More Female Dark Sexual Secrets

It certainly raises eyebrows as it emerges there was a strong possibility she was that uninhibited, a repulsive thought to those sexually dead, a strange sensation bordering on incredulous, watching her perform and go the whole way.

We are of course discussing the indulgence and acceptable sexual pleasures that a girl will practice in her early years, when her mind is awash with this forbidden pleasure, as her long fingers reach between her quite literately quivering thighs, to encircle the warm rigid fleshy penis, trying its damnedest to couple with her, and guide him home, and pleasure herself without fear of disease, pregnancy, jealously, and with a continual alternating oral and penetrating pleasuring, lifting her soul to heaven and back, an i*****l bonding best kept quite and away from prying eyes.

Here was my introduction to the forbidden practice and the girls who thought nothing about doing it, and where else, well at the kennel club of course, where the well healed debutantes, some of whom were practicing vets, were on hand to encourage the uninitiated like myself, to reach in and take a handful of some very large males.

My initial revulsion gave way to an acceptance to what I witnessed, being sworn to secrecy, before my eyes and ears, witnessed true passion, surely the beauty of each girl along with her intelligence, added to and dumbfounded the senses.

Here was a sexual practice readily accepted and practiced so willingly, sharing and encouraged to share, two girls together with the same lover and with each other.

I looked at Sandy, she smiled back with glazed eyes. My initial reaction was that she was on a d**g induced high, but no, she was on a higher sexual plain, this kind of sex did that to a girl.

'Take off your clothes and come in', she beckoned me. I found myself transfixed, I suddenly wanted some of it, and I started to undo my blouse. Sandy glazed eyes followed my hand as it fed each singular button down my front, through each stitched hole, and as I opened it up, my small breasts came alive as each nipple started to ache for attention, standing proud from the center of each breast, I could see Sandy's nipples do the same, both her hands holding him in-situ, his non-stop pre-cum running down her bare thigh, as she knelt with him between her legs, his tongue nuzzling her shaven pubis, 'I'll go first, you help him in', she said, as I walked naked towards them, and knelt alongside her.

She let go of him with one hand and took mine, pulled it gently in his direction until the heat from him was pressed into the palm, and my fingers wrapped around him, 'Good girl', she whispered, and at that she turned herself around and backed into him, he in response rose and held her around her hips and started his quest to be inside her, his powerful surges forward cushioned by me holding him firmly, his warm semen a constant reminder to me as it seeped everywhere, between my fingers and onto my thighs.

He thrust forward, always just missing the entrance and my hand rubbed against her soft buttocks, 'That's it', she moaned, 'let him brush against me, I want to feel his urgency, before he goes inside'.

I held him firmly, even when his backed off and licked her incessantly, that long tongue touched everything, her anus puckered as it soaked up his saliva, his cock searching, probing, wanting to posses her, all the time she was getting there, timing herself, then suddenly she turned to face me, looking back, 'Guide him in', this was it, I was willing her to say it, and he instinctively mounted her again, his cock rigid and straight at her opening, he bucked, but I held firm, and then he slid inside, their chorus a cry of unified pleasure, and as I looked down between them, I saw her fleshy cunt close around his red swollen bulbous cock, now when he pushed, she moved forward, and when he pulled back, she had to follow, they were locked to each other.

'He cant come out until he comes', a voice said over my head. I looked up and another pretty faced girl, she obviously saw the look of confusion in my look, 'He's knotting her', she spoke softly, her expression overheard by a few more girls who gathered around to watch, apparently this was the ultimate coupling, and this one did it regularly, he had made love to every girl in here, and I was next.

Sandy was moaning and cumming in rapid succession, they were at it non stop for ten minutes, now they had to wait until his swelling went down, 'You had one before', the same girl asked me', I shook my head and said, that this was my first?

'Well', she said, 'I hope your wet girl, because he will be ready for you before you know', I looked from her to him, his had slipped from her and hung between his legs, still very red and swollen, and as Sandy tried to get to her legs, her knees buckled and I swallowed hard, this really was going to be a fuck to end all fucks, 'Here', said the same girl, 'rub some of this onto your pussy'. I took the small bottle, and read the label, 'Aniseed', and looked back to her, Viagra to them, it drives them crazy.

I undid the cork and poured a generous amount around my crotch and inside my vagina, screwed the lid back on and assumed a kneeling position, knees twenty four inches apart, head down I waited, the first lick from his long tongue made me jump, but that soon passed, Sandy was by my side having recovered, I could feel her pull my cheeks apart, and as I looked between my legs that fat red thing was just moments from a new experience.

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11 months ago
All's well that ends well, and the trip was (is) pure pleasure!! My guess is the story is a non-fictional fiction practice of "other-than-normal" sexual satisfaction! Nothing all that unusual here, folks!
1 year ago
omg this is possibly your best story yet..that would be so hot to watch be their to help guide him in..make you clean him up with your mouth
1 year ago
Mmm, amazing
1 year ago
That was so hot.
1 year ago