This Girl was worse than the men

I grew up running around naked, it became my normal mode of dress, or undress. I felt comfortable being nude, I loved it, and as I grew, and developed, my curves excited me more than the men I willingly exposed myself to, by the tender age of ten, I knew the effect I was having on the weaker men, and I thrilled at the sense of power I held over them.

The only problem my indulgence had, was I became sexually aware, and the emptiness I felt deep within, needed attention, I was sexually arousing myself, sometimes more than the men I was teasing, and the inevitability was I wanted to have sex as much as the men who looked at me.

Sex became a dominant feature in my early years, as desirable as I was to look at, men offered gifts and money in turn for a favor or two, so I started to act like Jodie Forster portrayed in the movie 'Taxi Driver', and soon taking a mans cock into my mouth, became second nature to me, I was good at it too, simply because I wanted to suck them, relaxing my throat muscles and timing my breathing, grown men whimpered like puppy dogs, as their cocks slid deeper and deeper into my throat, the smell and feel of their pubis tickling my nose, the tasteless semen pumped into my stomach, it was a game to me, but for them, doing what they were doing to a girl, held them in fear, but thrilled in equal measure.

I was but six when on our annual pilgrimage to Maspalomas became obvious to me what our holidays in the dunes were all about, mummy and men, and my daddy, who liked to watch the men touch and take turns with her.

I often wonder if I inherited mummy's strong sexual needs, or if it was something I saw that appealed to me, two years later as the men closed in on us, I asked daddy to let me watch, and we did, from a safe distance, mummy never knew I saw her, but daddy and I developed a new relationship, he liked girls and his daughter was a willing participant, so I honed my skills with men through parental participation, but that all important first time is the one I will divulge with you.

I was in my bath soaking and toying with myself, when daddy knocked gently on the bathroom door, 'Mariel, you decent'. Of course I was excited, because it was daddy I was thinking about as I toyed with myself, and now here I was in a state of sexual excitement, nude, and daddy outside wanting to come in.

I sat up and drew my knees up to cover my breasts, 'OK', I called out and the door opened. I had been nude around my father for most of my life, but this night there was heavy sexual overtones, mostly coming from me, especially if daddy had just walked in, he would have caught his daughter indulging in some pussy play, yes a few moments ago I was lying back and masturbating, and here he was towering over me and looking down at me in a new light.

'You look beautiful sweetheart', his voice was thick and his eyes burned into my nakedness, exposed as there were no soapy suds to cover all of me, especially between my legs, daddy could see my pussy nestled between my ankles, the opaque water clear enough to show how swollen my lips were, the smile on my face told him I was relaxed with him looking down on me.

Daddy was a little d***k, he and mother had been drinking since early afternoon and when I inquired about her, he said she had gone to bed, 'Fell asl**p and left me alone'.

'You're not alone', I said sympathetically, 'I'm here with you', I added, as daddy unzipped his pants, my eyes followed his movement, and when he undid that button that held them closed, my lips and mouth felt dry.

Daddy smiled is if suddenly realizing I was interested, not quite mid-teen but a young woman with needs that my mother would be proud of.

Daddy took his cock out and stood as if ready to pee, but his hand began to stroke it, slowly and tantalizing, it grew and thickened as I watched him, my tongue moistened my lips, in nervous anticipation.

I raised my hand and said, 'Daddy', he looked at my outstretched hand, the bl**d drained from his face, he knew what I was suggesting, 'Let me', I said thickly, and he came to me and I guided his cock into my eager mouth, where I suckled on it like I did my mothers teat, and like the milk I drew from her, daddies semen filled my mouth, as I pulled him in close, his pubic hair silken in my face, his cock bulging in my throat, daddy knew now that my ability to take a man like this took practice, and that I was the cock sucker ultimate.

We were by nature father and daughter, but when sexual arousal was present, we dissociated ourselves and became sex objects of our desires, I had the age and the beauty to appease daddies needs for a middle age man to indulge in a girl, and he provided me with what I craved most, regular sex with all sorts of men in all sorts of places, and daddy would watch as he did with mother, only now with me it was more intense as the men had the knowledge they were someone they should not be.

I was eighteen, just past my driving test and became the official driver for daddy and his married friends.
On picking them up one late night from the country pub on the outskirts of town, they all piled into the car, there was not one man in there that night who did not want to fuck me, and I reveled in the knowledge that all I had to do was say yes.

'Home Mariel', went up the cry, mimicking the 'Home James'. I smiled, as I started the engine, indulging and reveling in my sense of power I held over each man in the car.

