I licked her b*****rs cock as went into her

'Us girls we are so magical, soft skin, red lips, so kissable. Hard to resist,so touchable.
Too good to deny it. Ain't no big deal, it's innocent'.

I recon Katy Perry knew a thing or too, either way the lyrics stuck in my head, and I experienced it, tasted it, and all the while, her tongue went deeper, and I pulled my knees back up against my bare breasts, as she licked my crotch and put her tongue deeper into both my orifices.

'Come up here' I beckoned her, an overwhelming urge to taste her warm nectar, feel the soft wet lips, from where it seeped, lick the shit from her pink puckered ring, I ached as much as I moaned for her, as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure tore through my naked body.

'You're a bag of surprises', she moaned into my ear, then licked her words from it, chewing on the soft sensitive lobe, she knew that sent me over the top, her fingers rubbing tight little circles on my clitoris, as her hot mouth took one of my erect nipples and bit hard into it.

'Sit on my face', I ordered her, 'I fucking want you', I added as I twisted from her, and felt the soft warm, sweet smelling skin brush my cheek.
I reached high and felt her ass over my face, and I raised my head until the tip of my nose pushed in between her vaginal lips, and my tongue lashed her swollen clitoris.

I could hear her gasp as she started riding my nose, her smell was intoxicating, and I lapped her up like a bitch in heat, swallowing hard, feeling her tighten up on my nasal cavity, she was building up for an orgasm, her own devouring of my own sex organ, was in proportion to the love two girls felt for each other, both locked into our special sex, touching myself was the norm for me every night, but touching another female, her buttocks, her breasts and nipples, and slipping my fingers inside her, just blew my mind.

'Oh fuck I'm cumming I moaned', she froze momentarily and I waited to hear a similar reply, but it never came.
The mattress where we lay, she on top of my face as we licked each other, suddenly sagged, someone else had got on to it, and was wasting no time in joining in.
I could feel his cock as it poked at her, trying to push past my nose, still inside her pussy, his balls brushing my forehead.

Suddenly his weight and hers were suffocating me and I pulled my nose free as he went into her, and his balls were on my open mouth, he started to fuck her hard, with violent thrusts, each time he pulled back my mouth soaked in her freely flowing cunt juices.

Her moans and gasps were suddenly more vocal, she was certainly more active, 'Lick it Mariel', she gasped out, she wanted my to continue licking her cunt and clitoris while she was being fucked, and so I obliged, my tongue licking both male and female sex organs as they ground into and against each other, I had never experienced a cock and cunt action on my face before, and now it was there I was getting into it.

She shuddered an almighty scream when she cummed, almost breaking my nose in the process, then drowning me as she released a hot stream of piss over my face, 'Thank you very fucking much Joanne, you might have told me you were a squirter'.

They lay still for a moment, he was still all the way inside her, as she squeezed on his cock as she cooled down, her orgasm lasting minutes, and a hard cock in there gives us girls something to squeeze with our pussy muscles, as we come down from the high of a good orgasm.

She groaned as she got of of me and uncoupled from the rod stuck up her pussy, 'Oh God, Oh Fucking God, that was the best ever', she moaned over and over, until she lay on her back.

I had to know who's cock it was that now lay on my face, still hard, and probably wanting to ream me a new one.
It was Johnny her fucking b*****r, and he lay atop of me putting his head down between my open thighs and crudely started to lick me.

I did not fancy her b*****r, he was a retard, a well hung retard, on medication and not allowed out amongst normal people, for fear of what might happen.

He was sliding down my body until he had his cock between my tits, that was when Joanne said he liked a titty job.

'A what', I asked, 'He wants to hump your tits'. Joanne was lying on her side smoking a cigarette, 'Hold your tits around his cock and he will cum', I did as she suggested and her b*****r shot a good load all the way down to my pubic mound.

He got up and left in the darkness of the room, his bare ass the last thing I saw as he went out the door.

'How long you guys been doing it'? Joanne took a deep draw on her cigarette, the red tip glowing as she sucked deeply on it, 'Since forever', she replied, somewhat resignedly.

She turned to face me and began tracing her finger in her b*****rs cum on my stomach. 'When I hit my menstrual cycle, I was encouraged to look after my fucking retard b*****r, and one thing led to another, so we started doing it, and have ever since.

She put her head on my tummy and kissed it, then further down and started munching on my swollen clit, 'Girl you one insatiable bitch', and I could feel her chuckle against me, then her tongue work back up my tummy licking and kissing.

She cleaned her b*****rs cum from me, 'Joanne what the fuck', I said, but she turned around and lay beside me, and started to kiss me, the saltiness of his cum entered my mouth with her tongue, she was cum swapping her b*****r cum with me, I swallowed, 'Why not I thought', I genuinely had a thing for her, so stay-overs meant good lesbian sex and a feast and fuck with retarded sperm.

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1 year ago
great story , again
1 year ago
Wonderful story Marie.
1 year ago
I truly love your stories! I have read your profile, and if even half of these hold half a truth, I envy you!