Naughty Christmas shopping

Christmas today is about giving and sharing, and after eleven years of marriage to the same man, which has cooled off somewhat, I decided to give some of my own sort of cheer, a present few men could resist, and at the same time do something for my own lingering libido.

A few days earlier I had met up with an old school chum, and we went into the city to mingle with the throng of shoppers.

We were in a store and I remember standing off from Alexandra and noting her rigidity, as she stood bolt upright, not moving just standing head and shoulders above all around her.

I thought at first she was doing some mental arithmetic or counting off relatives and friends she needed to buy for, but there was something in her expression that made me pause, so I started to push towards her, that was when I saw what was happening, there was a men directly behind her doing something.

I looked at Alex's face and saw she was calm, in a dream-like state, so I stopped, as did the man, and suddenly, she sprang back to life and continued shopping as if nothing had happened, and all around people continued with their pushing and chattering, no one saw that two people just had sex amongst them.

I turned away from Alex as she acknowledged me looking at her, she was smiling and surprisingly radiant, but I was embarrassed for her and at the same time somewhat shocked and curious.

Eventually we went into 'Starbucks', for coffee and as we sat and sipped in silence, she looked at me and said, 'You saw him'?

I nodded, but she just smiled, 'Let you into a secret', she said, 'it's one of my little fetishes', and at that she lifted her cup and took a sip.

I said nothing, as I was thinking back to some of the times I myself had been m*****ed in a throng of resurgent humanity, and horny men taking their chances with women they would normally never get a chance with, and when you think about it, how many would cry out, I know I never did.

'You think of that as a fetish', I queried?

Her beautiful eyes flashed around as if someone might be listening, her voice dropped down to a whisper and she edged closer to me, her perfume did smell expensive, her body heat alluring.

'Lets go for a drink and I'll tell all'. She slid to the edge of the red leather couch where we sat and her coat opened at the legs, and momentarily I saw she was wearing very little under her coat, our eyes met and her face lit up like a Christmas tree, then she closed it and resumed her haughty exterior, a very troubled lady I thought, but intriguing and damn sexy.

We entered the bar, one of her 'Watering Holes', as she put it, 'Follow me', she said as we flitted past the long bar, 'Two Martini's', she said to the barman, whom seemed to know her, he nodded and we went down the stairs at the back to the dingy toilets, which smelt awful and stomach churning, but she reveled down here and we entered what seemed to be a men's toilet.

She opted for the central cubical, and at once I saw the familiar holes in the walls, large enough for men to thrust themselves through, she saw me looking, 'They were here long before they became 'Glorified'.

She undid her coat and pulled it open, I gasped, she was naked except for stay-up elasticated stockings tops, she was shaved and looked like a little girl, a thin line curving between her legs, then she turned around and lifted her coat tails, to expose her peachy bum, still smeared with sperm from the store encounter.

My head spun with so much outward openness. I was about to say something when the the toilet door opened and a man coughed, Alex put her finger to her pursed lips and pressed it against them in a shushing motion, she had a wicked look on her beautiful face, and similar memories came flooding back from my c***dhood with my grandfather, when he worked the men's loos, and I watched them.

He had gone into the cubical on my left as I face Alex, who was sitting down on the seat. I was looking into her face and she cast her eyes downwards, and mine followed, the dirty bitch had her stockinged foot and heels, under the compartment wall, the man who had entered would be able to see it.

Again Alex smiled and put her finger to her lips, shushing me again, as he grunted next to us, she pointed to the hole in the wall, conveniently covered with the bog roll, and I lifted the sheet of paper and peered through.

I saw grey matted hair on a thinning pate, and when Alex tapped my shoulder I looked down to see his hand had taken her ankle and held her firmly, his semen spurting along her black stockinged foot, each spurt of jism accompanied with a satisfying grunt, and when I looked at Alex, she had that same expression on her face, as if detached and lost in time.

