****' on my mind, I wanted it rough, I wanted a group of them to fight to go next with me, I wanted to feel three of them all going at their own pace, I wanted to know I was satisfying them all at the same time, and as I thought, I suddenly realized I was masturbating myself, and a pool of fluid had gathered in the seat where sat, rubbing myself, I was open and flowing, in the protective darkness of the car, but his cough alerted me to the approaching man coming from the rear, he was d***k and staggered as to emphasize it, the closer he got, the more excited and bravado coursed through me.

I took my hand off my wet organ to roll the wheel to my right, easing the seats back to go horizontal. I turned the ignition once, not to start the engine, just power the window, and let the driver window open down, the inrush of cool air doing nothing to cool my determined ardor.

He was almost to the car, and I was in full flow, I closed my eyes an rubbed myself like crazy, would he see me, would he reach in and touch me, stick his cock in the window for me to suck, everything was running through my fevered mind as I got closer and closer to my orgasm, just being caught doing it had the greatest impact, what I did not know, was the car was shaking like crazy, and I was making too much noise not to draw attention, he drew level and stopped, looking down and witnessing a girl in full flow, writhing and twisting in a soft leather chair, her top pulled high as I kneaded my breasts, the rest fully exposed, and as he reached in, I exploded into a huge orgasm, my hips bucking like a wild filly, my bum rising and falling in unison with each spasm of orgasmic wave that swept over me.

As I came to my senses and my body relaxed, I suddenly realised it was his hand that was between my legs, his fingers inside of me, and his beery mouth that was clamped onto my nipple, I was too far gone to feel him take over my body.

I was hissing, 'Fuck me', over and over into the echo of the car interior, I was clinging to his arm and humping his hand as he crudely stretched and poked deep inside of me, my vaginal muscles gripping and relaxing his fingers as I came, his hooked fingers locked behind the curvature of my pubis,he held me high, my bum off the seat, I was suspended, breathing hard, when hi relaxed his fingers, letting them open, and I slid from him and my bum nestling into the pool of vaginal secretions and piss on the leather.

The next I knew I was shaking violently, as my body reacted to what seemed a lifetime, but was in fact less than five minutes, I was still almost naked and before I could react, he was inside the car, wanting his turn.

I started the engine and drove a little, back into the countryside, where we could not be disturbed, and once there had full sex, inside and outside the car.

I went home that night still in a sexual state of mind, in the knowledge of what I had instigated and carried out, would have far reaching consequences on me, my sexual liberation and needs were realized that night, and as I grew older, realized, that every time I got into a car, I got wet with anticipation, and let men touch and fuck me, yes I was a car accessory, a fuck machine, I bet Nissan would love to have marketed me, after many tests of course.
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7 months ago
I would have marketed you but in a limo so you could stretch out and enjoy the fucking fully with at least 3 men.
10 months ago
Damn luck man right there! That sounds pretty intense, not gonna lie. Wonder what the name of the pub was...
10 months ago
Any good dogging plages in N****ing? My leatherseats are waiting to be soaked by your wetness.
10 months ago
Mmmmm two fabulous new naughty and sexy stories that I didn't know which to read and sank over, so I read and wanked over both this morning and what a sticky mess I made. It was awesome thank you :-)
10 months ago
Damn it MarieL - guess what - you just made me cum - heaps - many thanks -kisses
10 months ago
What an amazing story MarieL. What a lucky man - I'm sure you sobered him up quickly enough for him to have a fuck to remember.
Think I'm off to look for a used Nissan Gloria...................
10 months ago
Love your stories MarieL!!