The Old Man in the bus shelter

I stood shivering as the cold wind blew through the shelter, the only other occupant was an old man, sitting huddled on the edge of the bench, at the entrance, his heavy coat buttoned all the way up, topped by a woollen scarf, wrapped around his neck and face.
It was still dark, this far North and as the town clock pealed 06:30, the snow started to fall.
I moved further into the shelter to escape the biting cold wind, that swirled around the entrances, at least here in the centre of the shelter, there was a calm and a warmth, that allowed you to relax, and ease the tensions in your muscles.
The old man looked long at me, his eyes travelling up and down the length of my form, I wondered what lecherous thoughts were going through his head, as he sat there trying to keep the cold out.
He smiled, adding a 'God Moron', for good measure. I smiled and returned the courtesy, at least he made the effort.
We seemed to be the only people up and about at this ungodly hour, how I hated fucking school, especially in the Winter this far North.
'Has the school bus past yet'? He looked at me for a moment and I saw his eyes drop down my outline, I had not realised I was showing too much thigh, as my coat had opened when I had raised my bent leg to steady myself against the metal wall.
I was wearing woollen long stockings to cover my bare legs and the whiteness of my upper thigh was like a beacon, attracting his attention the minute he looked at me.
'Not too sure love', he replied, his face showing disappointment, as I dropped my bent leg back onto the ground, 'It's OK love, I don't mind, looks nice', he said with a broad smile on his face.
I flushed as he remarked on what he saw, and a strange heat coursed through me. I had inadvertently been intimate with him by exposing myself albeit by accident, but there was an intimacy just the same.
As I stood in silence I was conscious my heart rate had increased, I had triggered a response that set my hormones alight and a strange sense of power engulfed me, it was a nice feeling, alerting me to every little nuance between us.
As the bus approached it illuminated the shelter and I moved forward, it was not the school bus just the local service, and the old man rose to get on.
The door opened with its characteristic hiss and he alighted onto the platform, and I immediately sat on the warm seat, he just vacated.
I felt a momentary pang of disappointment as he moved inside, but that proved short lived as he turned and stepped off and came back into the shelter, 'Wrong bl**dy bus', he said, standing over me, as the bus moved off, leaving us alone again, in the intimacy of the little bus shelter.
I became more aware of his presence, his close proximity and his body heat. It was not threatening, just reassuring, but with added spice, because of our age difference, my youth probably acting like an aphrodisiac, but in truth it was more to do with my hormones and my imagination, I was turning myself-on with my fertile imagination, alone with an old man, willing him to be desirous of my youth.
'Do you mind if I sit beside you'? My heart leapt as my dirty train of thought was interrupted, 'No,not at all', I replied, smiling and pulling my coat in from the area he planned to sit on, and as he turned to sit, I undid one button up from the one already undone.
What was I doing, flashed through my mind, as if I did not know, I was feeding my girlish libido, with this old man and unashamedly drove my sexual urges as if I knew they would be reciprocated.
We started chatting amicably, and I noticed we were closer drawing from each others heat, he was a bit on the slow side, but then again he was feeling his way, possibly not knowing how to handle a teenager, in conversation, but as the minutes passed, I was relaxed enough to start letting my coat slip open and show more leg for him.
In the end I stood up, facing him with my back to the wall, as he sat there looking me up and down again, but this time I bravely made no effort to ruin his view, instead opting to put my hands in my pockets, so the coat remained open to his view.
'Do your stocking keep you warm'? He asked me with his eyes firmly fixed on my short hemline just hiding those tops. His directness was the question I was craving, as everything was getting close to the area where I was feeling the warmest.
He was looking at me but I never attempted to answer him, I just looked back an nodded my consent, drawing my tongue across my dry lips, noting his gaze had dropped again, causing me to involuntarily squeeze my thighs together and slightly thrust my bum in his direction.
He slid back into his old seat I had just vacated, and as he did I turned slightly to face him, while turning my head to look over my shoulder, making sure we were still isolated and alone.
As I peered out into the darkness I felt my short skirt being eased up past my woollen stockings and a sudden heat heat applied directly onto my vagina, as he buried his face into my crotch, his hot breath awakening my sl**ping organ and making me cry out in a new sound of wantonness.
I raised my leg giving him more access to my crotch and he responded by pulling my panties down my thighs, baring the flesh to his mouth and probing tongue.
I held onto the back of his greying head, the spasms of electric pleasure emanating and spreading all over my crotch region, and I started to hump, dropping my raised leg and tearing my knickers off, kicking them outside the shelter, for another pervert to enjoy.
Tongue and fingers were driving me and my actions, my loud moaning exposed my sexual awakening and suppressed desires lying dormant and waiting for this morning.
'Can you fuck me'? I was holding his oestrogen soaked face, my sweetness coating his lips as his tongue licked the surface, drinking my juices now freely flowing from my swollen orifice, now pulsating looking for the male organ to fill and grip onto.
As he stood up I reached into his pants, ripping his zipper down, and slipping my hand into his underpants, encircling his swollen cock, releasing another groan of passion as I roughly pulled him out, of his pants and started rubbing him against my bare pussy, raising up onto my tiptoes, trying to get the head between my swollen vaginal lips.
'Easy Girl, Easy', he said, 'Kneel on the seat', and I turned as suggested and knelt on the bench, as he pulled my coat all the way up exposing my bare ass to him, and leaving access to my cunt, which he plunged his cock into with consummate ease.
Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through me as I humped with ferocious passion, reaching between my legs and gripping his scrotum, pulling on it violently if he ventured to slip out of me, enjoying the fuck with f***eful thrusts, bringing me to my first genuine cock fuck orgasm.
As my orgasm subsided he was still thrusting into me, it still felt nice and I still wanted it to continue, only later in life did I realise that a female has two orgasmic regions, vaginal and clitoral, I just had the former, and was now wanting the later, so I released his ball sack and started rubbing furiously, leaving him to enjoy his pleasures behind me.
It went in with ease but it added another dimension of feeling a more fulfilled feeling, only experienced with double penetration, and reaching behind to feel what it was causing these new sensations, I felt his two fingered buried deep into my bum as he fucked me, so I returned to servicing my clitoris, just as he seeded me, the warmth spreading from my pussy deep inside, as each spasmodic spurt of semen hit a different part of my inner vagina.
My reward was to have my first female doubler, clitoral and vaginal orgasm, I buckled and humped like a frenzied banshee, as the noise escaping my lips told my lover he ticked all my boxes as well as fucked them all as well.
I sat with my bare bum on the warmed wooden seat, crumpled and shaking, still trying to recover my composure, I had been fucked beyond imagination, and as he stood in front of me I reached around his hips and placed my head on his flaccid cock, squeezing my thighs together still milking the small spasms I was experiencing.
I turned my head as he stroked the back of my hair, my mouth kissing his cock along its shaft and finally put it into my mouth where I lovingly suckled on him as a final act of my submission and acceptance of him.
We were huddled against each other kissing passionately and I found more warmth with him than any boy I had been with.
We parted when his bus came and I walked back home, having decided to go in on the afternoon, I had a skip in my step and a warmth in my pussy, put there by an old man, and boy did I feel like a woman.
98% (87/1)
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Good story
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a well written story and very erotic...loved it
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Local "old horny man" willing to please your body like its never been pleased before, feeling adventurous?
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