Group sex and Swingers

It will come as no surprise to many readers, about the sexual innuendos and attempts to have sex with friends partners.
I word it so, because women are as bad as men, yes guys, we want to fuck you as much as you want to fuck us
We Covet, an inordinate desire for what belongs to another, in this case, your husbands cock.
I have entertained my husbands friends in bed, when they visit us and stay over, and in doing so, I know my husband is watching us, jacking-off, and getting a massive turn-on watching us playing and fucking each other.
My girl-friends husband, like mine is a lot older than us, he is 64 years old, and has a very fat cock, I know this because he has shown it to me, albeit supposedly by accident, but showed it just the same.
Last week on a night out she confessed to me he had this fantasy about having sex in front of others.
Of course in the beginning it was just that, but lately, he was dwelling on it more and more, and now he was pestering her into doing it.
He had joined an on-line swingers club, in Stockholm, and was now communicating with 'Swingers' wanting to stay with them, and of course she was very nervous and not to keen to have another man in the same room as the had sex.
I then admitted I had done it, enjoyed it, and told her to do it.
She was shocked and as the night wore on she slowly came around to the idea, and agreed to entertain and even accept another man to have sex with her, while her husband watched.
We staggered back to her apartment, where I was staying overnight, and confronted her husband, who was most surprised, but delighted to see me, and the three of us settled down and drank more booze.
'So you want to fuck other women'? He was slightly taken aback when I said it, both out of context and out loud, when Sarah, went to the toilet and left us alone.
'Yeah, it appeals to me', he retorted, adding, 'I guess she told you everything'.
'Well maybe you guys will give me a show', I added with a bit of malice, 'I have always liked your cock, since you flashed me', adding the last statement as I got up to follow his wife into the bathroom, having heard her flush the loo.
On reaching the door I turned around and looked at him with his mouth open, 'You know, you could start on her when she gets back, I will take my time', smiled and walked out of the room and met Sarah in the hallway.
'Your hubby is horny girl, go fuck him'. She stopped and looked at me, with a half-d***k and half-mystified look, on her face, and as I turned into the toilet I looked back at her and poked my finger through my looped fingers, in my other hand, to indicate fucking, she laughed out loud and went back into the living room, as I closed the door and took off my knickers and brassie, resigned to a cosy threesome, after all I was feeling fruity, and wanted to help my friend, and myself of course.
As I walked down the long hallway I could sense they were doing something, and as I arrived at the living room door, sure enough, she was making noises conducive to having sex.
I looked past the door edge and all I saw was his bare hairy ass going up and down with her long legs crossed over his back. He grunted with each downward thrust, matched with her feminine equivalent, on receipt, of his manhood.
'Can I help', I asked, as I stood over their heaving bodies, Sarah turning her head to look up at me, smiling, said, 'Sure babe, get naked and do him'.
I needed no more encouragement, as I pulled my print dress over my head, and stood starkers, concentrating on his face as he drank in my total nudity, 'Fucking hell', he mouthed, as I opened my legs and squatted, over Sarah's face and pulled his mouth onto my cunt.
'Lick it', I commanded, burying his face into my crotch, and being surprised to feel Sarah's tongue trace and 'Ring my anus' poking and inserting, while his disappeared up my cunt, now here was a scene I thought as I watched his hairy ass rise and fall, whilst enjoying the thorough tonguing being administered all over my crotch.
Needless to say we swapped around shifting our attentions on each other, but I as mentioned at the start, satiated my desire for my friends husband's cock, though I must confess, my tongue dipping into pussy is becoming more and more prevalent, I guess I am becoming very bi, take note girls.

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3 years ago
Nice. Thanks for sharing.
4 years ago
ive got a fat cock id love to give to u in many ways u never cease to turn me on mariel great stuff!
4 years ago
you truly are the perfect woman, another amazing story
4 years ago
i'll stick my tongue in your pussy
4 years ago
Eat your girls out, Mariel! ;-)P
4 years ago
nice story. would quite like to have my tounge in your pussy :)