More Thoughts, another Masturbation, and of to Sch

It wasn't that long ago, in junior school, when I used to go down to the docks and take my clothes off, and run naked amongst the concrete pipes, stacked four high.
The thrill of being totally nude against a backdrop of concrete, only served to titillate my sexual awakening, the stark contrast of warm soft flesh, and cold hard concrete, gave me a budding sense of sexual eroticism, an awakening that saw me touch myself, lay down in the centre and masturbate, a mixture of indecent exposure, fear of being caught, and a massive rush of desire, of wanting to be caught, yes that was it, I might not be the complete woman, but my desires were so strong, the cocktail of hormones pulsing through and changing my tomboyish body, developing it into the form so desired by men, although all this was still in its earliest of stages, I was aware and somehow knew what I wanted, no matter how much I stripped and masturbated, whether here in bed, or as in my early teens, down on the quayside inside those pipes, I wanted men to enjoy me and somehow this morning delivering myself to this older photographer, he was going to have a willing girl, naked and wanton, spread-eagled before him, begging for cock.
I awoke as I went to bed, highly charged and 'in heat', polite speak for being horny.
I am sure men regard 'Jail-Bait' as amongst the most desirable, well we girls who are 'Jail-Bait', believe that to be the case, so when you feel desired, you get wet in your pussy, and your tiny cotton knickers reflect that desire, as I am sure you lucky men who have taken school girls knickers down, can attest to our sweetish tasting secretions, in the crotch soakings of our discarded knickers.
I can remember once standing naked from the waist down against a cold brick wall, my knickers and skirt lying in a pool of rainwater. He was against me pushing hard, his hard cock lying in the folds of my tight buttocks, which he had smeared with Vaseline, and was humping up and down.
I can remember reaching behind and taking hold of him and he felt big, but somehow instinctively, I sensed he should be between my legs and I tried to pull him in, but he just wanted to do it this way.
He would run his hand over my chest but it was flat and without feeling for me, but for him it seemed to remind him of what he was trying to fuck, then suddenly he would call out, 'I'm cumming, I'm cumming', and this was my signal to bend forward, stretching my buttocks, and he would glide downwards until his cock-head was in line with my anus, and once there, by using the imperfection of the indentation, into my anus, he would hump furiously and ejaculate his semen into and around that sensitive organ, making me think for many years, that was the main reproductive organ of pleasure, so masturbation for me was strangely, pushing a sausage into my anus and holding a second, hard into my crotch, I would achieve orgasm, lying face down, humping my pillow.
Now here I stand, five years on and five years of sculpturing by my hormones, young breasts, soft and firm, incredibly sensitive nipples, flat tummy with girly firm six pack, a hint of curvature over my hips, and a bald pubis, the true organ of reproduction, swollen and wet erectile tissue, constantly secreting my naked desire for the male organ, and as I pulled my short dress over my head, I watched as the short hemline flowed over it, causing another spurt of warm secretions, moistening my inner thighs, and making me wonder if leaving off my knickers would be wise as being so wet could be embarrassing and stain my skirt.
Suddenly the thought of him, sliding them down my thighs and taking them off, me lifting my skirt as I stepped out of them, my cunt odours level with his face, as I guided him into my crotch and felt his tongue trace along my folds of love organ, was too much to bare and I dropped back onto my bed and fingered myself, burying my face deep into my pillow to smother my cries as my body convulsed in orgasmic bliss.
I lay for a moment my legs crossed and my thighs squeezing those last spasms of pleasure, my god, I thought, he has given me two orgasms and I have not left my bed yet.
Composed in a sense, I completed dressing, tie and white knickers, white ankle socks, and naked under my blouse, five articles of clothing covering my hot body, each article emphasizing my youth and vulnerability, hopefully releasing my pent-up desires, he can worry about the age thing and teacher pupil thing, I just wanted to be naughty and more importantly, I wanted to be fucked.

To be continued.........

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4 years ago
Great story Mariel! Yes and gets my hormones going too!
4 years ago
I love the details in your story. I get very turned when I allow myself to imagine a jail-bait high school getting horny for a teacher and going home and thinking how he would get an erection if he knew how wet she was. She'd keep her panties on so as not to make a mess on her cute little mini-skirt. She'd be really gentle, rubbing her clit through the slippery little underpants, thinking about the teacher and his cock, unable to conrol her excitement, rubbing fast, trembling, cursing in an urgent whisper, rubbing even faster and ejaculating these fierce surges of creamy while girl-cumm in her panties. I first had this fantasy after watching an episode of "Saved by the Bell" where Kelly, a jail-bait godess, had worn a tiny mini-skirt to school and the substitute teacher had been extremely obvious in checking out her little panties every chance she gave him.
Thanks for your awesome descritions. I'd love to hear the rest of the story!
4 years ago
the anticipation of what's about to happen is almost unbearable
4 years ago
Thanks for sharing the wants and desires of young girls. I thought only guys were like that.
4 years ago
very hot and sexy, love the idea of you all young and innocent wanting to be fucked ;)
4 years ago
Great start!
4 years ago
i want to read what happens next!
4 years ago
Lovely hot young yearnings, yummy! ;-)P