He had sex with my friend, as I masturbated

Many many years have passed, and looking back there have been some regrets, some thrills, and some controversies.

I read today about the rise in teenage pregnancies, and smile warmly at my own encounter with the deadly white stuff, men impregnate into young foolish flesh, titillated and thrilled, making us feel like love is in the air, and very adult.

In truth I felt ashamed, not be my deeds but by my perceived innocence, I stood silently and listened as he was vilified, while all the time it was me, driven to distraction to satisfy my need for sex, I had experienced something awesome, I had first hand knowledge of penetrative sex, years before my school thought it prudent to introduce sex education.

I had already lain naked with a man 40 years my senior, I knew the difference between oral and anal sex, ball sucking and ringing, pleasure a woman can give a man, I was doing it hours before class, it became a daily thing for me, it was an unscratchable itch I had developed, he was exhausted, I was a sex leach, I clung to his penis and begged for more, it was inevitable we were caught, all my doing, and he got the blame.

We met on a commuter into the city, I was with a friend, and she was hyper the morning our paths crossed.
He cut a handsome figure at the time Richard Gere made older men attractive to teenage girls.
I felt, we made a connection, actually I don't really know, perhaps it was just two girls trying to be adult, and playful, but I liked him, that much I knew, my friend, well her idea of fun, was risque, she never bothered she was showing more than what was considered decent, but there was a section where the three of us were alone for a part of the journey, and she asked for a kiss.

He obliged and as I watched them kiss I could feel pangs of jealousy, this was serious stuff, their lips locked and I could see their tongues lock.

I was turned on watching, and his hand touched her, I honestly thought they were going to do it, right there on the train, and in front of me.

Occasionally he would open his eyes and look straight at me, while Sara kept hers closed all the time, back then we always said a true kiss was where you keep your eyes closed, but he looked at me, and a warmth spread through me, it was me he wanted, I told myself, even though he kissed my friend on her lips, and fondled her bare breast.

Finally they broke apart, and Sara was certainly flushed looking, and not surprisingly, but she subdued and agitated at the same time and in a new way.

The train pulled out of the station, we were still alone, in our individual compartment, and as the platform melted away, Sara got up and went back to continue where they left off.

We had twenty minutes or so until the next stop, and Sara wasted no time, she straddled him, her legs either side instead of sitting on his lap, his hand free to run up and down her open thighs, while Sara kissed and tongued his mouth.

I could see he was touching her crotch, she started to moan in genuine pleasure, her hand down between their bodies, and wondered if she had him out, because by then I wanted to see him if she had.

Her arm movement looked as if she was stroking him and I felt anxious, she had her back to me, but she was kneeling and rising herself up as if to insert him inside, I ached and hurt, I was feeling desperate, angry and jealous, all in one, so I blurted out, 'Be careful Sara'.

She froze looked back at me, as did he, and she said, 'Your turn'.

My heart pounded, as she rose and revealed him. I had only ever seen a mans erect cock on a porn movie I watched, that excited me then, but here was one in real life, just waiting for another girl to touch.

I was hesitant, keen not to show any enthusiasm, prudish even, but I got up and went over to him, stood in front of him and looking down into his eyes.
Our faces were serious, and I lent forward over him, my legs astride his, a smile broke onto my lips and his hands gathered me at the backs of my knees, and slid up under my skirt along the backs of my thighs, not stopping and pulling me onto his lap, his hands finally cupping my bum and pushing my panties aside, his fingers going inside me, as the train struck up a motion and I bounced up and down, eyes closed and our lips kissing.

'You guys fucking', cried Sara, 'Not yet' he replied, as he removed one hand and took the opportunity of opening a willing girl to the wonders of penetrative sex, 'We are now', he said, and I opened my eyes momentarily to see him studying my face, as I moved up and down on him, it was a fleeting glance, as I could feel myself explode on him.

I groaned and moaned when I came, I bounced and ground down on him, surprising both him and Sara with the ferocity of my orgasm.
When I disentangled myself I could see him come out of me, and as I straightened up, my knees gave way and I collapsed into a heap on the red cushioned material, just as well as the small trickling of bl**d from my vagina, smeared the covering.

He saw that just before Sara lifted her skirt and eased herself back onto him and fucked.

He looked at me while she bounced up and down, she was just wanting to cum, I sat exposing myself as he looked between my legs, so I obliged and let him look, even holding my lips apart, thrilling he was studying me while Sara bounced on his cock.

I was treated to an oral finish, as Sara, once her lust had been quashed, sucked on him, I was a tad reluctant, preferring just to watch, and was treated to my friend's thirst being quenched, and give her her dues, she did not disappoint.

Introductions were over, he had carnal knowledge of two willing girls, a bit of fun on the morning commute, for us that is, our immature bravado was part of our learning curve, but for him it was something different, we were young, fresh and willing, when crazy man in his right mind would walk away from a girl willing to let him do whatever he wanted, so he gave me his phone number, then when to mood for him in me was overwhelming, I phoned, and agreed to go around to his house, I knew then what it was we were going to do, and found it hard to control my emotions, I walked through his front door and asked him to, 'Fuck me'.

It gets kinkier as we develop our relationship, he invites friends and other things, but that is another story.

Thank you kindly for reading this, and any nice comments you might wish to make, remember I read what you write and may reply in person

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1 year ago
Your stories always make me hard. Schoolgirl adventures mmmmm......
1 year ago
you're always a good writer
1 year ago
great way to end the day, reading a story by Mariel
1 year ago
Wow Mariel, I adore your vivid stories and the thought of you riding a hard cock got me so horny.
I would love to hear the rest of what happened xx
1 year ago
Mariel, you've made the day of anyone who has ever been a commuter. Many times I've had these sorts of thoughts on trains and buses, and you've captured them perfectly.
1 year ago
nice story thank you for posting. cant wait for the next tail.
1 year ago
this would make any commute worth the time---great one here
1 year ago
yet another great one , i wonder if you have read any of my posts ?
Thank you for the hardons
1 year ago
great story thank you
1 year ago
Loved it Mariel. Looking forward to the kinkier story. Thanks for sharing. Now I have to read it again cos I am so horny. Cheers :)