We left the pub and took the road through the forrest, the car was in darkness and the smell of beer was strong. Daddy's head flopped of to the side as he fell into a stupor sl**p.
A pair of rough hands touched both my bared shoulders, it had to be Jack the builder, and in the darkness I doubted if anyone could see him, 'Hope we did not drag you away from your lover', he said, and the rest of the guys joined in.

In the darkness I smiled, I knew what was coming next, they always talked about my sex life, of which they knew nothing about, but I fascinated them sexually, and Jacks hands were slowly caressing my shoulders, with the occasional squeeze, as if he was suggesting something more, I never complained, I just let him touch.

Of course I was just arming myself with masturbation material for later in bed, being groped had that effect on me as a girl.

Then as everyone was being boisterous Jack slide forward behind me and his face was alongside me, his boozy breath tickling my cheek, his warm air heavy in my ear. I could feel my nipples harden, I was nude under my shirt and knew jack could feel the lack of straps indicating I was without a brassiere.

'Fancy a dogging session Mariel'?

My heart skipped a beat, I knew exactly what 'Dogging' was, and yes I felt like a session, especially singe Jack was now tugging at my bare nipple, his rough skin imparting a tingling I ached for.

Daddy snored and Jack cupped my naked breast out of sight from the others, but I was too far gone to stop him.

'Mariel does not know what dogging is', someone said, as if challenging me. I rose to the challenge, 'Of course I know what it is', I said thickly, the change in my voice alerting the men in the back this girl was heating up.

'Its where women go to be fucked by strangers'.

The silence was palatable, Jacks nipple and breast manipulation had broken all my resolve, I craved sex, undoing my blouse so it opened up and jack freely caressed my chest.

That's when the rest saw what was going on. 'Turn off the road Mariel', someone said, and I did. Daddy slept in the front seat while his daughter was taken to the rear of the car and fucked.

I was naked except for a pair of converse shoes, my panties and skirt removed as each cock in turn released years of pent-up frustration and teasing, filling me with semen, daddies friend were shocked at my a****l instinct begging for it to harder and rougher, even my first anal felt painless, such was my desire that night.

Needless to say, no one spoke on the journey home, what had just happened shocked and perhaps a little disappointed them, the delusion of me had dissipated in the rough sex, but they had taken their turns with me, and I reminded them of that, as they said their goodnight's, they now saw me like my mother, a woman in her own rights.

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2 months ago
I really love this story and can relate to some of it, sadly mine did not last to long. only two year
5 months ago should have..his friends were always fun!!
5 months ago
this made me soo wet because..especially at first..i thought it was me writing! I am like you..sexed up and always naked from young age! had 7 older horny sisters (and their BF's and husbands) along with"Daddy" so I had tons of cocks to excite and suck..and I did. Your description of sucking cock is JUST how I feel..and have since..forever!!
7 months ago
Whoever said women can't have desires just as men do? We all crave the bliss of joining the body parts that Nature designed for pleasure, right?
9 months ago
That's the kind of things I wish I had done with my Dad's friends! Wonderfully written!
9 months ago
Fantastic story, I almost never like dad on daughter and I LOVED this one. Id like to see more with the mom maybe, even daddy's girls need time with their mothers.
9 months ago
would love to see you expand on some of this... especially the dogging part! good story though :) x
9 months ago
yeah you are right dear. I had almost the same kind of experience as yours is.
9 months ago
Hi I love the way you narrated the whole thing. I could really feel the urge in both the partners, though it may be little taboo socially. But I strongly believe that the sex can be enjoyed only with sex lovers and for that the social taboo would take a second seat altogether. Do take care of yourself and write more and more such experiences you had. wish you a happy writings.
9 months ago
Two hot minds think alike - he he. Surew hope you cum as much as I did. Put your story in my favs - hope that is fine with you. Hugs & kisses xoxoxo
9 months ago
Always a well written story and exciting to read about a girl who are so teasing, taking care of her needs. That is what gets me going, a filthy girl taking what she wants. I dont know how much is from your life but im shure that your nature is the same as the girl in the story. I have to take care of my hard cock now thinking of you dogging with all these men.
9 months ago
good story impressive stuff
9 months ago
'divulge' no less
9 months ago
wow a lot like me..nakedness..older men..daddys friendsd...didn't you just lust:)
9 months ago
Great story and very well written. You sound so much like my late wife. She started when she was very young watching her Mother who would bring home men from the bars. Tried to send you a private message but you don't accept messages from my gender.
9 months ago
another great tale, love your stories Mariel!
9 months ago
Hi snakeeyes10, you too babe, I just came, then your comment appeared, we must have been doing it together all those miles apart, what are the chances of that
9 months ago
Damn - you just made me cum - heaps. Thx for sharing you horny girl xoxoxo