Stewardess, Thai boy, and the taxi driver

The knock on the door, was almost undiscernable, over the noise of the porn movie I was watching on the hotels in-house movie listing.
Now you may ask why would a young beautiful woman be watching porn in a hotel room when there were so many cocks wanting to feel the inside of her, surely all I needed to do was open the door and in they would cum (speaking literately)
I had a long flight across to Thailand, twelve hours non stop, and I was left feeling frustrated, physically, my body was tired, and the one hour taxi service into Bangkok, left me frustrated sexually, as I thumbed through the drivers personal catalogue of sexual services for white girls, having digested the one for men, prior to being shown this one.
'You like big cock lady', he asked me, not in the slightest concerned he might be offending me, I looked up from the page I was digesting, 'Sure, Big and Thick', I replied, laughing at both my answer and his directness.
Somehow you found it difficult to be either embarrassed or offended by all matters sexual in the capital, males and females came her and were confronted with its availability and openness.
'You have big cock', he laughed out loud, 'I am old man now, no lead in pencil' he added, looking back at me, 'You fuck-ee fuck fuck', he continued, 'Yes I Fuck, and I am so Fucking horny now', I replied, suddenly feeling fruity and turned-on, as if someone had just flicked a switch.
Of course Joe was no stranger, he was our companies Limo driver, picking us up at the airport and taking us down-town to the hotel. He was well known by all the cabin crews, and depending on our disposition to sex, Joe provided us with the latest updates and services, and as far as I knew, Joe never sampled any of the girls, we were never that desperate, as Joe was no looker, or well endowed enough to inspire an urge to pull over and have a quickie.
No, Joe was everyone's friend and a favourite amongst us, taking us to places to see live-sex shows, and select massage parlours for white girls, where coincidently, I had my first triple penetration and many of my friends had their DP's.
'You like young boy', Joe enquired, 'Sure', I answered, somewhat intrigued, but not shying away from the controversial subject of u******e sex, after all in this society it was rife, and we all knew it was going on.
Joe felt between his legs and produced another photo album, 'You boys, big cock, virgin cock', he said, with the advertising flair of a hawker stall vendor, and as I thumbed through the pages, I was shocked at their ages.
'Joe, these are c***dren', I said, 'Way too young for me, sorry Joe', and I closed the book and handed it back too him.
'Ok you ask for Billy, room service', he said, 'Where I asked', in hotel, 'They know, just say Joe tell you', and at that point we turned of the main road and went into a gas station.
'Fill it up', said Joe as he got out of the car and started dialling on his mobile phone.
I got out and went into the station shop and bought some mineral water and a bag of sweets.
By the time I got out of the shop the car was parked at the side with Joe smoking a cigarette and talking to a young man who just arrived on a mopped scooter.
As I walked across the forecourt the young man turned towards me and smiled, 'Hello', he said, and I replied in similar salutation.
'Who is this Joe', I asked, opening my bottle and taking a drink. 'This is Billy', said Joe with a broad smile on his face.
'I thought he was at the hotel', I asked, curious as to what was going on. 'He is, and we take him in now', said Joe with a triumphant finalisation, in his voice.
looked at Billy, he was early teens, or could it be that famous Thai look that belied their years, he could have been s*******n or thirteen for all I knew, but he was a handsome youth, and looking down at his shorts, he had a meaty bulge that grew interesting the more I looked.
I got into the car and closed my door and Joe did likewise, while Billy went around to the other back door and opened it fully.
Thinking he was about to get in, I said to Joe, 'Joe what is he doing', but Joe said, 'Look', and as he said it I had already been looking in that direction, as he pulled his shorts down, shielded by the car, his cock was huge.
I stared, my mouth fell open, as he encircled it and pulled on it, all the time my mind mentally counting the inches as it grew to enormous proportions, certainly two good handful's.
He bent and reached inside, asking for something, which turned out to be my water, which I handed to him, and watched as he poured the water over it and washed it clean, meanwhile dwarfing the bottle as I compared then alongside each other.
Joe sat in silence, studying me, 'You like to Fuck Fuck'?
I sat, my mind and heart racing, and I looked at Joe, 'Sure', and as I answered the boy climbed in beside me for the journey into the city centre.
Joe started the engine and we drew the curtains across the windows in the back, as the boy removed his t-shirt and shorts.
He sat naked as we kissed, myself still in my full uniform, and I marvelled at his soft skin and hairless pubes, his thick long cock, also soft skinned bur rock hard.
I slipped of my clothes until I was naked from the waist down, and mounted him. I was so wet he slipped inside me as if his angle and swelling were a perfect match.
I was humping him with an unabashed manner, not caring that Joe was watching my asshole bounce up and down on him in his mirror, or that I was licking his face, a sure sign I was sexed-up to the highest level.
When I started grunting I knew I was close and as if telegraphically, Joe knew also as he had pulled of the road again and pared a safe distance from the main dual carriageway.
Joe managed to climb over the seats and get in-between my ass and the front seat, and slide his cock in-between my ass cheeks and join-in the copulation, but by then I needed to orgasm so I was in no mood to stop or complain.
Joe slide into my ass as I called out with a huge orgasm racking my body, and by the time I was coming back to Earth, my arms had been raised and Joe was clinging to my breasts, using them as leverage to ram home his member and relieve himself inside my ass.
When Joe finished I lay back on the seat and the boy continued humping me as Joe got out and smoked a cigarette, I climaxed again followed by the boy and thankfully Joe had a box of tissues for me to wipe my crotch as we drove on to Bangkok, each kilometre, releasing more sperm, so I sat bare-assed until I was almost at the hotel.
I paid Joe $15 dollars for the in-car servicing and checked in, looking around for Billy, who had disappeared into the back of the hotel.
The door knocked again, with more robustness and I arose, walked over and there stood Billy, in uniform, I smiled and thought to myself, right son, now we shall see what you are made off, legal or not this boy was going to hurt and suffer cock burn with the insides of my pussy

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Thai teen tease and release of tensions! ;-)P
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thats incredibly hot mariel! how big was he? did u ever get measurements?