Dirty Stories and Dirty Boys

Here is a fact, I always write when I am Horny, honestly, I am in the mood for sex, so when you read, you are absorbing my dirty thoughts and we are having mental sexual intercourse, dont you love the idea?
Just before the Christmas break I was writing a story on here, when my nephew and some of his friends showed up, to work on my husbands car.
I was sitting at my computer, bare-assed, and just wearing a t-shirt, when he came into the room and sat side-on to me, and started chatting.
being side-on he could see all of my longish legs and bare buttocks, but not if I was wearing panties, either way he settled down as I was giving him food for thought as he was a teenage boy, at his sexual peak.
His friend entered the room and was immediately struck with the same vision and same thoughts, was I wearing panties?
Their presence and sexual agitations were stimulating me, they were intruding at a point where I normally stopped typing, re-read what I typed and had a good feel between my legs, so I was now sexually building up, and the dam was close to bursting, and what I did not know, was the light from the window around me, as I was sitting in an alcove, was that my breasts were clearly outlined, through the thin cotton material, of my t-shirt, including my nipples, which were proudly at attention, and aching to be tweaked.
To a mature and experienced woman, I knew the boys were sexually aware and aroused, but I was also in the same state of mind, and as I looked at both boys, I wished there was only one, so I could do something sexual with him, but there were two, which I could handle sexually, and my nephew, my b*****rs son, was in my desirous circle of things to do, so I needed to get his friend out of the room, so I could work on him.
As I typed and pondered, they started and chatted, then my nephew got up and left, his friend had took out his mobile phone and took a snap of me, then another.
'Do you mind', I said, and he got up and walked over to me. 'Take a look', he offered me the phone and there I sat with erect nipples on display, the second photo having been zoomed-in on them, for better clarity.
'I suppose these will finish up on the internet', I asked him, my voice quivering as I spoke, 'Not if you dont want them to', he replied with an air of confidence, thinking he had me in a bind, embarrassed to be seen so provocatively in a state of undress.
'I tell you what', I said challengingly, 'Blur my face out and I wont complain'.
'Can I take some shots of you naked', his voice had gone all thick and one level up, shaking and nervous.
I laughed at his boyish traits, 'You're just a boy, messing with a woman', I said mockingly, distracted by a noise outside my window, I turned around to see my nephew with my husband, walk down the path to the garage.
As I looked out I had turned sufficiently to raise my bottom of the seat, and my t-shirt had risen high enough to expose my nudity, and lack of underwear, and when I turned back to my original position, he was now in possession of a few more photos, that really warranted my attention.
'You're a class'A' MILF', he said with a broad smile on his face, 'So I have been told', I replied, suddenly resigned to the inevitable, 'Come here' I beckoned him, and when he stood beside me I turned and looked out of the window at my husband and nephew, 'If any of those two make their way back here, let me know'.
He looked at them, with a puzzled look, then down at me, but by then I had undone his pants and started to pull them down to his ankles. As I rose up my head hit his erection and as I continued upwards, across my face I opened my mouth and inserted him fully, until he touched the back of my throat, at that point my nose was enmeshed with his pubic hair, so I relaxed and did a deep throat on him, even though he was short on length.
His cock, although firm, was very soft skinned, wrinkle free, very boyish, so I chewed and worked my tongue in circles, working the full length in and out, my saliva dribbling over his small tight balls and dripping onto my white rug.
I pulled off his cock and turned around, adjusting the curtains, so he could continue looking out while on his knees.
Turning back to face him I slid forward in my chair, lifting my legs over the arms, 'Now be a man, and give this a good fucking', reaching down and grasping his cock and guiding him into me.
My fingernails were buried into his soft fleshy buttocks, pulling him into me full length, each time he withdrew, and I squirmed and bucked on him, finally releasing my pent-up sexual aggression, in an explosive orgasm, which must have frightened the shit from him, as he froze while I shagged him furiously and lost all inhibitions including verbal decorum, as I mouthed some indescribable words to his tender hearing.
I flopped back in the chair, noting he was still erect and firmly inside me, I pulled my t-shirt up uncovering my breast, 'You want to cum on these', I asked him while plucking my erect nipples.
A smile spread across his face as he withdrew his cock from my vagina and started wanking, within minutes a hot stream of sperm landed on my cheek, so powerful was his spurt, with another landing on my right breast and the third hitting my pubes. 'Good boy', I remarked as he reached up and massaged the sperm on my breast into the flesh and nipple, while I did a similar action on the final spurt into my pussy.
He stood up and took a few more shots on his phone, by this time I was past caring as I had a sudden urge to suck on him again. This turned out to be nothing more than a cock cleaning exercise, as he never regained and erection, 'You better go and join them', I said, and tell my nephew I need to see him right away, I sat down at the computer again, still naked, still hot, and waited for him to come.

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3 years ago
I love this story! I started with my Aunt when I was quite young. She taught me everything! This story made me think of all those hot and wonderful times!Thanks for posting this. I will send you a PM, hope that is ok! Tris
3 years ago
excellent, i hope this story continues
3 years ago
fun story. :) enjoying your writings very much
3 years ago
Very nice and spontaneous.. Love it
4 years ago
mariel you are great
4 years ago
Great story would love to know what happens next
4 years ago
I had an aunt just like you when i was 17 and boy did we have fun
4 years ago
Great story
4 years ago
I wish I'd known somebody like you when I was sixteen... *sigh*
4 years ago
I would rate it a 10 but there are only 5*s.
4 years ago
very hot and sexy has me so turned on, your nephew is just so lucky ;)
4 years ago
good story
4 years ago
mmmm, love the naughty milf story, has me hard and stroking
4 years ago
very well written.
4 years ago
"Waited for him to come" ...
another naughty series starting! ;-)P
4 years ago
excellent as you always do write a double 10 for you & your story
4 years ago
the encounter with your nephew is a story for another day...i can't wait
4 years ago
A 10. Like U! Kisses!
4 years ago
SO HOT! cant wait to hear part 2 of this story i know there is definitely more to tell!
4 years ago
Non of my friends had a mom like that. Wrong generation!
4 years ago
like always, the best.......got me rock hard.