I turned back to the home made glory hole behind the bog roll to be met by a crinkly cock dripping seminal fluid, poking through.

I jumped back, well my head did, and I turned to Alex, who seemed to lie back against the cold tiling, she saw it and reached out and touched him, taking him between her long fingers and expensively coiffured nails, his semen leaving a trail on her skin.

I was mesmerized with the sheer casualness of this dirty little sex act, the beauty and the b**stliness of the whole sordid thing, the weird attractiveness and eroticism that seemed to be affecting me, and I reached up and cover her hand, feeling this man's cock in my palm, suddenly I was getting excited, this was another mans cock I was touching, and as if reading my thoughts, Alex withdrew her hand from under mine, and left him in my grasp, I held him and toyed with him, I like the feel and the thrill he was having at my holding him.

I watched Alex as if awaiting her approval, she reached forward and put her inseminated fingers to my lips, pushing each one in turn into my mouth, whoever this stranger was, I doubt he could know that two women were in a sense, sharing his semen with their tongues.

I was warming to the dirtiness of the sex, as if reawakening some long forgotten lust from my teens, I pursed and run my tongue across my dry mouth, lent forward and took him inside my mouth, pushing my lips hard against the dirty ply-board that served as a separator between the cubicals, his flaccid cock filling my mouth, warmed by the air from my lungs, my tongue twirling incessantly, my saliva washing him as if inside a human washing machine, if only my darling husband could see the love of his life on her knees inside a mens toilet doing what I am now, but somehow I was past caring, I was enjoying myself, encouraged by Alexandria's soft mouthings, 'Suck him girl, you go girl, good girl', fuck I was in some sort of weird sex dream.

Alex got up and went out from the cubical, I had him hard again and did not feel like losing him from my mouth, then I heard my name from the other side of the wall, 'Mariel come in here'.

I got up and went out and stood looking in, Alex was standing in her stockings as usual, her coat lying on the piss strewn floor, she had the old guy pinned against the wall, her tight buttocks clenching as if she was squeezing her pussy muscles, her hips pressing hard against him, I was convinced she was humping him and he was inside her.

She turned and saw me standing there, 'Come in', and as I squeezed in with them, she told me to close and snub the door.

She towered over him, in fact she covered him completely, as she gyrated against him, all I saw of him was his hands traversing her complete nudity, the way you see blind persons feeling and touching as if building up a picture of the person in their heads.

Alex was grunting quietly with her grinding exertions, and as my eyes followed his hands caressing her naked body I found it too much to sit and do nothing, so I unbuttoned myself, pushed my pants down and sat on the cold plastic seat and played with myself, as I watched her dominate this little man.

Suddenly her rhythm changed as she banged hard against him, causing the ply-board to rattle, she was cumming and it looked as if it was coming from her toes as it built up, I had seen girlfriends climax with boyfriends when I was younger, but this was a woman and she really knew how to let it come, she was not taking prisoners and when she did finally explode, she almost ground the little man through the hole I had sucked his cock in.

It had been almost 30 minutes since we had waltzed into this bar and ordered our drinks, Alex was on a roll now and suggested we go out on town for a nights fun, 'I'm not dressed for it', I protested mildly, but Alex laughed it off, 'Quite the contrary Mariel', she chastised me, 'you are wearing too much', and I caught her jist, 'Where shall we go', I queried, 'Let's start in the 'Adult film cinema, of the town center', 'Wow', I thought, 'it had been a long time since I was last in there', and as if to affirm my thoughts, I could feel my pussy stir, 'Cool', I said, 'lets go now'.

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1 year ago
Great story - I've just discovered your profile and stories - can't wait to read and comment on some more.
You may even enjoy one or two of mine, but thanks for writing!
1 year ago
wonderful as always
1 year ago
Great story. I am sorry you couldn't feel him fill your insides.
1 year ago
Not bad, though I do prefer to read about you xxx
1 year ago
She's better than Santa!
Thanks for the story,fantastic.