Twenty years on he takes my niece

Some time back I wrote an account of a visit as a young girl to a Tattooist shop, enquiring about a piercing on my vaginal hood.
I did this in a state of sexual excitement, as in those early days, the feelings were more akin to powerful surges of raw need and desire, and this encounter gave me the excuse to open my legs and watch an old man squirm with desire, as he touched my most intimate part, and see into my soul.
In case you want to read of this encounter, see ' A naughty girl can just do it'
and you will see how easy it is for a girl to manipulate a situation in her favour and learn from an early stage in her development, you can just do what you want in any situation.
But why would I remind you of this encounter, an old man and a teenage girl coming together in his dingy back shop?
Well after all those years, I had forgot about him. After registering the experience I moved on in life, and as far as I was concerned he had died, as I had never wandered down that side street ever again, and as most of you have seen on my nude photos, I never had a piercing or tat, regardless of how fashionable they have become.
But life can and does play tricks as we were thrown together from an unexpected source close to home, my niece, another teen girl with the similar sexual attributes of her raucous auntie.
She stayed with me last week, sporting a dragon tattoo, on her belly, with the dragons tail dipping down her panties and coming to rest on her pubic bone.
She had this down in the city, by a female tattooist, but she had once considered a man to do it.
I then recalled my exposure to the aforementioned old man and she became excited at the age difference and what he did, so I told her everything, to which she genuinely got the 'hots' at the prospect of actually doing it.
On the Wednesday last week I got a breathless phone call from her saying she had found the shop and it was still open for business.
Putting the phone down I became curious if he was still alive, never mind if he was still plying his trade, surely not after all these years, I mean he was pretty old when I sat on his chair bare-assed having my cunt fingered.
I called her back and told her to wait I would be an hour and meet her there.
I was nervous at meeting him again after all these years, would he remember me?, Of course he would, you don't play with little girls when you are that old and forget.
I met my niece and she was as excited as I was on that day so long ago, we were like two giddy girls, one exploring her new found sexuality and the other confronting her past dirty deed.
Upon entering the old shop there was a few new plaster-casts showing he sex organs of both male and females, to which my niece encircled the shaft of the penis and playfully masturbated it, not realising her actions were being recorded on the in-shop video cam.
I coughed and nodded in the general direction of the camera and she just laughed, as he came from the back shop, through the door facing us.
'Can I help you ladies'? He was peering over a pair of half-moon glasses, more at my niece than me, who in turn was beaming a huge smile as if to say 'I know what you did to auntie'. He then looked at me, not recognising the teenage girl he seduced a few feet from here, so long ago.
As he looked me up and down, he obviously like what he looked at, and repeated his question, 'Can I help you'?
My niece immediately pulled her top out from her waistband, exposing her flat tummy and feminine six-pack, emblazoned with her recent tattoo. 'What do you think?' she asked him, pulling it higher to show the full picture, exposing her bare breasts at their baseline.
I coughed and nodded to her zealous over-exposure, she laughed and said out loud, 'Mummy he has seen girls tits before', and turned to him saying, 'You don't mind, do you'.
He reached his hand out and touched the dragon, tracing its outline across her rippling six-pack, and come to rest on her belt buckle, 'Very nice job, where did you get this done'? he asked, still with his finger on her belt buckle, and as I looked I could see her skin flex as if he was prodding her and trying to venture further down, chasing the tail, and where it rested.
There was an awkward silence, lasting only for a moment, when my niece, thrusting her hips against her finger said, 'Can you do my pussy'?
Of the three of us I was the one taken aback, I noticed they were challenging each other, and as a rueful smile slowly spread across his face, his finger had momentarily dipped below her denims as she pushed in towards him.
Noting my gaze on his finger he pulled out, coughed and asked exactly what it was she wanted done to her.
'I want a piercing', she said, adding, 'In my clit' He looked at her, 'How old are you, you do know there is an age thing to contend with', he added, looking at me, for acknowledgement.
'Just look at her', I said, 'At least she will know if she is suitable', I added, 'just as you did me, all those years ago'
I swore I could see his brain working overtime, as he started at me, 'Don't you remember me, the schoolgirl you examined in the back shop'?
