My Mother, Myself and my Daughter, sex through the

As you can see from the photos I have freely posted on here, I could please most most men in the sex department.
I was a girl who discovered sex at what some would call, an indecently young age. My body defied its years, I had pubic hair and budding breasts by my double digit birthday, penetrative sex one year before that, and had tasted a man, in my mouth, as my mother blew his friend under the pavilion, one summer in England.

The guy I was with just could not help himself, as he listened to them going at it, under the boards where we sat, he took himself out and turned to me and started to 'Jack-off', and as I sat rigidly still, staring at it, saying nothing, he took the few steps separating us, and eased himself into my open mouth.

Looking back on that opportunistic introduction to oral sex, it bewildered me, and left me with an unquestionable desire to do it again, so as mummy appeared with a sheepish smile on her face, she wiped her mouth, unbeknown to her, I was already ingesting semen, and feeling quite proud of my ability to please a man.

I suppose now is a good time to confess to my mother being a nymphomaniac, a woman with an insatiable appetite for a good liaison with men, and as nymphomania borders on a psychological inability to orgasm, my mother defied the odds and had some screamers, today it would be reclassified as sex addiction, something I am sure, you my readers know, I am also a sufferer, albeit, a pleasurable sufferer.

Sun, Sand, Sex, and Shagging was out summer theme, even today it's something I ensure its continuity with my own daughter and two nieces, girls, who under my tutelage, have delighted in the pleasures of sexual bonding, on beach towels, in saunas, providing me with my other obsessive delight, voyeurism, orchestrating and directing the loss of my daughters virginity, provided me one of the best masturbatory experiences, while her cherry was being stretched and burst, by a man in his fifties, her moans spoke volumes as the next female generation in our bl**d line did not disappoint, in pleasuring the male appendage, one day I quite fancy sucking on a pair of testes while the rod furrows deep inside my daughter.

A sexually strong woman has a better chance in life, so learning what your body can achieve, does set you apart form the chaff that makes up the majority of womanhood, men need that little spark a dirty slutty woman provides, that's why prostitution has been the sport of kings since biblical times.

Men are shocked when confronted by tales of girls exploring their own bodies for sexual gratification, go online today and be flooded by numerous webcams of nymphets, frigging their fledgling pussies for the world to see, eager to please old men watching them, getting off on the positive feedback, savoring the seeding, my own daughter has hundreds of men in her private contact listing, she is a girl who must have a few before signing out for the day.

The school wireless system allowing contact in the toilets, where they sit and get off whenever the mood or urge strikes, hooray for the invisible radiation of pleasure live from the girls toilet in St Augustine's, six cubicals with masturbating fillies pointing their hand-helds between their legs, now that's what I call technology.

In my day, just before the technological revolution, our hand held was more likely to be a dong or a hard plastic vibrator, our toilets cubicals, sounding more like the inside of a beehive, a quick wipe with the toilet paper and pass it on to the next girl needing a quickie.
Sharing sex toys was the norm back then, and for those who were confused about their sexuality, rubbing against each other, had its hidden pleasures too.

During my mid teens, the urge to feel a man slip in and out of me, became the morning urge I awoke to, I just knew I needed to feel a cock, any cock move between my legs.
It became an obsession so I devised a quick package to encourage fellow male commuters an opportunity to slip their cocks inside me as we traveled on a rocking commuter, allowing motion the be natural and confused with the motion of the train.

I adjusted my grey uniform skirt, by removing and extending the zipper at the back, so when lowered, it stopped below my bottom, so when open, there was easy access to my pussy.
Of course I went without panties and wore woolen thigh high stockings, that simply framed my bum, and lastly oiled both my crotch and buttocks, even though I secreted enough from my own pussy, standing behind me and slipping your cock in between my legs, and hopefully inside my vagina, or bum, would give me the ability to enjoy those otherwise boring journeys.

A crowded commuter was the place for a great fuck and I had many followers once word got around I was up for it, and yes I would like to think, British Rail, saw an increase in popularity due to my nestling cocks between my hot thighs as we thundered across the many rail junctions.
Shagging five different men a week whilst going to college, became the norm for this girl, something you dont hear much about, but it happens, all you need is a dirty girl willing to do it.
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1 year ago
'Up the Junction' springs to mind LOL
1 year ago
Loved it. I am picturing the 6 cubicals in the bathroom at Saint Augustines, with all of those teenie girls buzzing thier little pussies.
1 year ago
Totally fabulous, I loved it. Thanks for sharing xx
1 year ago
Awesome, hot, love it, thanks for sharing!
1 year ago
outstanding reading
1 year ago
very hot and naughty, really need to find myself a dirty girl ;)