Naughty thoughts and Naughty Photos, the start.

I am sitting here, just showered and relaxing in front of a log fire, with a big glass of glögg, with an extra lacing of vodka.
I have been up for most of the night and all those men who stayed and partied with me, have been up too, if you catch my drift.
I was just thinking back and remembered an incident from my school times I thought you might like to hear about it, and as I type I can hear Lisa in the next room, moaning, I think the dirty little bitch is in heat, and it sounds like her cunt is being expanded beyond her previous exertions, still I am happy for her as she is really enjoying herself.
One day in art class, we were introduced to photo manipulation, digital images of course, and a guy from the local photographers was introduced, to show us and explain the workings, which were too complicated to remember, never mind doing it, but we girls were keen to learn, as many nude photos you currently look at, allow us to let you look at the bits we want you to see, without endangering ourselves to the perverts who want to control us.
Being one of the most developed and popular girls in final year, the photographer enjoyed my attention, especially when I surreptitiously suggested posting on-line photos.
'Are you trying to be anonymous Mariel'? I looked coyly at him and said, 'Not really, I just want to be safe.'
Of course I did not answer him outright, but left him in no doubt, I was thinking nudes, and left him in no doubt, that that was my intention.
After that short interaction, he was hovering around me, keen to help, and I kept him at arms length, hooking him in whenever I needed amused.
When the bell went for the end of class, he pressed his business card into my hand, 'Give me a call or drop in if you want me to take some photos professionally, and doctor them for internet usage', he said thickly, the heaviness in his voice, betraying his intent, which pleased me as he was almost gagging, and I knew it.
'I would not want anyone to know what kind of photos you were taking and what they were for', I stated in a sheepish girly voice, and watched his Adams-Apple bob up and down, in nervous anticipation.
We were of course the only two in the class, so he was more open and explained about my age and being caught, but I just told him he would be taking some photos and blotting out my face, but if he was too shy to take then I could go somewhere else, so he took back his business card and wrote his address on the back along with his phone number, 'This remains between us only, Mariel', I replied, 'I promise you, no one will know anything, just us', and walked out of the room, suddenly feeling very horny, and as I looked back over my shoulder, I smiled and waved, making sure he saw the pinkness of my moist tongue draw across my lips.
'I'll phone him tonight', I thought, imaging myself in stocking bending with him behind me and my panties halfway down my stretched thighs, oh! God, I was horny.

To be continued.

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4 years ago
Wild imagination, lol, what is that, I think if you check back you will see they are my life retold, I am a very dirty girl and yes I and my friends were all wild
4 years ago
great start! cant wait to read what happens next!
4 years ago
I admire your wild imagination, you definetly get into your stories
4 years ago
mariel, you are such a tease, to leave us all hanging waiting for you to finish the story, do go on & finihsh the story please.
4 years ago
your such a naughty tease ;) cant wait to hear more
4 years ago
Its something that is taught as developing is an old method.
I was never any good at it like maths and physics
4 years ago
Funny start of a story about photo manipulation!:-)
4 years ago
please continue