African Men surrounded my nude body, Daddy smiled

I was thirteen when I lived with my dad in Angola in that Summer. My bedroom was at the back of the large house, and because it was behind the South facing front, it was cooler, and for that I thanked daddy, but the view it afforded, was not all that great, and I had just happened to mention it over dinner.

Daddy put his finger to his lips, smiled, then winked, a signal all was not lost, or I had missed something, in my quick assessment of my chosen abode.

Mariel my darling daughter, he began, putting his arm around my broad shoulders, a typical trait for Scandinavian girls, tall gangly, small breasted, tomboyish bums and a huge capacity for things sexual, and back then I was showing signs of womanly urges.

'You have the best view in the house baby', he whispered into my ear, his warm breath a mixture of whiskey and cigar, made my nipples harden, daddies cock exhibiting a similar trait, as it strained against his shorts, something most daughters should ignore, but not this one.

'Daddy you need one of these black girls to work on your John Thomas', I whispered back into his ear, as his hand was caressing my bottom.

'Sorry darling', he answered back, 'f***e of habit', then after a short pause, 'been too long, need some white girl pleasure'.

'Poor daddy', I sympathized, and as I spoke I felt him and gave it a squeeze, 'You're not supposed to fuck your daughter, it's just not done, besides you have a little harem here, and Kiri is sweet on you'.

Kiri was the youngest in the household which numbered five young women, who were charged with keeping the house and attending daddies needs, which included sex.
Mummy and daddy had gone their separate ways and daddy had applied for a posting and finished up here, while I remained at home with my mother, to continue my studies.

I was always closer to my father, and had developed my candor and openness with him, so seeing him in the nude, for me that was cool, I liked seeing him naked and told him so. It was me who christened his penis as John Thomas, and I would sometimes feign my desire to posses it.

Daddy just loved having me around, especially at this time in my life, he had always had a love of younger women, and never tired of my stories about my more adventurous friends, he was a p**o, I knew that terminology, but I did not give a fuck and had even enticed my closest girlfriends to sl**p over, the ones that enjoyed sex.

'I have a surprise for you my darling daughter', he said as he guided me into my bedroom, and before I could mount any protestations he suggested I come with him once I had undressed and slipped-on my silk kaftan, a loose fitting garment that d****d and showed whenever I moved.

'Meet me downstairs', and as he walked back out, he turned and watched as I started to undress, 'Everything darling, hide nothing'.

I stood in my panties and studied myself in the full length mirror. I liked what I saw, then reached and felt the silken garment slip over my form, sending sparks as it brushed my nipples, and as I moved it felt is if I was still nude, its sides parting to reveal my near nakedness side on, the term near, meaning my panties, so I removed them and went back down stairs to where daddy waited.

The look on his face spoke volumes and made me feel more womanly, his hand stoking my bared bum as he spoke thickly, 'I have a little harem for you to amuse yourself my dear' as he opened the sliding door out into the patio.

My heart was pounding, daddy and I had always joked and talked about my sexual fantasies, and this was one of them, having seen it on a porno one night, where a group of angry black men stormed into a white farmers house, took hold of the farmers white wife and held legs open, as they took their turns, her cries of help turning to cries of passion, as she humped their long cocks, as she was held in that position.

I often masturbated to this image of me being taken like that, and now I was a few meters from such a setting, so I started feeling my pussy open and swell with sexual anticipation.

We came to a small house and as we entered, the strong smell of sweat and heat hit us.

it was dark except for a few candles burning and there were bunks in which men lay, naked sweating.

Daddy ushered me inside and I immediately started to count the bodies, but two men facing me were completely naked and as hard as the men in my secret porn video.

I did not scream or even think about running, the smell was of sex, a great part emanating from between my legs, their long penises already pleasuring me inside my head.
'Look here Mariel', said daddy, taking me over to a small photo album, which I opened to show photos of me taken years before on nude beaches, the heavy staining and stickiness, leaving me in no doubt as to their existence and what they provided, for these men, now I was here, amongst them, I knew what was next, and my knees buckled.

I turned to say something to daddy, but he was gone, the door behind had been closed, and a sea of black faces crowded around me.

Two shoulder buttons were undone and my silken kaftan dropped to the dirt floor, the candles went out once each of the men saw my nudity, and in the darkness and stifling heat hands touched and lifted me aloft, holding me horizontally.

Eager hands held me under my buttocks, back and shoulders, my legs were opened and the men started entering me as in the movies, their murmurs of pleasure acting as a backdrop to my shrieks of spasmodic orgasms, all the while daddy stood outside and pleasured himself against the mud wall, as his daughter pleasured the many men within.

I spent the remainder of the summer gratifying my sexual lusting, eventually coming home to a clinic to be cleansed of my free spirits desire.

I always carry condoms for those moments of unbridled passion, you see I am a girl who likes sex, and when the urge hits, I slip the package into the mans hand, and let nature take its course.

82% (45/10)
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great story
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so amazing mariel
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great as usual , love it xxx
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Another good story,,but I'd have enjoyed more detail
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another awesome story thanks
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I get hard everytime I see that MarieL is the author. You never disapoint me.
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great and arousing story!!!