When women fight back, Beware men

Every neighbourhood suffers their indignities, the bully boys who rampage through streets, terrorising individuals who dare to stand up to them, and their abuses.
I confess I have not suffered as I live out in the countryside, but I have friends who have, and this is a story of exacting revenge, and giving one of them a dose of their own medicine.
My long suffering friend and I left the club around two in the morning and made our way to my car, which was parked a few streets from where we enjoyed a meal and a glass of wine.
He was lying propped-up against a hedge, d***k, and in a deep sl**p. As we approach, she momentarily froze, having recognised him, and I could feel the mixture of anger and fear well-up in her.
We stood over him and I gave him a shake with my foot, but he remained unresponsive, and turning to Gail I said, 'Want to kick him in his balls'?
She bent over him, knelt down and aimed a very feminine punch into the top of his denims, 'Bastard', she murmured, and stood up again, looking nervously around, in case his friends showed up.
Noting the streets to be deserted she then put her heel into his crotch and stamped down hard a couple of times, nervously laughing as if all the frustrations she had endured for so long were being released in this one act of v******e.
He just lay motionless and we went to the car, got in and I started up and drove to the exit, where he lay, 'Shall I run over him'? I asked, looking at her, and we both burst into a fit of laughter, as if we were on a high and a new found sense of power, similar to what the thugs feel when they walk around, meting out their physical abuses on helpless people.
Looking left, then right, I prepared to drive off when I was suddenly struck with a compulsive overpowering urge, to dominate this young man, and continue with my disciplining, 'Quick', I said to Gail, 'Help me get him into the car', and without waiting for her reply, flew out of my seat, opened the back door and started to drag him into the vehicle.
Gail said nothing, as if telepathically, she sensed my train of thought, and was caught up in the k**nap. She was excited and nervously giggling, as we bundled him into the back seat and closed the door,
We took our prisoner out of town to my farm, deep in the countryside, where his voice would not be heard, dragging him down into the cellar, and bound his hands and feet together, and covered his head with a dark bag, was he in for a shock, when he awoke in the morning.
We retired upstairs, opened a bottle of wine, and drank deeply. We were on a high and I suspect having a male prisoner, at our beck and call, had a strong sexual appeal, and it was this sexual power that was giving Gail and I food for thought, when I had just opened the second bottle, Gail said, 'Lets strip him naked', and without further ado, we both descended the stairs, and we stood once more over his bound body.
We did not speak, as if realising what we had done, suddenly the atmosphere was highly charged, we had a hated figure of a young man, at our mercy, and this was in itself, a very sexually appealing situation.
We were starting to feel the warmth of the wine flow through us and I noticed a change in Gail's demeanour, as she stood astride his hooded head, had the bag been removed, he would be looking up Gail's skirt, with an unobstructed view of her womanhood, and as if to emphasize that point she slowly sank to her knees, hiking her skirt as she descended, placing her crotch onto his hooded face, now firmly held in place by her thighs, and started to grind into him.
I watched, fascinated as she placed her hands on his chest as leverage and ground her hips in a rolling action, then intermittently in an up and down motion into his face, working herself violently down on him, eyes closed tightly as she bore out those frustrations, tearing his shirt and raking her nails across his bare chest, as his hot breath, laboured and sparse, was expulsed into her crotch, driving and adding to her passion.
Gail suddenly stopped, and stripped off her top then her brassiere. Her breasts were heavy and pendulous, her nipples were fully erect and with an upward tilt, proudly displayed momentarily, then as if descending in a yoga-style manner, she slid forward, hands on his chest until her swollen breasts were crushed into his chest as her hands disappeared under his belt, on their voyage of discovery, and I noted at the correct depth, they bunched into fists, as they took hold of the flesh, now defenceless to her grasp, was twisted and pulled, as she groaned deeply, seeking release for her pent-up sexual tension.
I stepped forward, careful not to interrupt her motions, knelt down at his crotch and undid his zipper and belt, and as I gazed at Gail, she released him momentarily, as I pulled his denims down and off, leaving him naked and exposed, as Gail took hold of him once more and freely twisted his manhood and testicles, and he responded by twisting in discomfort, clearly in pain and in shortness of breath.
I sensed she was close, but needed that little something else to lift her over the top, so I move around behind her and whispered into her ear, 'Gail let me cut your panties off'.
She looked at me and nodded and I reached down lifting her skirt, taking hold of her knickers and cut through the thin fabric and pulled them out from under her.
Reaching down between her legs I raised the hood sufficiently to expose his mouth and eased Gail onto it, and the look on her face said it all, as she started to respond positively to the fleshy feel of his lips.
I sat astride his legs, still bound at the ankles and with his denims pulled over that, and took hold of his cock.
'Lick her fucking Cunt, and do it right', I ordered, pulling on his cock as if reigning-in a wild stallion, then a sudden urge overcame me as if to emphasize my power over him, I punched his testes with f***e, and suddenly I got the response I craved, as his tongue started working along those sweet vaginal folds of absolute pleasure, and Gail was lifting her ass off his face as his tongue now worked feverishly along the cunt and up to her ass, as he 'ringed her' and she bounced with pleasure.
I continued to hold his cock and as a reward for being responsive slowly played with him, by delivering short masturbatory strokes and a verbal encouragement of, 'Good Boy', but I was careful to inject the occasional ball squeeze as a reminder of what the alternate could be.