I could sense his discomfort, as he asked, 'What is this'. 'It's an examination of my daughter', he just stared, 'Don't you want to look at her, and measure', the word 'Measure' was stated slowly and deliberately, as if reminding him of our late encounter on the chair.
I smiled and then he did too.
We were taken into the same small room I had ventured into some twenty odd years ago, and he went back out to the front shop and locked-up, bolting the front door and turning the closed sign, to show the shop was closed for business.
He was expecting something, he somehow knew this kinky woman was up to something and it was working better than two Viagra.
Ask your daughter to strip off and sit on the chair, he ordered me.
I said nothing in return, just opting to look across at my niece, who was hastily stripping off, everything she wore.
I was feeling very horny looking at her, just as I was in my house when she was having intercourse with my friend.
Having mounted the seat her long legs were thrown over both the arms opening her crotch in the crudest of manners as he took his seat between them and moved in very close so she could not bring them together even if she wanted them to.
She was cleanly shaven and his fingers seemed to glide across her soft sensitive flesh, pulling her vaginal lips open, exposing the dark cavity of her vagina, now erect and open, indicating her state of sexual arousal.
A small bead of clear liquid oozed from the bottom of her lips and ran down the tight fold onto her anus, forming a small pool of liquid in her anus entrance, 'Natures lubrication', he murmured, drawing his finger through her sensitive folds and scooping a fingertip full, rolling it between thumb and forefinger, marvelling at its lubricatious and glide qualities, adding as he dipped his fingers into his mouth, 'So sweet, just like your mummies' as his finger slipped in between her vaginal lips and crudely moved from side to side and up and down.
I sat in stony silence, yearning to reach in between my legs and start masturbating, as he finger fucked her with f***eful thrusts, using two fingers as she raised her bum off the leather seat, humping him in unison to his thrusting.
He somehow sensed the whole charade, he knew we were teasing him and he retorted by an aggressive sexual attack on my supposed daughter, while I sat there captivated at me lost nieces control of her bodily parts, naked and writhing at his beck and call.
He looked over at me and my discomfiture, 'Take my Fucking cock out'. I slowly rose as his beckoning, reaching around his waist and undid his pants and easing them down.
'Now put my cock in your Fucking daughter' he barked, and felt around for the piece of flesh I bounced on all these years back and guided him into her, listening to her gasps, as he ploughed her deep, withdrew and plunged deep into her womanhood, her legs and ankles firmly crossed over his neck, as she levered herself, meeting his downward thrust with an equally upward tilt, making his ball-sack bounce hard of her taut bum cheeks, they were fucking like a pair of teenagers, and I was feeling pangs of jealousy.
Old and young natures opposites, bridging generations, the older rekindling lost energy, drawing sap from the virginal, a virgin energy, and in return, teaching and rejoicing of the youth, in the pleasures and the carnal debauchery now taking place, on the old leather seat, stained with my juices from twenty odd years ago.
His buttocks were firm, so I eased my denims down and sat my pubic bone on his buttock and felt his need for my niece, start pleasure me in his humping.
I clung to his waist as he gratified two generations of women, from the same f****y and I offered in return as I probed deep for his prostate, finally touching it with effect, as he gasped to my fingerings and the ball squeezing, this mother and daughter administrations, in his mind must have been sheer bliss beyond his wildest imaginations.
I heard my nieces deep call as she orgasmed as if music were escaping from her tortured body, the varying tones combining into a crescendo being unified by my own orgasm, as I lay across hid buttock squeezing and pushing him into her, giving substance to the saying, 'Giving two birds with one cock', lol, you know what I mean.

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1 year ago
As the circle of life (living) marches onward, teaching, manipulating, molding, and the "spirit" of generations continues its eternal meanderings!!
4 years ago
AWESOME as usual.
5/5 from me
4 years ago
Love the lyrics:
her (niece´s) orgasm as music from torture ...
(by the old tattooist)
unified in crescendo with MarieL´s ;-)
4 years ago
very hot she sounds just like you so sexy and naughty ;)
4 years ago
the circle of life
4 years ago
wow...thats pretty much all i can say haha
4 years ago
gud story. your niece sounds really hot xxx
4 years ago
Very good story, great imagination and encredible situation. Thank you.