My daughter and I caught my nephew Jacking.

We both walked into the room without even thinking anyone was inside, but we both stopped, as he stood up and turned around to meet us, causing my daughter to half stifle an almost muted scream, and for myself to gasp, my nephew, her cousin stood stark naked, a boy with a handsome face and good physique, but our eyes were fixed on his erect penis, all ten inches on the body of a boy so young, a freak of nature perhaps, but my daughter and I swallowed hard, and within minutes, I began lusting for my s****rs boy, I had to have him, and to fuck with the consequences.

While I stood with my mind ablaze as to the pros and cons of fucking my nephew, my equally emboldened daughter Pia, had advanced on him and stood face to face, she was s*******n, four years his senior, and has been sexually active for at least three of those precocious years.

'You have been caught', and without further ado, reached out and took hold of his cock, holding it firmly, feeling its pulsating vein in her hand, 'Mum, feel him', she said to me, turning as she did so, a broad smile on her face, to which I returned, it was the sort of excuse I needed, and within minutes I was on him, taking his hard cock from my daughters hand and began to slowly stroke him.

'Mum, WTF'? I looked at Pia, I guess she saw in my face just how much this meant to me, so she fell silent for a few moments.

'Is this what you were doing Micheal'?

He was looking down as my hand slowly stroked him, watching my hand glide along his thick shaft, and I moved in until I was up against him, cupping and squeezing his tight and smallish scrotum.

I watched his face as he swallowed hard, his Adam's Apple bobbing in his throat, 'It's OK Micheal, you can let it out, I'm here, there's a good boy', my words echoing around the room, soothing, yet encouraging his release, his eyes were closing and his cock jumped a few times in my loosely fingered grip, I sensed he was near.

I looked at my daughter and suggested she leave us for a few minutes, Pia's look showed she was annoyed at having to do so, she had just settled down for a show and perhaps a lesson, but there was an edge to my voice she understood, and as she closed the door behind her, I dropped down to my knees and took him in my mouth.

I did not care what my daughter thought, we would talk about it later, right now I wanted him inside me, so as I licked and sucked, I stripped off until naked, then I rose, towering over him, I pushed him back onto the bed and mounted him, feeling every muscle and sinew, if any such parts existed inside me, as it had been years since any man had penetrated me, but this was something else beyond believe, I was cumming on my s****r's boys cock, and it was delicious.

I humped and fucked as if in slow motion, feeling him open those old pleasures of such happier times when I was a girl, but as I thrilled at feeling him move deep inside me, I released years of pent up frustration, grinding violently down on my prize, to prolong my orgasm to its maximum extent, making so much noise I never heard Pia re-enter the room and see her nude mother fuck her young cousin with such passion, she stood and watched him glide in and out, that's when I decided to dismount him and get dressed.

'Mum', she started to protest, but I was having nothing of it, 'Get a fucking life Pia', I started as I pulled my dress over my head, still devoid of underclothes, 'do the sensible thing girl, get on that', and as I said it turn and pointed to his hard cock, 'that's a god given gift you wont see everyday, go fuck your cousin, then come and tell me I was wrong'.

I turned to Micheal who still lay prostate on the bed, his cock glistening with my freshly applied vaginal lubrication, I bent over him and kissed his forehead, 'That was beautiful Micheal, thank you so very much', I gushed, and walked to the door.

I turned and before leaving said, 'You guys have fun, trust me, it's good'.

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5 months ago
Finest kind! There should be room here for a sequel or ten!
6 months ago
are you my euro alter ego....omg!
1 year ago
Very good xxx
1 year ago
1 year ago
mmmmmmm love it!
1 year ago
Very nicely done; hot!
1 year ago
very nice...hate it ended so soon..wish i knew how it all ended
or if auntie got her another taste some other time
1 year ago
great story as usual MarieL, you're such a good writer!
1 year ago
You can walk in anytime that I am having sex.
1 year ago
like mother like daughter! love it
1 year ago
Awesome story
1 year ago
Nice story you sexy woman
1 year ago
Nice storyyou sexy thing
1 year ago
I love all your stories...