Blond, Doe-Eyed, Short Skirted on a Japanese Bus

Stick your cock in my pussy, move it around and you will cum, I can promise you that.

Yes it is sex, natures highest reward in terms of feeling, an orgasm, especially one that is stolen, that type yields the highest reward in terms of satisfaction, I should know, as I have felt the final ejaculation many times, given to men who initially, never had a rats ass of getting inside me, only to do so with my consent, the power of those final thrusts, bearing testament to the f***e felt as the cum exploded inside my vagina.

But I speak as a consenting woman, many years into my sex life, a woman who has learnt how to both manipulate and enjoy a fuck, long before the actual act is committed.

I have to go back into my girlhood, my first tentative steps of discovery, to relive those magical moments of discovery, feeling a strangers hand explore my body, touch my pink nipple, insert a finger inside my love canal, kiss my mouth, and lick my ear.

A girls body is a minefield of sensitivities, every hair on her body is a trigger to a sensitive knot of nerves that culminate in her clitoris, touch my nipple, and my clitoris starts the process of sexual awareness and need.

Smell, sight and sound, all contribute to the mad mixture of hormonal imbalance, a little too much testosterone in my body, and I want physical sex, rough sex, like a man does, too much estrogen, and my tits explode as does my vaginal flowing, my cunt is always open and erect for men to enter and enjoy.

The mixture goes on and on, and when you through that girls body into a throng of horny men, only moans and sperm are generated, as they did that first day for me on the bus in Tokyo, as I went to the International School, in my hastily shortened skirt, a girl on a voyage of discovery, satisfying one of my lusts, and that day I was not disappointed, as Japanese men are ripe for doe-eyed blond schoolgirls, and my perception that Asian men were small between their legs, was wrong, so blissfully wrong.

But before we go there let me tell you how I arrived at this point of no return in my life.

There has to be an inspiration to make a doe-eyed virgin want a man to violate her, or as in my case, a group of men.

On the same bus a few months back, I sat towards the rear of the bus observing a sex act being committed on a young girl, by a man, dressed in a suit.
I instinctively wanted to intervene, but I saw that the young girl was not objecting, her eyes were closed tight, her mouth was open and her chest heaving, as she stood quietly, almost obediently, as his hand worked away under her short skirt.

I saw also, that other men were looking and saying or doing nothing.

It both frightened me and excited me, their age difference appealing to my odd perception of what sex was, as I had studied the classics and noted how Greeks preferred prepubescent girls and boys for fucking, remembering how it excited me as I read and taking the script into the bathroom in school to finish off what I perceived as good sex between men and girls, emerging from the cubical as evidence that older men fucking girls my age was proof enough as I had just did the unthinkable and orgasmed to its notion.

I saw her draw her tongue across her lips and ever so slightly convulse, as I did that day in the toilet, she was having an orgasm, right there amongst those men, as she was caressed, then his hand moved across her buttocks and I saw her panties were down under her bum cheeks, and his cock was inside.

Her head drooped as if in acknowledgement to his dominance, then he moved, somewhat cagily away from her, and her short hemline dropped back down into place to cover her bunched panties, and for a moment she remained as so, until another moved in behind her and it started all over again.

Later that day I met up with my friend Akiri, and recited somewhat enthusiastically of everything I saw.

Akiri smiled as she explained to my surprise, that girls in Japan, are just as sexually promiscuous as girls anywhere else in the World, more so in Japan, as their culture, prizes youth and virility, like a fresh cow on a butchers hook, and in an odd way, stuck her finger into two fingers to emphasize fucking, this she did with a nonchalance as if common even to her.

'So you mean the girls go along with it'?

I was stunned as she admitted it was a big game, 'We know men like girls, you can see that from their magazines, so we go amongst them for sexual fun, sell our soiled panties, taking them off in seedy bars in front of them and perform sex acts with them for money and thrills, she emphasized thrills by mimicking Meg Ryan's orgasm in 'When Sally met Harry'.

'So you see Mariel, Japanese girls make money from older men and have fun at the same time', she concluded.

Then she told me how she had done it a few times when she was horny, got onto a bus and stood provocatively in a short skirt, holding onto the rail, to make her skirt rise higher and expose her panties, then then the men would surround her and start feeling, she always had an orgasm, sometimes more, depending on how horny she was, giggling the way Japanese girls do, hand over mouth, very touching and very girlish.

So a few mornings later I awoke determined to be groped on the bus to school, so you can imagine just how horny I felt. My body ached and was super sensitive to touch. I wanted to relieve myself before getting out of bed, but did not want to desensitize myself, selecting to remain in my high state of need and let the men on the bus bring me off instead.

There was a short lane that I had to walk down to get to the bus stop, and it was here I took my regular cotton panties off and replaced them with a thong, when I reached up for the overhanging hand rail, I wanted my bared buttocks to be on show and ready to touch, no need to delve into my panties, just start touching my naked flesh.

I also turned my waistband over on my skirt causing it to ride high on my slim hips, my lack of curvature being overshadowed by my European doe-eyed blond looks, that Japanese men craved from a girl.

As I entered the bus, heads turned and thankfully from men, as there were few women, so I pushed towards the back, refusing to sit, opting instead to stand and reach for the bar.

Soon the men moved in and as the bus jostled I could feel them brush against me, and suddenly I could also feel myself get wet between my legs, my thong was not an item designed to absorb a females vaginal secretions, a man putting his hand between my legs would know instantly I was ready to fuck.

This embarrassing realization momentarily brought me back to reality, and I started having doubts, I wanted this to be a voyage of discovery for me, I wanted these men to seduce me into wanting it, not advertise my wet cunt as needing to be fucked, but as I said momentarily, as it was now a mute point, some hands had already wasted no time in venturing under my short hem and were already caressing my buttocks.

Feeling these strangers fingers move freely around my crotch, cause my knees to buckle, so I released the overhead bar and placed my hand on the seat back handle, only to find it was immediately covered by another hand, the owner looking directly into my eyes and smiling a warm grandfatherish smile, it was pinioned there, I was being immobilized, for their sexual pleasure.

Very soon my thong was being cut off, and sexual intercourse was moments away, and I closed my eyes as the first one entered me, but only for a few thrusts, then he withdrew, my pussy proving too much for him to control his need, but not to worry he was replaced by another, and then another.

So this was it, I was being fucked on a Japanese commuter bus, yes it felt good, but the constant replacements were not giving me time to get into any sort of rhythm, so I could not cum as freely they did.

I think the whole bus including the driver knew I was being fucked, but in their typical Japanese fashion they just looked the other way, stealing glances at this unusual but delicious scene of a beautiful European girl having it away with many men.

Suddenly I realized I was completely nude from my brassiere down, excepting my white socks and Converse boots. My skirt, panties, and blouse were gone, and the starkness of my nudity suddenly hit home and I cowered at the rear of the bus, and remained there until the driver drove into the central depot, and came back holding my lost items of clothing.

A naked blond school girl is such a treasure to find in an Asian country, so I spent some more time back there, finally achieving what I had set out for in the first place, a consistent fuck that gave me time to cum, but it did not end there as he left with me clothes and passed them to the cleaner, who immediately came back and took his just rewards, just as the driver had and all those passengers who were still inside me, or running down my legs.

Japanese girls really do need to be capable of fucking these horny men, that day I counted eleven, give or take a few, but who is counting.

100% (15/0)
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1 year ago
One hell of an experience.
1 year ago
fantastic story as usual mariel!
1 year ago
Another good one. Thanks
1 year ago
congrats on another hot sexy story made me very hard.