My first Lesbian Act and her Uncle

God it felt cold, but then again it was two in the morning, and the snow was falling heavily.
Neither of us were dressed appropriately, for this type of weather, even though I had a coat on, Maria was exposed, due to her lack of clothing, but in her d***ken state, she was out out of reality, lying across the bonnet of this car, u*********s, with me standing beside her shivering.
We were waiting for our designated driver, her uncle, who was having a piss, as I stood and watched him, and he, obviously keen to let me look.
We were enjoying our end of term dance and had arranged a safe haven for the night, as we planed to drink, and Maria suggested her uncles residence, and he said yes, as he lived alone, having divorced his wife two years earlier.
We both had dressed somewhat inappropriately, but we were girls and we wanted fun, so somewhat revealing and not thinking about the weather, we went as you find us, like two sluts from the Belles of St. Trinions.
Uncle finished pissing and turned, making no effort to hide his cock from my view, probably mistaking my d***ken stupor and inability to focus, as one for a d***k girl looking and wanting to see it.
'You feeling the cold Mariel'? He was looking at me as he tucked his cock into his pants, continuing with, 'My cock feels it too', he laughed as he put the key in the front door.
'Does not seem that way', I retorted, 'I thought cocks shrunk in the cold', suddenly brazen and emboldened, sensing an air of expectation from him, but I was tired and not rally in the mood, I guess the booze was taking effect.
'You want to sit with me in the front', he asked me, suddenly hopeful I was in the mood for fun, and my answer, 'No', soon put the dampers on that idea.
I clambered into back behind the drivers seat, and curled up wishing he would hurry and turn the engine on.
He was helping Maria into the passenger seat and I noted sl**pily, she was bundled-in, not to gracefully, as I sat in the darkness I noted her dress way up high and his hand between her legs.
This was f****y so I said nothing, just curled-up and let him has his feel, but it did make for interesting viewing, as I sat quietly watching my friend being indecently assaulted by her uncle.
He reached into the car further as he fumbled with her underwear, suddenly pealing her knickers off, for the drive home.
As soon as he had them in his pocket he closed her door and walked around the car and opened the drivers door, sticking his head in he noticed me sitting behind the drivers seat, and I kept my eyes closed, pretending to sl**p and not respond to his question.
He repeated his question but I remained silent, he paused then got out and opened my door. My heart raced as he lent in over me, especially after what I just witnessed, was he going to take my knickers off, and if so I did not know how to react, so I remained still.
He shook me firmly, but I continued to feign sl**p, which gave him the confidence to handle me as he assumed my d***ken state was the same as his nice in the front, so I waited to be man-handled in a similar fashion.
Instead he reached down and lifted my legs onto the back seat, then closing the door, went around to the other side, reached in and pulled both my legs outward until I was flat on the back seat.
Trouble was my skirt was way up my back now and the only way to correct it would be for me to lift my ass of the seat and pull it down, something a girl cannot do if she is sl**ping, so my netted stockings and flimsy knickers would have to remain in full view, if I planned to pretend sl**ping.
He put his cold hand on my exposed thigh and run a finger under the elastic of my stocking, feeling the tightness of the elastic and the softness of my upper thigh.
Suddenly he touched my pussy through the flimsy material that covered it, it was like an electric shock, and I twitched, 'You like that Mariel, you like having your pussy touched, you naughty girl', more to himself, as he was convinced I was in a deep sl**p.
Taking the elastic of my knickers he pulled them down to expose my cunt to his view, and leaning in further, bent down and smelt me, then kissed me, finally forcing his tongue into my quivering folds, and with each insertion, dropping saliva into it and working it around.
He stopped as quickly as he begun, leaving my with my knickers elastic under my bum, and pussy on display and his saliva still easing down my slit and onto the back-seat.
I was shaking with a mixture of shock and a feeling of pleasure, I dont know if the strong alcohol had dimmed my sense of indecency, but I was certainly reacting to what he had been just committed on me, and the strange thing was, I felt empty and strangely excited, wanting him to do it again, so I lay there making no attempt to cover-up my indecency, I wanted him to see me like that again.
He climbed into the front seat, started the car, and drove out of the car park and to the road out into the dark countryside.
Lying there in my state of undress and sexual awakening, my fingers were touching my sensitive clitoris, now swollen and longing for that feeling he had administer so skilfully, and I found the excitement increased as I started to ease my panties further down my silky thighs, to rest midway down my netted stockings, it was too much to bear, and I started to masturbate, not caring if he turned and saw me.
The lights from the street lamps died away and I lay on the back seat thankful for the noise the rubber from the wheels made in contact with the road, as it masked my wetness as my lubricated fingers probed and fucked my pussy, but it was difficult, as I wanted him to fuck me, so I was about to waken and take all my clothes off, demanding him to stop and do his manly duty, but something intervened, as I stirred.
He reached across to his niece and pulled her across his lap, and her movements left me in no doubt she was blowing him, and as I listened to her slurping on his manhood, he was reaching across her body and crudely entering her from behind with his probing fingers, making a similar noise as I was, then suddenly without warning he sought my pussy, and entered me, acknowledging what I was doing behind him, as he pulled my hand of my wet organ, and mouthed, 'You having a good wank back there Mariel', I waited as Maria stopped sucking him, I said 'Yes', and he replied, 'I will pull over and fuck you both, take everything off, now', the final command, bringing both myself and Maria to sit upright then strip naked as he indicated and pulled into a small lay-by, to fuck both us girls.

to be cont..........

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3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
cant wait to read what happens next!
4 years ago
such a turn on cant wait for the rest
4 years ago
Sweet memories ... another start of a hot series! ;-)P
4 years ago
Good start to the story, can't wait for the next installment