Bum Sex, to stop teenage pregnancies

In school we called her the 'Amazonian Princess'. She stood five feet ten in her bare feet, when she was just thirteen.

When we showered, she already had a fuzz between her legs, and a pair of breasts to die for, there was no doubting Sonia was a girl who knew how to pleasure a man, and as we gathered at her feet, she told us of her sexual exploits, and made us hunger for men, sending us to bed to finish what she put into our heads, you could see all the beds in the dorm that night, with teenage girls working their pussies, trying to finish what the Princess, had just described.

By the time her sixteenth birthday came, she six foot two, and her conquests were as long as our arms, we still marveled at her physique in the shower, but we were becoming a little suspicious of her stories, especially as we girls were now allowing men to dip their wicks into our willing pussies.

Edinburgh, the Athens of the North, finds me many years later in life, sitting in the gardens beneath the colossus castle perched precariously atop the cooled lava flow.
I smile as I remember the lessons we got on its history, the handsome master out front in the class, looking under each girls desk as we all sat with our legs apart, long limbs clad in woolen stockings, and a pair cotton knickers, wet with the anticipation he would choose one of us to love, but it was always the princess, her knickers were in her hand, folded neatly, when he gazed under her desk, he saw her wetness and need for him.

Our history lesson one cold day, became a lesson in debauchery and Biology.
Sonia was girl, as it usually was, chosen to go into the back room for the books, followed by the master.
We all sat quietly, straining our ears to hear the tell-tale signs they were doing it, and when the door opened on its own, to reveal a naked Sonia bent double, and the Master humping her like a little dog on the back of a larger a****l.

He had not closed the door properly, and it slipped its latch, to reveal to a class full of prepubescent girls their first sight into the act of copulation, and as we gasped, the poor Master was too far gone to stop, and his fertilizing of our Princess was witnessed by us all.

Her belly swelled and as it did there was a huge scandal, resulting in Sonia disappearing for a term, and the Master relocating to another part of this wondrous land.
I look up at the castle and I see him humping Sonia, how is that for associative recollections.

Well educated young ladies looking like warm examples of lusting girls straight from Miss Brodie's Academy of Sex, would walk the streets and parks of Edinburgh, offering older men a wank, or a bum job, for a few pounds.

I often wondered with all the famous ladies our Girls Academy produced, if some of those old buggers who had had a bum job, ever recognized some them without their skirts up and over their backs, we took it in the ass, Sonia's swelling acting as a stark reminder not to allow a man slip from the sewer hole to the pleasure hole, a small trick was to slip your fingers inside your pussy and feel his cock slide up and down, inside your asshole, flicking your thumb over your clit and maybe have a good feeling at the same time.

Minding ones P's and Q's, was our way of saying we were looking for money and sex, P's were just that, giving or receiving warm water, and Q's, queues, sometimes there was more than one man, men that did not mind coating their own cock with another man's sperm, deep in my bum, I provided the warm cavity with the tight opening, the warm body with tits to hang onto as they exchanged their bodily fluids, and filled my purse with their money, we were well bred, well educated whores, girls with an understanding of mens' need for girls, no wonder prostitution has always been a winner, the trick was to catch us as young as we were.

Every time I visit Edinburgh I come here, here to this bench, like a criminal visiting the scene of the crime he committed, but in my case a reversal of the facts, in my case I was the one wronged, the criminal was the man who bent me across this very park bench and stole my ability to choose my first lover.

It was a dark night, cold and it had just started to rain. Sonia was here to please a man she had met earlier that day at school, I was here to witness the act, a voyeur to something that fascinated me, sex, and since her return from exile, her fucking became the stuff of legend.

I suppose looking back on it, I was up for it, I just did not think about it, and as we sat in the cold we huddled close and started to kiss each other. The bench was between two lamps, so it was in darkness we kissed, the softness of her lips and the wetness of her probing tongue, excited me.
My arms encased her neck as she touched between my legs and found me wet and willing, my head fell back as lifted my skirt high and run her tongue into my pussy, and that's how he found us in our lesbian embrace, two fevered schoolgirls dreaming of cock as we gratified each other.

He stood wanking himself to out lovemaking before we knew he was there, 'This will cost you extra to watch', she said to him, rising from between my spread legs.

'How much to stretch her bum', meaning mine, and Sonia answered without even looking down on me, still showing and stroking my wet cunt, the new experience of letting a man see you gave a powerful and strange feeling.

'Five quid', she said, 'she's never had one in there yet', she continued excitedly, as if pimping schoolgirls suddenly became a new sport.
'Put her across the bench', he ordered, and Sonia raised my in one pull and raised my coat and skirt, baring all for him to fondle, whist holding across this bench where I sit recalling the **** of my bum.

'He humped like a man possessed, 'He's inside me', I struggled to get it out from my lungs, as Sonia held me tight into the bench back and he was on me from behind, 'Enjoy it' she murmured into my ear, 'He is in my pussy' I managed to get out, and Sonia reached behind and grabbed his balls and pulled us apart.

The poor bastard was held in a vice like grip and she powered over him, 'You fucking sly fucker' she said menacingly, I thought she was going to pull them off of him, 'That's costing you a tenner mate', something he was not going to haggle over.
'You make her pregnant, you go to prison, unnerstan', and of course he did, as a ten pound note was handed to her.

'Right Mariel, let him finish you, get you ass over here', and I somewhat meekly offered my posterior for his pleasure, only this time, Sonia inserted her fingers into me and rubbed him as he introduced me to the world of anal sex, all the time Sonia jabbering away in her strange dialect, young ladies by day, all posh as if butter would not melt in our mouths, and sluts and whore at night, with mouths of cock and filth, we really were the Jekyll and Hyde for which this very city was famous for.

I had part of that siller that night, my bum ached from being ravished so that night, the siller, or silver it earned, was small recompense, though profitable for five minutes of unnatural stretching, and twenty or so thrusts, still, I would have liked to have chosen the man to do it to me.

So there you have it, Edinburgh, this park bench, Sonia, and one ass ****, dont tell me money is not the root of all evil.

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1 year ago
This story is almost to hot.
1 year ago
woman told me of husband forcing ass sex to prevent pregnancy. Did not want her young box damaged.
I posted a story about this.
1 year ago
interesting story. well done
1 year ago
ur stories are incredible mariel i love them!
1 year ago
I bet you were a fabulous naughty school girl, mmmmm I can just imagine slipping inside you :-)