As Gail approached her orgasm I reached out taking each breast in hand and worked on her nipples, giving her added feeling, and as she exploded I slid over his cock and suckled on her nipple, impulsive but an enjoyable experience, my first woman on woman contact, and I enjoyed the feeling.
Gail was drenched in sweat, her body heaving from her orgasm and the young man below us was now sporting a sizeable erection.
'Do you want to have a go first'? Gail looked at me as I held his cock at it's base and waggled it, thick and long, a well developed boy and ours to enjoy, I thought as Gail relied, 'I want to watch you first'.
We both laughed as I stood up and stripped off and eased myself onto him, feeling it penetrate me up to the hilt.
Reaching behind myself I took hold of his balls and said, 'Two rules young man, one I ride till I am satisfied, and two, you don't cum, if you do, I will cut them off, you get that'?
He acknowledged my warnings and without further ado, I started to fuck him, working my ass as if there were no tomorrow, all the time holding his balls, just in case, but it really was a good ride, and soon I was cumming in rapid succession, not caring how loud I was, this was a new feeling, good sex through domination.
After three vaginal orgasms I dismounted, noting his full erection, and nodded to Gail, 'Your turn babe, he feels good', and so we swapped places, myself sitting on his face for some clitoral stimulation, and Gail shagging his cock like a woman possessed.
He was still erect and true to my threat, he held back and we were exhausted, fucking him.
I went upstairs for the bottle of wine I had left open just over an hour ago, and returned and poured as Gail and myself still naked, stood drinking, looking down on our captive, wondering what to do next, when my eye came to rest on my riding crops, hanging on the wall.
I nodded in their direction and Gail looked at me, 'Why not', she said, suddenly excited at the prospect of whipping his naked flesh.
I walked to Gail and whispered in her ear, 'I think he is thirsty'. Gail thought I was going to give him wine, when I lifted the cork, but then wondered what I was doing when I put it between his molar teeth, at the back, thereby preventing him from closing his mouth.
I sat on his face, securing his head between my thighs, thereby preventing him from turning away from my warm yellow piss.
As I spread my cunt over his mouth he suddenly realised what I was going to do, fill his belly with my piss, and my first effort nearly drowned him, as my hot stream went into his nostrils.
I stopped peeing and concentrated on holding his head firmly between my thighs, but he panicked and struggled, so I ordered Gail, to crush his balls with her foot, and as she applied more pressure, he came back under our control.
Soon I was filling his mouth with my piss, a little at a time and he dutifully obliged, swallowing my golden shower until I had emptied my bladder into his stomach.
Gail followed suit just letting it all out in one go, but she did piss like a champion filly, making a huge puddle on my floor, but filling his mouth in the process.
By now our young captive was sobbing his heart out. We were abusing him beyond his wildest dreams, frightening him and making him realised that women can be cruel, but what he was to experience next would be with him for the rest of his life.
I threw a rope over the door and tied it to the cord the bound his arms behind his back. Pulling the rope tight he was bent double with his ass at the correct angle for the riding crop.
Lucky for us Gail was left-handed and I was right-handed, so we positioned ourselves either side of him and leathered into his ass and the backs of his thighs, with deep cuts and welts that bled, as he screamed in pain, when the flesh opened and a new wound was added to the many, that would continue to show whenever he dropped his pants.
We both stood, breathless with sweat running down our bodies from the exertions in administering our corporal punishment.
Lifting our glasses we drank a toast to the oppressed and to dealing a blow in the fightback for the people against the bully we just controlled, but I felt there had to be one more degrading thing that needed to be done to him.
Reaching down and taking hold of his erection, I whispered into his ear, 'I want you to cum for us', and started to wank him.
Gail came over and gently worked his testicles, by dropping to her knees and licking and sucking, as I wanked him.
Moments before he came I held my wine glass over the head and watched his sperm shoot with f***e into the glass, then I released him and his final spurt and cock hit Gail on the head, which she did not notice.
Topping the glass with wine I then raised it to his lips saying, 'Drink with us on a good night sex', and emptied the contents, sperm and wine down his throat to mix with the piss, nurtured in my bladder, such a short time ago.
We had to get rid of him so we got dressed and bundled him back into the car, still naked, and drove over to the girls boarding school, taking all the back roads, so as to make the journey appear longer, in case he decided to trace the farm-house based on the journey length.
I lived just 15 minutes from the college, our journey took three times as long.
We took him from the car and marched him to the front of the building and bound him tightly to the tree, within sight of all the windows of the girls rooms when they looked out first thing.
In an act of final humiliation we hung a documented sign around his neck, informing those who gazed on his naked torso that he was an abuser of women, and he had had his ass caned, by women as a lesson, urging girls to photograph him on their phones and transmit them across the web.
I pulled his hood off and disappeared behind the tree and made for my car where Gail was waiting. We drove off into the hills leaving him naked, bruised, whipped and taught a lesson we hoped he would learn for life, just wish I could have been there once the schoolgirls saw him.

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4 years ago
Excellent story, a great way to teach someone of the weaker sex how to behave
4 years ago
another great story mariel keep them coming!
4 years ago
The last ordeal is the best.
Let´s wait and see, whether the schoolgirls will also post on the hamster ... perhaps did not only take some photos ... ;-)P