Pia and I slept with Daddies old friend

We were without doubt two Scandinavian beauties, two young girls with clear skin and long tresses of blond hair, separated by two years in age, both long limbed and physically athletic, sweet smelling and tomboyish to behold, two girls in the care of their divorced father, borne from a woman known for her sexual exploits with other men, a father with a hatred for his cuckoldress wife and her beautiful daughters.

My s****r Pia was changing, her body that is. I was envious of her breasts, her nipples puffed and cup-caked, something she knew drove men wild with passion for her.

They had a double effect as they made me feel more inadequate, as my flat chest resembled that of a young boy, but my nipples held the promise of more to come, as they protruded magnificently as evidence of my femininity, especially to any man wishing for a female to hold himself against.

Back then breasts were the dominant feature defining a girl from a woman, we were so obsessed we forgot what lay between our legs had more value to a man than a pair of protuberances on our chests.

In that sense we had equal value, in fact mine held more as it was younger and fresher, as that night my father offered us to sl**p with his old friend showed, penetrating me was of more pleasure than humping my s****r Pia, but in reality, humping us both that night was probably the pinnacle of that mans life, one of a few who savored that honer.

They drank and made merry while the snow fell, we all warmed to the heat of a log fire, 'I hope my bed is as warn', he said jokingly to our father, and as I looked at him as he spoke, his eyes were burning into my s****r Pia's body, scanning her form as if weighing up her form under her scanty clothing.

This had not escaped our father's notice as he instantly offered Pia as a bed warmer, this caused our guest to like his lips, 'Just a bed warmer', he queried, then laughed in a somewhat embarrassing way, 'She can warm your Willie too', replied my father, somewhat more thickly, as the idea of this man lying with her and taking advantage of his hospitality, excited him.

'What about Mariel', he asked and my heart jumped, 'Have them both', said my father, 'she has promise and much to learn about men'.

I looked across at Pia, but she remained silent, resigned to sharing this mans bed, in fact as I looked she remained somewhat nonchalant, only her breasts showed signs of what lay ahead for us, her nipples had clearly hardened. as my own had, a fact that had not escaped our guests gaze.

As the night wore our father drifted into a d***ken sl**p on the sofa where he sat.

Our guest turned and said to us, 'You girls ready for bed', to which my s****r rose and made her way there without saying anything.
Once she had left the room he turned to me, 'Mariel, you still a Virgin'?

I was taken aback by his bluntness, but nodded we both were, and he beckoned me over to him. I sat alongside him and he wasted no time in taking his penis out and showing me.
'You ever suck one', he asked my thickly, and I looked at Daddy, but he was snoring, so I bent down and took him into my mouth and began to suck his cock.

Almost immediately I heard Pia's voice say, 'Are you coming or not', implying bed, not into my mouth.

'Mariel come', she said f***efully, and I rose from the couch and saw my s****r standing naked at the door, her beauty captivating the old man who's cock was still wet with my saliva.

'Wash yourself', she whispered as I passed, meaning my vagina and crotch, so I continued into the bathroom and did as she had bade me.

I went out into our guests bedroom and they were on top of the bed, with him on top of Pia fucking her hard, and her long legs crossed across his fat midriff, he grunted as he went into her, and she gasped with all that weight on top of her, but she was as enthusiastic as he humped, making all sorts of noises and dirty comments, about fucking her and cumming inside her.

I guessed people did that sort of this as they copulated as it sounded more dirty and exciting, so I made my way to the bottom of the bed to see them doing it, and lay down watching his cock slide in and out of my s****rs pussy.

After a short time I was caught masturbating, I suppose it was inevitable that I was, and by my s****r at that, 'Mariel, its your turn now', she cried out, and then I saw him withdraw from her and just gawked at its size.

'Its too big for me', I cried, but he was on top of me before my last word of protest had escaped my lips.
'Shut up' she hissed and then I could feel her hand down there guiding him inside me.

'Oh fuck', he exclaimed, 'she is so fucking tight', but the feeling I was feeling was not pain, but sheer pleasure, so this was fucking, and like my s****r, raised my long legs across his back and raised my ass to meet his downward thrusts, all of which lasted a minute or so, as my pussy was too tight for him to escaped the need to orgasm, he emptied everything into me and two spurts, then rolled off my flattened body.

He lay on his back panting while my s****r and I lay naked beside him.
I reached down for the duvet and pulled it over us, and we all drifted off to sl**p, only to continue fucking in the early hours of the morning, he claimed he could not resist the temptation when he awoke to find us lying there, we of course had no objection and eagerly participated making sure my s****r got his load.

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1 year ago
nice story wow
1 year ago
can i be friends with ur dad? lol
1 year ago
This is how hospitality should be always.
1 year ago
Lovely straight talking sex , love ur stories
1 year ago
Wonderful Scandinavian hospitality! You certainly know how to stay warm ;-)
1 year ago