Forbidden Sex with gods Creature Part 1

Being offered a position in the stable was my dream come true. I loved to ride, but the cost was prohibitive, so my friend Annie, arranged for me to meet the old farmer, who owned the stables, for a job, 'Mucking out' and caring for a chosen horse, that way I could get me riding lessons free, and be amongst the group of girls who ran the stables.
His wife had passed-away early in the year, and he was drinking more, as he was on his own. The group of girls took over the responsibilities of looking after the stables, and as Annie put it, looking after him, whenever he needed some comfort.
I was 14 and Annie was 15, with the oldest girl Jenny, who was 19 and the other three girls were in the range of 16 to 18, so we were all teenagers, but efficient in maintaining the 4 horses and the Shetland pony, who was quiet small, compared to the others.
We were a motley group, all keen on riding, but we all got along and listened to Jenny, who had been going to the stables since she was 13, so she knew everything that was needed to be known, as being the niece of the farmers deceased wife, she was gradually brought into the running of the stables and took over on the death of her aunt.
Annie had told me the old farmer liked having young girls around him, especially girls who knew how to keep their mouths closed, whenever they saw him act appropriately.
She made me swear to do that too as all the other girls loved being there and no-one wanted to ruin it for the others.
I had seen enough to be positive that I could keep what I saw to myself and through time we became a close knit group acting and talking as if we were all grown-up, it would not be too long before my new found attitude would be tested, as the girls enjoyed their seclusion in the countryside on the farm, entertaining ourselves, with drink and the practice of stroking the horses underbellies, so some girls could test their ability in relieving the stallions, while the old farmer stood to the side and watched, relieving himself in front of us, as we sat around in the nude for him to enjoy.
During initiation we were 'Married to our horse', that way we were devoted to him and attended his every need, including masturbation.
As each girl went into ovulation, her scents drove the horses wild with sexual excitement, so we had to give a pair of our soaked panties to hang under the horses nose, so his cock would stand, then some girls acting as adulteresses, would stroke his underbelly, while the wife of the horse would attend to his cock and try to make him ejaculate.
With six girls that meant practically every weekend was a ritual and when two girls were on their rags at the same time, a horse was chosen for both girls to play with.
Of course there was another twist to this tale of adultery, as the husband horse was being stoked by the adulteresses, the wife of the horse would remain outside the stall as this was being down and the farmer would be with her committing adultery with her, that way we all sinned and everyone was satisfied, the farmer, the horse, and the six naked d***k girls.
I had experienced two adulteress acts and on the third weekend my periods came, so I phoned Jenny and told her it would be my turn that weekend.
She was a little surprised at the keenness in my voice, considering my age, but I reassured her, I was not fazed by the prospect of touching an a****l the size of a horse.
'And Uncle Mariel, how about him being with you'? I paused momentarily be for answering, 'I want to do it, I am ready to be his girl', to which she breathed a sigh of relief, 'Fabulous Mariel, I know he wants you badly', and at that we agreed to meet that night.
I arrived at the stable at 18:30 and went to the main house and knocked the door.
Jenny opened it, she was wearing her housecoat, and I thought she was going to take a shower, but as I brushed past her, she stopped me and said thanks for being one of the group, and kissed me on the lips.
A strange feeling ran through me, even though I was not an expert in kissing boys, her softness and sweet taste on my lips excited me, and left a warm feeling, an yearning for her to do it again.
'This way Mariel', she said abruptly, shaking me out of my dreamlike state and we made out way into the living room.
he old man sat at the fire drinking and I noticed there was another glass, that Jenny picked-up, then I realised the sweet taste she left on my lips was some sort of liqueur, and I drew my tongue across my lips again.
'Would you like one Mariel', he asked me, I declined as I had to go home and I did not want to draw attention to myself.
'Mariel's ovulating uncle, she's in heat, so we will schedule her in for Friday night'.
He was looking straight at me, 'Good girl, good girl', he murmured over and over, almost discernible, but clearly exciting him.
'Can I smell you, let me smell your cunt dear'. My heart leapt as he said 'cunt', suddenly I felt exposed and Jenny sensing my confusion, intervened saying, 'Lets wait until Friday uncle, Mariel will do it then', but I surprising myself, 'No it's OK, I don't mind, and undid my belt as I walked towards him, pulling the stud from its button-hole and running the zipper down its full length.
He reached up and put his hands on my bare midriff, pulling me forward and sticking his nose inside my zipper sniffed a deep intake of my scents and easing his nose deeper down until he was resting on my pussy through the thin cotton material.
He exhaled and his hot breath flowed around my crotch, burning the already inflamed tissue, it felt as though I was naked and I felt strangely overpowered and sexually alive.
My hands were resting on his scraggly hair as I involuntarily started to grind my hips into his nose, Jenny, standing there drinking saw this and came behind me, stroking my neck and kissing it with little pecks, sending shivers down my spine.
'Thats it Uncle, breath deeply, drink her in', then unexpectedly, she hooked her long fingers into my open waistband and pushed my denims and knickers all the way down to my ankles, and her uncle parted my lips, and started licking me, making my legs buckle and I collapsed into a heap on the floor.
The old man stood up and dropped his pants, his penis was monstrous and stuck strait out, angry and venous, dripping pre-cum as if he were almost urinating onto my prostate body at his feet.
Jenny dropped her house coat, she was naked except for a pair of thigh high stockings, and she towered over me as she straddled me, giving me an unobstructed view of her open cunt, 'Uncle let me', and she took him in hand and eased him into her, then they both fucked as I lay beneath them watching him go in and out and her cunt oscillate and cling to her uncle, with all the love a niece can give.
I started to masturbate and soon I felt my need surge forth as I orgasmed, and was helpless to stop his deluge as his cock broke free and showered my with his semen.
Jenny dropped down on her knees and knelt beside me, her hands traversing my nakedness, massaging her uncles semen into my small breast and my flat tummy.
She bent forward and whispered into my ear, 'Sorry Mariel, we were just ready to fuck when you came, so that why I got in first I was so fucking horny', she added that come Friday I was his and she hoped the pony would penetrate me, 'He is big but he can fit in you and he has almost halve a litre of cum, trust me M, his is a great fuck'.
Friday was not far off and I was determined to consummate my marriage and better still, make love to Jenny.

to be contin.............
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Interesting, very interesting.
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Another great story
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very hot and arousing..!
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Wonderful!! :>)
Please continue!
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I like :D
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this is such a hot story
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Wonderful sexy concept, six horny teens merrily
married to their horses and a hot uncle! ;-)P
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Great story, thanks and please add more.
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fuckin lovely story
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you never seize to amaze me
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i want to hear the rest of this im strangely intrigued by this
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very hot and sexy cant wait to hear about the horse ;)
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