It was inside me and I was powerless to stop it.

This story is tinged with shame, it is not something I am proud to admit to, but it happened when it was not supposed to, and as I recall the events, I realized just how easy it is to happen, and when it is happening, everything culminates to an incredible experience, and yes I have an extremely open mind and a willingness to be intimate with more than men.

I am older now and at an age where I can make such choices, but my first time was when I was confused about sexual matters, a hormonal imbalance that made me need to want it, not necessarily with what happened, but putting myself in such a situation where there was only one outcome.

I was playing in the back yard of my parents house, in my itsy bitsy bikini, as I was teased by my parents, not too much up top and even less below, but I was feeling it throughout my body, an awakening for myself, especially when the man in the house behind was watching me through binoculars, I imagined he was jacking off to me, and that made me respond in the incorrect manner, I gave him ample opportunity to see me, as I was alone at home, and I was really teasing myself as much as him, I went nude and lay there unabashed and willing, no wonder he showed at the fence with his dog, and started to chat with me, inviting me to walk with him, and within a few minutes we were making our way into the fields and nearby woods, he knew I was nude under my short dress, I wanted to have a relationship and went willingly on the understanding he would break me in, we went to have sex.

We went into the woods and sat down by a small pond, 'Take a dip', he suggested, I was so fucking horny I jumped up and tore the small covering off and waded naked into the pool, 'You coming in', I asked him, the warm water rising to my mid thigh, I could have gone deeper into the pool of water, but I wanted him to see me, to see what I was offering, so I begged him to come in, mainly because I wanted to see him naked and his cock, I was heady with lust and touched myself inappropriately, 'Let me see you do it', he replied, so I rubbed myself there in the wild open space, 'In nature', but it was his Bull Terrier that seemed to be more aroused than him, but that did not bother me, I wanted to feel him, so I waded back to where he lay and sat beside him, then we started to make out, kissing and feeling each other.

At first his hand touched me at the apex of my long thighs, his fingers probing and driving me crazy with lust, 'Do it', I moaned over and over, my narrow hips threshing, my own fingers undoing his flies, my hungry mouth kissing his pubic hair and crotch, licking his shaft and finally opening wide over his cock head and taking him deep within, by then I was on my knees as he lay on his back, my secret secretions running down my inner thighs, the powerful scent of my heat lost to him, but alive in his friend.

It happened so quickly. I was moaning as I sucked on him, the feeling of holding him in my mouth was a sexual delight, the sense of power as his hips moved around where I secured him, the softness and firmness of his cock drove me on, my pussy ached for attention, so when the probing began, twice or three times, was all it needed, he was inside me, and the feeling of opening up and feeling him go deep, made me gasp, the rapidity of his movements, and the realization of who it was was humping me, made me hesitate, then strangely respond, I was powerless to reach back and try to stop, but the sheer pleasure was too much to break this illicit bonding, two of Gods creatures were occupying my holes and pleasuring me, so I relented and finished up with the later, and like two wild b**sts, we continued to fuck and cum, while he took photos and voyeur at my perversion that day, so that's why I dont come out and decry such acts, after all If I could accept it, so could any other girl, and many have.

If you need more on this, chat with me on Skype, I do like to share experiences, but please within comments not by private message
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8 months ago
Amazingly well written MarieL - wow....
11 months ago
A nice, short ditty about some of life's more exotic experiences! My philosophy? Whatever floats one's boat; and, to each his own. No pain, no gain...and no one else is affected nor harmed by consenting adults!!!
1 year ago
ive spoken to some whoman saying they fucked a dog and im curious to how u felt about it. do u like to skype? then add me i love ur stories and would love to ask u some questions about them!
1 year ago
Quite the erotic story Marie. Thanks for the great story. Would like to Skype sometime so I can tell "you" a story?
1 year ago
Pm me Marie and I will tell you where you can watch beastiality x
1 year ago
marie please skype me we can have fun together exchanging stories and watching videos
1 year ago
Do you have pictures from this?
1 year ago
1 year ago
how understanding you are..and he filmd now they would be worth seeing
the problem with reading your tales is i get so hard and the urge to meet you ..touch you ..fuck you becomes overpowering
1 year ago
We should Skype it up sometime.
1 year ago
Sometimes you just can't stop what you are doing or what you let somebody or something else do to you. You are so tied up with lust and love you can only enjoy.
Thanks for the great story.
1 year ago
Great experience
1 year ago
hot story got a rise out of me. I wish it had been longer so I could have worked the creme filling out while reading your story.
1 year ago
Totally Awesome Mariel, I loved it, I am so hard for you right now!!
1 year ago
loved it!
1 year ago
Great story as always.
1 year ago
you go girl, one of your best so far. I love pet stories, please continue
1 year ago
ur stories are incredible mariel i love them
1 year ago
awesome story have anymore like this one?